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Day Out of Time

Allow & Surrender to the Pyramid Temple Circle Gathering together with Crystalline Beings and Sound

Preparation Gemstone Elixir Gemstone elixir is a form of gemstone water, preserved by the addition of alcohol. However, due to a longer preparation time, gemstone elixir becomes energetically so strong that it can only be taken drop by drop.

To make gemstone elixir, first look for a small, clean stopper bottle. In this you place on the bottom (a gemstone). Then you pour the stone with pure gin or vodka. Then put the stopper bottle on the windowsill for two to three months (preferably on the east). During this period, the vibration of the stone will be copied by the alcohol.

Actually, the alcohol does not itself possess this copying ability, but the water, which forms the main component of this alcohol. Jenever and vodka consists mainly of 35 to 40 percent alcohol, the remaining 60 to 65 percent consists of water.

It is advisable to provide your stopper bottle with a label. Write on the label the name of the elixir, the production date and other information that may still be of interest to you.

After 2 to 3 months, your elixir is ready for use. To do this, you are going to transfer the elixir into a so called brown pipette bottles, but these can also be small, brown dropper bottles. You can order these bottles at any pharmacy. Often they are sold in packaging units of 25, 50 or 100 pieces. Gemstone elixir is often dissolved in a glass of mineral water (about 5 drops). This mixture is taken by the client during the day.

Keep in mind, by the way, that gemstone elixirs are not a medicine. As a therapist, you are not allowed to sell medicine according to the legislation, let alone manufacture it yourself. Gemstone elixirs are energetic means. If you give an elixir to a client for intake, make it clear to him or her that this is an energetic agent and not a medicine.

Gratitude to Andre Molenaar the author and specialist in Crystal Therapy

Fluorite Energetic Elixir Fluorite – Purification and Construction – Musical tone “A” – Element: Air

Fluorite water or elixir exert a stimulating and detoxifying effect on the kidneys and liver. The main stock of the Fluorite is manganese. Manganese has a beneficial effect on dementia, diabetes mellitus, seizures, learning disabilities and Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and schizophrenia.

In case of these diseases or imbalances, it is therefore advisable to give Fluorite elixir to the client.

Fluorite is known for its revitalizing effect on the body’s cells. Fluorite is able to slow down the aging process of the body and give the body a youthful appearance again, for example the radiance of inner and outwardly bursting with life energy.

Use: Three times a day a glass of mineral water containing 3 drops of Fluorite elixir. For hay fever.

Allergic reactions that manifest themselves through the skin. Dissolve in two liters of lukewarm water and sponge off affected area. Taking fifteen drops of fluorite elixir once a day relieves and cleanses the entire body and protects the veins and vessels from deposits and calcification.


General Information:

Fluorite consists of traces of a number of rare elements, such as yttrium, cerium, samarium and europium. From Fluorite is derived the word fluorescence, which indicates a reflecting property. Fluorescent colors are often used in clothing (think road workers’ vests) and in banknotes to test them for authenticity. When you shine a fluorite stone with a lamp, it lights up with a beautiful blue violet glow.

The lightening of fluorite indicates a strong spiritual energy, which is present in this stone.

Characteristic of fluorite is that this is a stone that appears to be extremely capable of retaining mental energy (vibrations). Someone who is sensitive to stored mental vibrations might in fact experience vibrations stored by the fluorite some two thousand years ago. Remember that two thousand years is an unbridgeable period for us humans, but for a stone, seen against a geological timescale of millions of years, two thousand years is only a fraction of a second.

Fluorite is able to give a person who is ready for it in meditation a glimpse into his or her own development process. This makes the fluorite a special meditation stone.

Action Fluorite

Fluorite is an eminently suitable stone for anyone with so-called ‘new age diseases’ such as ADHD and other psychological disorders. The gemstone is a protective and stabilizing stone, which increases self-confidence and helps to bring structure to life. The stone provides insight into limiting behavior and thinking patterns, repressed feelings and has an emotional stabilizing effect.

A little help with the study can never hurt and fluorite is happy to give it. The stone promotes concentration, increases the processing of information and helps to make connections.

Fluorite protects against and cleans electromagnetic radiation (e.g. from computers and mobile phones).

The stone has a positive effect on stiffness, joint problems (such as arthritis) and rheumatism. It is good for the bones and teeth and it relieves pain in shingles and other nerve pains. Furthermore, it has a beneficial effect on the skin (for example on pimples and wrinkles) and mucous membranes, especially of the respiratory system. Fluorite protects against and helps with anxiety. It casts an energetic shield, behind which you are protected from energetic vampirism and other negative energies. The stone helps to create order in chaos.

Fluorite comes in many fluorescent colors. Each of them carries the above properties and add their own qualities to them.

Spiritual: Fluorite brings structure and focus to energies that do not go together or are related. It helps you to tune in to higher guidance during meditation and will often give you rich insights and insights. It is an ideal stone when you want to increase your ability to obtain clear information from energy fields; fluorite can also expand your ability to interpret such information.

Emotional: Fluorite can counteract confusion, trepidation, instability, insincerity, and disorders that arise from incoherent thought patterns. It helps you overcome fear for the future. It helps to “think through” your feelings better when you are overwhelmed by emotional experiences.

Physical: Fluorite can contribute to a better balance in brain chemistry, can strengthen learning ability and memory, and stimulate the brains. Dizziness or spinning can decrease and the physical balance can be improved. Fluorite strengthens the bones and teeth.

Purple Fluorite provides a deep meditation but also support for heavier medical procedures. This purple variant has a positive effect on the bone marrow and the cells and diseases related to it such as leukemia. Purple Fluorite can also be used to get into a deeper meditation.

Blue fluorite is a stone to balance brain and mind. It promotes memory, concentration, rational thinking and information processing. It helps with confusion, doubt and mental instability and makes the mind clear and strong. This stone has a positive effect on the eyes, ears, nose and throat and can reduce ringing in the ears.

Green fluorite acts mainly on the heart and promotes emotional balance, intuition and balance between feeling and mind. It absorbs and protects against negative energy. This stone has a positive effect on the stomach.

Yellow fluorite promotes self-confidence, helps to set boundaries and to stand up for yourself (especially in groups). The stone is uplifting.

Rainbow fluoride (shows all colors together) is a great protective stone and has the workings of all fluorite types,


Fluorite and Astrology: Fluorite has the best connection with the constellations Pisces and Aquarius and slightly less with Cancer and Capricorn.

Fluorite and the chakras: Fluorite has the best connections with the base chakra, forehead chakra and crown chakra.

Affirmation: I let go of my body in order to cleanse my consciousness.

The resonance of 22

The Resonance of 22 – explained via the Council of Galactic Federation

With reference to Jose Arguelles “Tone 2 – so too might we be restricted to only one side of a perceptual equation.  Challenges that appear as hardship or struggle, when seen from another perspective, can bear the blessings of receiving opposition as a catalyst to generate holistic awareness. Embrace challenge as stimulating soul growth!”

This year some are triggered to the remembrance of 22. If we are within the heart of love light equality the 2 face each other for example here “two swans”.

Image that you are at an Ancient Site for example Mayan Ancient Temple at Chicchan Itza

Through the Center of this Pyramid/Temple there is a passageway/portal that allows and surrenders to the crystalline core of Mother Earth/Gaia. When our Soul or Higher Self connects to this Center or any other Pyramid, Temple, Sacred Place, Stone Circle or guided to create a Sacred Open Space our Higher Heart than opens to the allowance and surrender to the frequency flow of Love Light.

At the top of this Pyramid/Temple a crystalline sphere connects to the Omni Galactic Source, as you stand inside the center with your higher heart wide open the vibration/resonance frequency is allowing and surrendering to this flow of Love Light.

The above can be done for healing purposes, for connecting with the mother ships, light beings from the stars and galaxies and personal love light guides. You could place your hands on your body to allow the healing to flow or also to release that which no longer serves the highest good.

The sides where the Pyramids/Temples connect also vibrate with the 22 that are facing each other as heart love light connection as through the tubes that are build inside the walls spirals the tones/sounds/the music and awakens once more as in ancient times or the beginning of the Divine Blueprint.

As we remember or feel the resonance flowing this year it also intensifies on the 22nd day of each month. This especially can be felt when we are in the center of a Sacred Space with an High Heart open to allow and surrender to the flow of Love Light.

The months and their vibrations

January, it resonates strongly on the Root Chakra – also the vibration of a unified dimension.

February, it resonates strongly on the Sacral Chakra (creation) – also the vibration of a lunar dimension.

March, it will resonate strongly on the Solar Plexus (empowerment) – also the vibration of third dimension which in reference to Jose wisdom “is electrifying the bond of service of meaningful work, which may or may not ever have rewards outside of the tasks themselves” just the joy of being able to share with others – also the vibration of the third dimension.

April, it will resonate strongly on the Heart Center (love) – also the vibration of the fourth dimension where we transform and dream our creation.

May, it will resonate strongly on the Throat Center (communication within and without) – also the vibration of the fifth dimension. Many channels will come through along with many council meetings and sacred gatherings,

June, it will resonate strongly on knowledge Third Eye (seeing beyond, how to celebrate and read the or collect the Ancient Wisdom of Libraries and unfolding well advanced technologies) – also the vibration of the sixth dimension.


July, it will resonate strongly on the Crown (mankind will collectively receive its connections with other realms, guidance and how we will step by step rebuild or expand to open to natural connectiveness. This is also the resonance of the seventh dimension that is available to all.


Celebration February 2, 2022

A meditative journey of love light frequency

Gratitude, Dankbaarheid

Enjoy the sound journey. Geniet van de geluiden reis.

Gratitude. Dankbaarheid

Meditation Sound Journey of the Soul Tree of the Moon within its Inner Peace Chambers.

Meditatie Klanken reis van de Zielen boom van de Maan binnenin de Open Ruimte Kamers van Vrede.



Cosmic Blue Flame


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