Crystalline Rainbow

Upcoming Skype Group Transmissions:

Be welcome to join us as One and the Same.

You can send a request to carla.harren – Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands

via Skype if you wish to join in.

A donation is appreciated.



– November 22 at 18:45 or 6:45 hours with 15 minutes of Sacred Sound Instruments

and than 15 minutes silence to connect with All.


What if every crystal skull guardian in the world focused on sending healing energy to Mother Earth and all life for five minutes on one special day – What do you think might happen to our world?

November 22, 2014 is the first Crystal Skull World Day, which will seek to unite crystal skull guardians around the world towards a common goal of Peace and Harmony. Mark down on your calendar the November 22, 2014 local time to match up with 1 PM NYC (EST); 6 PM, London, UK (GMT); 5 AM November 23 in Sydney, Australia.

There are also some secondary link up times that may be more convenient for certain time zones. Essentially there are three gatherings per time zone: for example, in the Los Angeles/Seattle Pacific time zone it will take place at 5 am, 10 am, & 3 pm on November 22 (you can download a timetable with the exact country specific information or use a tool like You can participate in any one of these gatherings for 5 minutes, or add the power of your intention to all 3 of the gatherings in one day – that’s just 15 minutes of your time that could change the world!

Crystal skulls have the extraordinary power to raise consciousness, to shift energy, to heal people and places, and to assist in raising the frequency of humanity and of the Earth. Crystal skulls desire to come together and to work together. The more crystal skulls there are that are focused on a particular intention, the more it increases their power of amplification exponentially.

What we can all do together is far greater than any one of us can imagine – the crystal skulls need us to bring them together with our collective intentions, and allow the shift to happen. This is why they have emerged to support us at this time on Earth, so let us support them to fulfill their purpose.

There is a trend of acquiring a new crystal skull to honor a significant event. For the upcoming Crystal Skull World Day Meditation, you may want to work with one of your most energized crystal skulls as you will be holding it in your hands for maximum transmission.

Crystal Skulls are known to receive, transmit, record and store energy and information. You can personally benefit from the universal energies of the Crystal Skull World Day by wearing a ‘memory’ crystal skull pendant that records the events of the day, and holds the memories, energies, and frequencies of the moment (like storing computer files in a memory stick).

It is than also NEW MOON – LAMAT, Yellow Spectral Star with the East – CHUEN, Blue Spectral Monkey, North – LAMAT, Yellow Spectral Star (Harmony, Elegance, Beauty, Artistry), West – ETZNAB, White Spectral Mirror (connected with the flow of New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse of yesterday) and in the South – BEN, Red Electric Skywalker. Mayan Coding: 128:11:8 Overtone Moon of Radiance.

Wednesday, October 29 at 21:00 hours Amsterdam Time. More information will follow.

Wednesday, December 10 at 21:00 hours Amsterdam Time. More information will follow.

Earlier transmission can be listened too via the recording or downloaded via Soundcloud C Harren.Centrum Liefde – Be welcome to donate Euro 10,00 via Paypal

Thursday, October 16 at 21:00 hours Amsterdam Time.

Tuesday, August 12 at 21:00 hours Amsterdam Time.

Monday, July 7 at 21:00 hours Amsterdam Time.

Friday, June 6 at 22:00 hours Amsterdam Time.

Saturday, March 22 at 21:00 hours Amsterdam Time.

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