Crystalline Rainbow

A Little Understanding about Portals and Earth Grids

(with kind permission from Sri’ama Qala Phoenix)

What is a Portal

A portal is an energy doorway that connects through all dimensions simultaneously. The energy within this doorway holds a specific vibration that is known as God Consciousness. This vibration knows no separation and when one enters this portal, one’s consciousness begins to travel into the realms of Oneness. There is no duality plane within the energy portal itself, as it is a magnificent bridge of divine consciousness, fed directly by Source through the galactic highways of the universe, and is anchored directly into the Earth core through the Inner Earth.

There are many forms of energy vortexes and some of these include portals, chakras and grid points. An energy vortex is a concentrated form of energy that holds within it, a central core. This central core of energy magnetises and draws all energy that is in direct resonance with the core, into mergence with it. This creates the energy vortex to grow and build. There are many forms of energy vortexes including our galaxies and star systems. Each one of these has a core centre or a void that draws more energy into it for the purpose of creating the growth of the energy vortex.

A portal is also an energy vortex that builds and grows, but the difference with this form of energy vortex is that it is an interdimensional bridge to Source for another living entity, such as the Earth for instance. Each portal on the Earth has a specific purpose and brings in specific frequencies to the Earth plane.

The Earth continues to transform and manifest. Presently the light of the Earth is returning to it. We are now in a time on the Earth when the portals are reopening again, and the consciousness of light is returning to Earth again to fill the physical plane with the original essence of Oneness.

Chakras are the highest frequency energy vortexes of the Earth and are held by more than one point on the planet. Within the chakras are held the Earth crystals of Mother Gaia’s consciousness. These crystals connect together through a series of light grids. These light grids feed the primary leilines that are the meridians of the Earth and are anchored to the Earth core through the crystals of Mother Gaia’s consciousness held in each chakra. As the higher dimensional frequencies come in through the star grids from the star portals and suns and moons from Source, these frequencies activate the crystals of Mother Gaia’s consciousness to raise in frequency.

As the crystals raise in frequency, the Earth grids also receive higher dimensional frequencies and these frequencies channel through the leilines of the Earth to all sacred sites and into all kingdoms of the Earth.

The primary chakras are wheels off higher dimensional consciousness that spin  to receive Source frequency for the purpose of feeding the etheric and Earth bodies.

Earth Grids

The Earth grids are the energy lines that connect the crystals within the major chakras with all other minor chakra points. These Earth grids assist the collective consciousness of all beings on the Earth to evolve. As the grids raise in vibration, they draw all consciousness in direct resonance to the frequencies of the grids into a new alignment. This new alignment allows the ascension of the consciousness of all beings on Earth. If any being attunes to the light grids of the Earth, they will raise in consciousness with Gaia and assist the process of raising the collective consciousness into a higher vibration.

The leylines are the power currents that primarily are created through the interconnection of star and Earth portals. Each star and Earth portal also contains a central crystalline consciousness that channels Source vibration. The leilines are directed and empowered through the energy grids of the Earth and through the stream of consciousness that travels from the star portals into the Earth portals. The leilines are the natural pathways of these streams of consciousness as they continue through the Earth’s surface in the same wave form that they travel upon from the stars to Earth.

The songlines are currents of sound that emanate from Inner Earth. These song lines travel through all kingdoms of the Earth such as Middle Earth for the purpose of transmitting the sounds of the spheres, the cosmic rings or halospheres of sound, the sounds of the spheres travel through the cosmos and enter the Inner Earth through the voidal pathways of creation. These pathways carry vibration upon them, but this vibration has no form or light so to speak. The voidal pathways are filled with love and the cosmic tones of the sounds of the spheres which are inaudible to the human ear.

The songlines and leilines feed the grids and can be seen as the Earth’s meridian system and the grids can be seen as the Earth’s field structure. These fields are not in linear bands but emanate through all of the Earth in varying dimensions of energy. The grid points are the interconnecting points between all major sites on the lielines and songlines and all major, minor and mini chakra vortexes through the Earth. These grids are fed by the galactic stargates held through the star portals of the original starseeding of Earth.

© 2003 Qala Serenia Phoenix

Here is an example of a Crystal Grid

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