Crystalline Rainbow

 Mount Shasta.1
The journey started on Sunday, Dec. 16 from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam to Portland, Oregon and through to Medford, Oregon arriving at 7 p.m. Isaac Cunningham – the owner of the AirBnB at 619 Ski Bowl Drive picked me up. Deepest Gratitude Isaac for your prompt and carefree nature.
Monday, December 17 – shopping for groceries, looking around downtown Mount Shasta and paying for the Vision Quest Journey all day with Ashalyn on January 1, 2013.
Mount Shasta.6
Tuesday, December 18 we went hiking to Shasta Meadow on Everitt Memorial Highway. Whilst walking on the trail we stopped to connect with our gracious Lady Tuesday, December 18 we went hiking to Shasta Meadow on Everitt Memorial Highway.Whilst walking on the trail we stopped to connect with our gracious Lady Mount Shasta.
Mount Shasta.2    Mount Shasta.3
The Crystal Elders called and the formation was at the North the Crystal Soldalite Skull “Amora” – El Morya called, at the West the Crystal Clear Quartz Skull “Eliyah”, at the South Rose Quartz Crystal Skull “Mother Vehicle of Embracement” and at the East the Citrine Crystal Skull “Kuthumi”. I felt the present of a Ancient Grandfather following and guiding me.
Mount Shasta. 12
It was beautiful to get used to the elevation and the climate here. Whilst in silence with the Sun coming in we felt a great sense of releave.
That evening we awoke from a dream via the guidance of the Great Grandfather Tokohona.
His message was :
Dear Child of the Sun Rays
We are with you this early morning to relate a message of truth concerning the Tone of the Crystal Mother.
For when you allow her to feed you and nourish you with the Essence of the One Race, One Language, One Heart Pulsdation you will no longer be restrained in the Creative Force of Liberation.
You will teach and guide others to the Fire Crystal of volcanic explosion of Kundalini Healing and the livelihood of birthing the Diamond Light Vehicle within.
For when the Solar Diamond Light has descended from the Rays of the Great Central Sun through the Heart of the Universal Consciousness awakening it passes through the Gateways of the Galaxies to meet the open space of the Light Councils with your Solar Star Families.
We will relate the Light Language via the toning and the Galactic Family will come through via Sirius, Pleiadians, Arcturus, Andromedans, Alcyone and the rest of the Galactic Ominipresence Source.
Whilst in meditation the Great Grandfather once more appeared whilst calling upon assistance of the Mother Rainbow Love Light Ship Vehicle together with the Star Ship Fleets and Solar Ship Fleets. We called upon the Telos and were taken into Mount Shasta – the main Chamber. Many Blue Telos Beings were gathering. I could feel the deep Heart Connection. We asked to be instructed and downloaded with even more light codings.
Mount Shasta.21
CHICCHAN.Red Serpent Wednesday, December 19, 2012 – Chiccan Red Serpent
Today we are going for a hike to the City Park on N. Mt. Shasta Road – Sacramento River.
Today the Crystal Skulls – Clear Quartz “Eliyah”, Aquamarine “Wisdom Keeper” and the Numite “the Underground Messenger” together with the Tibetan Singing Bowl and the Medicine Bag are travelling with us.
Mount Shasta.4   Mount Shasta.5
CIMI.White Worldbridger Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012 – CIMI – White Worldbridger, Tone 11
Snow Storm in Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta.7   Mount Shasta.8
The Crystals and Crystal Skulls called and stated they wished to be outdoors. It snowed continually all day. Clearing the snow twice today. For the rest felt like staying indoors today accept in the afternoon went out to buy some groceries for the upcoming days.
We were guided into a book store to receive the inspirational messages from an Ancient Lemurian City Telos in Mount Shasta.
Once home we drew the card:
“The Heart holds the frequency that is open and receptive to all possibilities. It connects us to All that Is. All What Is. All What does.
The Heart trusts and in a continuous flow, beats to the rhythm of life with Joy and Wonder.      – Celestia –
In the evening we went into Silence whereby we were invited to gather with many White Light Beings some were Gold and others Blue.
Isaac had his guitar lessons with a teacher in the evening. Beautiful to watch the interaction with the strings of the guitar and the openness of learning from each other.
MANIK, Blue_Hand Friday, December 21, 2012 – Winter Solstice – MANIK – KIN 207 – HUNAB KU GALACTIC CENTER – Gateway Portal
The Crystal and Crystal Skulls were all covered with snow this morning. Awaiting messages from the Crystalline Unified Field of One what is being asked for.
Mount Shasta.11Mount Shasta.10
Mount Shasta.9
The calling came to bring in the Crystals Power Grid Wheel this morning. Whilst clearing the Pathway there were 2 Crystal Skulls missing in the snow whilst clearing the snow. These will be for Isaac Cunningham birthday Jan. 7 when he will becoming 30. Just love this guidance.
The small two Crystal Skulls are:
  • Light Smokey Quarts that have been energized with the Ancient Crystal Skull ET and the Joky van Dieten crystal skull collection in a full size pyramid under a Blue Moon at the Sanctuary in British Columbia, Canada.
  • The Rose Quartz small Crystal Skull has been energized by the Ancient Skull Sha Na Ra under a Rosy Moon and also in the Sanctuary.
The Small Ascension Clear Quartz was right in front of the Wheel and it was energized with the Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR and the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM as guardian of the Temple of Light.
We now continue to channel the Mayan Interdimension Star Map from the Crystal Wheel co created indoors with the Star Being Councils and many other Masters, Angels and the Ancient Ones.
Mount Shasta.13
Crystal Earth – Tone 1 via  Amora – Crystal Soldalite Skull together with El Morya.
In the deepest Temple of Firey Love we come to assist Mankind in their Passageway in the Sun’s Presence.
Hear thee that thou be of this Purest Source Sun Rays oh Children of Love Light.
For within the breast of the Mother Heart Creation lies the birth for thee to dwell within the pulsating vibration frequency and the True Nature of Strength, Courage and deepest Love Light.
Etheric Mother Sun – Tone 2
Come forth dear Sun Rays Child for thee has such deepest Love to Radiate and share with All That Is. Your immaculate Rose Pink Fire embraces the trust of Being a Solar Messenger.
May you be the guardian and teacher channel for those Children that feel magnetized to the Frequency Resonance of All That Is and Will Be. For I AM the Mother Sun and with the deepest warmth of Love Light, Will and Grace of Divinity let the Sacred Sounds of Ascension Birth the Intuition for All That Is Now.
Etheric Father Sun – Tone 3
The Power of this Sun Rays spreads widely like the Wings of a Golden Eagle. High uponb the Sacred Mountains and that of Mount Shasta we beam to enlighten all that lifts up their eyes to the Heavens. For we have travelled with thee oh Children of Life’s Sun Fire.
Stand now within this Presence for doorways open for thee.
KINICH AHAU OUR PHYSICAL SUN – Tone 4 via the Amber Crystals
Feel now the forming of the formlessness.
Melting into the lava of the Sun’s Structure Non Structure.
For thee can be fluid and at the same moment be vast.
It is the Alchemical Magical Solar Sun Family.
AA Midway Station – Tone 5 via the Crystal Clear Quartz Skull (small) Reflection Mirror
To manifest with the Angelic Realms One has a purest state of expanding Heart Pulsations vibrating resonance. It is like wherever you are, wherever you roam, wherever you are being called to BE. The Angelic Tone touches the lightness of wings of deepening openness of the sweet sacred light sound of Hearts merging as One.
It responds with the pulsation of refining this Gracious Love Rainbow Light.
Inspirational Messages from Ancient Lemurian City – Inner City of Light Mount Shasta.
“Give yourself permission to feel again and to rediscover the heart’s vibration. The heart’s frequency is what guides you and nourishes you with the Love of the Universe.   – Adama – “
“When you can simply look at everything around you in the world and state and feel within yourself that you are all of this, you will know what it is to be God.   – Sanada (Christ, Emanuel) “
We left the house around 2.30 p.m. ready to go to the Mount Shasta Resort (1000 Siskiyou Lake). A beautiful hiking walk which lasted several hours longer because there was a snow storm and I had walked wrongly.  We ended up firstly on Highway 88 – Ski Park Highway going to McCloud. It was a quiet peaceful walk with a mystical magic in Nature. Hardly any traffic but somehow I felt I was following the wrong pathway so I asked for guidance. Many drivers stopped on the way to ask if I was okay or maybe confused such as 2 Park rangers, a couple and a lady informing of my well being.
Mount Shasta.12
Finally I understood the message when a man and his son (14 years old) stopped and asked the same question again. They offered me a ride to Mount Shasta Resort instead of where I was destined for at that moment namely Mount Shasta Ski Resort as I had mistakenly related this to myself and others.
The man together with his son talked on the way there. They dropped me off at the Shasta Ranch BnB close by the Mount Shasta Resort with the blessings of “God Bless You”.
Once I went inside I met a lady whom was also going to the gathering of 21.12.12. We travelled together but by the entrance we lost each other seeing she still had to pay for her entrance there.
I sat on the front row on the right hand side. Next to me was a family (man, child and mother) on the left “Divine Trinity”. On the right sat Nina and next to her Nick with a powerful Joy and Heart Love Radiance.
It took awhile before the actual program started due to the weather conditions and the state of silence attunement for All. Beverly Ann Wilson gave a beautiful Journey with the Crystal Singing Bowls Beings what a galactic experience of expansion and doorway gateways.
She first explained about each bowl and the intention of the Being Crystal Messenger. It was a pure intuitive healing ascension Sacred Light Sound Concert Harmonic on many levels.
I could feel it coming within releasing the tension of the hike walking and on my shoulders. Touching the Heart Center very often and giving it more space for growth and outpouring.
At a certain point in the concert I could feel a deep grounding. My feet were literally burning and felt like being placed sturdy on the ground. There were moments were I felt resistance and I than opened my eyes to orientate clearer. By doing this it felt like I was completely allowing the All That Is.
In between the concert there was a guide whom stood in front of me A Lemurian Being. Than Blue Beings surrounded me which was later explained by Laarkmaa as being Pleiadians. Very intelligent and wise beings. It felt like our Inner Wisdom was being generated via the DNA and the Third Eye/Pineal Gland. Also Angelic Beings appeared as well.
I heard the message “thank you for being with us here you are so welcome”.
I also smelt a flower scent. One that comes from the Stars. It repeated itself on and off.
Gratitude Beverly and guidance for this wonderful intense loving Light Sound Journey.
Next was the channeling from Laarkmaa.
Then there was a small break where I met a man from Calgary, Alberta who especially came to this gathering in Mount Shasta for a few days. Then came a question and answer session. I asked a question concerning the Mayan Interdimensional Star pulsation and their tones. It was related that these communications were surely possible in 2013 if the 12 DNA Strain were activated. This will be passed on to others during our journeys and sharing in Holland and other countries.
At the end I asked if someone was going downtown to Mount Shasta and Nick Lappin, his girlfriend and Nina offered to bring me to Ski Bowl Drive. They were organizing a party afterwards.
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. This evening we received a deep healing of release and messages.
LAMAT.Yellow Star Saturday, December 22 – KIN 208 – LAMAT YELLOW STAR – TONE 13 – Omnigalactic Source
More snow has fallen during the night and in the morning. The Sun is shining brightly today and the Crystal Skulls and Crystals called once more to guide for today. Isaac has his day off today from work and left with a big smile on his face to go skiing with a friend at the Mount Shasta Ski Resort. Many blessings dear One.
So we went outdoors to bring the Crystal Elders indoors to cocreate a Crystal Messenger Grid Wheel for today.
The Card Messages that came along with these were 3:
When you put yourself into a state of total trust, the Universe responds and starts providing immediately and I mean “Total Trust” not a cocktail of trust and fear”.
Next messages was focus on the Will of God for your very life, through total surrender to that Divine Will, whatever your present circumstances appear to be.
As you align with God’s Will, you will notice that your life will manifest more harmony.
The last message is the allowing of self-compassion moves you into the vibration of Grace. View all from a perspective of compassion and trust, for these are the true energies that empower us.
These All came from Adama.
Further a day of Rest and Contemplation.
MULUC.Red MoonSunday, Dec. 23, 2012 – MULUC – Red Moon, Tone 1
right into my Sun Source Birth wave in this life.
Did this morning the meditation first from South to the North.
Especially the hip bones are being healed and my right eye after such a long hiking walk yesterday. It feels like releasing and letting go of old fears that blocked the whole leveling systems. Firstly touching the pain I placed upon myself and then it was transformed like creating a Portal way from inside out.
Kept constantly drawn to a light circle like the center of the Flower of Life. Than when I called upon the Fire of Life was asked to stand in the Center of the Fire. Great Joy and Love were burning.
Later on we were taken into the Halls of Amenti I could see many flames burning as it later became One Unified Unity Flame. Bathing into the fluid Gold and later the rainbow fluorescent orbs started to flash. Then I fell asleep for a while and woke up with a Dark skinned person. Asking the pendel it was related it was the Master.
The card messages related:
I will let go of my own misconceptions and fears and trust the process, no matter how painful it could get”.   — Adama — I have taken the most difficult step.
The next message was:
Do not suffer over what is gone, but celebrate instead what is re-emerging.   — Ahnahmar —
For the Interdimensional message: Journey with us into the Crystal Heart of your Soul  …
Envision a glowing center that resides behind your heart and transmutes energy in undulating, pulsating waves throughout your body and into the energy field of the Earth”. — Galatril —
OC.White Dog Monday, December24, 2012 – KIN 210 – OC – White Dog
Journey to Lake Siskiyou
Card Messages:
For the Journey to Lake Siskiyou: Evolve your consciousness to be able to live in a world of Pure Love and Light. Awaken the perceptions of your true divinity make it a priority – the most important goal of your life. — Adama –
For the Soul Source: We invite you to choose a more joyful destiny by making wiser choices for yourself. Believe in the God Presence that beats your heart, and create magic in all aspects of your life.
For Crystal Earth: We are all responsible for our own energy. It is a responsibility of our human experience for each one to purify and refine their own vibration. — Adama —
For the Omnigalactic Source: Living from the heart, choosing from the heart, is a collective, connective action that restores the memory of the love of being alive. — Ahnahmar —
Mount Shasta.18
A hike walk from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. to Lake Siskiyou glorious. The energies felt are soothing, warm, energizing and so filled with adventure, love and joy. We treated ourselves to some wonderful Chocolate Cheese Cake and tea before walking further to the Siskiyou Dam where also the Lake is situated. The overflowing heartfelt radiance opens up such Heart Vibrations.
Mount Shasta.17
At the Dam we met 2 young ladies from Spain whom were spending some days in Mount Shasta. They first asked if I could take a photograph of them together. The scenery and vibrancy is so tranquil and peaceful here. They also asked which mountain is Mount Shasta. So I showed them via the map were they could be closer to these energies via Everitt Memorial Highway. I also asked them to take a photograph of me as well. Much Gratitude Love dear Spanish Sisters.
I than chose to walk back to get closer to the Lake. I saw a man with Snow Boots on walking on a trail just by Mount Shasta Resort. We talked for awhile to relate via the I AM PRESENCE AND WHAT MOVED US. He told me that there was a pathway to Lake Siskiyou and also that he was very connected to the I AM and Saint Germain. He also knew Isaac’s father (psychologist) who lead a Men’s Group. Synchronicity! We gave our Heart Blessings to each other and we both continued our walk. Singing inwardly the I AM THAT I AM chant along the way.
I stopped along the pathway to be connected with Mother Nature and the Silence. The Crystal Skulls, Crystals and the Tibetan Singing Bowl called to be taken out to transmute and I also toned as a Gratitude Resonance. I could hear the echo of the sound responding here whilst the Sacred Heart opened wider and wider.
Mount Shasta.19
I than heard voices approaching, a family came by with snow shoes on. I asked the young man if the pathway lead to a road. He responded “no it goes closer to the Lake”. Gratitude Dear One.
I decided a little later to also walk back seeing we had a way to walk to Mount Shasta City and it was starting to get colder. The roads had melted from the snow via the Sun Rays most of the way so that we were able to make our steps more quicker. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Mother Earth for your beauty, grace and embracement of such deep unconditional Love.
Arriving home I met Isaac’s father and his wife as they left to celebrate Christmas together.
Christmas Eve – what a wonderful emergence and crowing of  this Joyful Loving Evening. Sitting by the Fireplace together with the Cat. Warm, quiet and peaceful.
This afternoon we are walking up to Mount Shasta. Spend first the morning cleaning, washing the clothes and preparing food for this evening. A gracious loving day.
A cocreation of a Crystal Blessings Grid for All.
Crystal Skull Amora facing East (Soldalite)
Crystal Skull Kuthumi facing South (Citrine)
Crystal Skull Isis facing West ( Rose Quartz)
Crystal Skull Eliyah facing North ( Clear Quartz)
Message of Telos an Ancient Lemurian City within Mount Shasta:
The return of the magical lives that you are all yearning to find again can only be the result of Divine Union; your level of Oneness with All of Life. — Antharus –
Mount Shasta.22
Woke up this morning with a sore throat also feeling cold and tired. So I showered ate 2 Rice Waffles with Apricot Jam in the hope to feel better with some tea. This did not feel alright so I went back to bed and woke up at 12 a.m. This felt better and such a relieve. So we had some carrot salad and a vegetarian hamburger. Put the garbage out but I was too late for it.
Went out for a small walk and bought some cream for my body and my hands. Also saw some carrot cake as well. Fond memories of the ladies in Reno, Nevada and Fallon, Nevada. Had a look in a bookstore as well but did not feel any calling or anything else. So I went back to the house.
BEN.Red Skywalker Thursday, December 27 – KIN 213 – BEN – RED SKYWALKER, Tone 5.
Message of today: All creation begins first in your imagination.
It is your tool foor conscious manifestation. Use it to create positively and your wildest dreams will manifest. — Adama —
Mount Shasta.24   Mount Shasta.23
We walked upwards to Mount Shasta – near Mc Bride Springs.
Walked along Rocker fellow Drive, Jefferson Drive and than via Mc Cloud to Downtown.
Messages for Today: “Do not suffer over what is gone, but celebrate instead what is re-emerging”. — Ahnahmar —
Develop the faith in yourself that you are a master who is capable of co-creating with the universe all that is possible. — Adama –
The Crystals and Crystal Skulls went outside to interconnect for the evening.
Isaac and his father had organized a Men’s  Evening but unfortunately most men where elsewhere. So Isaac had over a few men and lead the evening without his father. I stayed in my bedroom  with the heater on and in meditation.
After the meditation I could hear beautiful chanting from the men. The Great Grandfather appeared in Green Light very vividly. I than fell asleep and woke up at 3:33 a.m. and sat outside for awhile connecting with Grandmother Moon.
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29 gorgeous Sun plus little Snowfall
MEN.Blue EagleSATURDAY, DECEMBER 29 – KIN 215 – MEN – BLUE EAGLE – TONE 7 – Arcturus
Message of Awakening:
Come All the Way “home” to the Heart of Love, through the total surrender to your unique pathway and the Will of the Holy Father/Mother, All that Is.
Message for the hike walk to Lake Siskiyou:
A new world is being created for you, if you choose it, but it is not fully structed or totally defined. It is awaiting your creative contribution. — Adama —
Mount Shasta.31   Mount Shasta.26
For the evening:
When you can simply look at everything around you in the world, and state and feel within yourself that you are all of this, you will know what it is to be God. — Sanada –
The walk to Lake Siskiyou lead us today via the North Route. It was surely a gracious sunny walk. A ranger advised me on the way that further down a Hoover Craft had made a pathway. Indeed it was wonderful to sit so close by the Lake on a Pine log.
Mount Shasta.27   Mount Shasta.29
The Sun was shining on the rippling water it felt like Star’s shining welcoming the journey together. A truely light vehicle.
On the way back by the fork of river flow of the Lake we decided to cross the bridge over to the South side.
Climbing over a pile of snow we walked across the bridge. It felt like leaving everything behind that no longer supported the Soul Source to continue to the Opening of this great deep Love within.
Whilst walking on the pathway the Breath of Love was widening to the awakened state of 3 T’s Trust, Truth and Transition.
Mount Shasta.28   Mount Shasta.30
Journey to the City Park today.
Message for today:
To return to full consciousness, as a Divine Being, you must begin to turn the leadership over to the heart to rule, rather than the mind. — Ahnahmar —
For this evening:
Un lock the simple and precious Keys of Wisdom within your heart.
Truly integrate this wondrous wisdom in your daily life to become, in this now moment, your Divinity incarnate. — The Lemurian Goddess –
CABAN.Red EarthMONDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2012 – Sirius – KIN 217 CABAN – Red Earth Tone 9
Message for today”:
Return to Nature, dear ones, it will not fail you. Open your heart and consciousness to the other Kingdoms of Earth. You will discover how magical and harmonious they are. — Adama —
We walked along Everitt Memorial Highway and then walked to Sacramento City Park and returned back to Ski Bowl Drive. Isaac went out for the New Years Eve to friends and skiing.
ETZNAB.White MirrorTuesday, January 1, 2013 – Alpha Mother Galaxy – KIN 218 – ETZNAB – White Mirror
Went with Ashalyn for a Vision Quest. Picked up the Snow Shoes and Poles as well.
I first picked 2 Medicine Cards – Wolf – Teacher and Jacquard – Integrity together with Rainbow Grandfather.
Than Ashalyn measured my Aura 10,5 in her office. She showed me the map of the Cities of Lights. We drove to Castle Craig and did a meditation in the Car – surround yourself with the Golden Light than travel in the Space Ship via the Summit of Mount Shasta. We went into the Ascended Master Chamber with the Elevator. There I met Lord Sanada (some others would call it Jesus,  Emanuel), Telos Beings, Star Beings, Lady Sirius.
Mount Shasta.33
I was directed to the Healing Chamber, Chamber of Space Ships were I was shown that I am able to Pilot the Ships. Also the instrument board was operated on. I was told I have the qualities of steering the panels with the instruments to go back and forth to the Star Homes especially Sirius. Also I was taken into the Music of the Spheres Chamber. The tone resonance were downloaded. The gift that was given to me was a Golden microphone.
Than Ashalyn drove further downhill and parked the car to have lunch. On the way down to downtown 3 Deer’s were crossing the road – 2 mothers and a Child. So symbolic of the Nurturing and gentleness of Love from the Ancient Medicine Kingdom. Much Gratitude. It happens to BE that the Deer is the Power Animal which I carry.
We stopped for a toilet break at Ashalyn’s office.
Mount Shasta.32
We than drove to Everitt Memorial Highway to go up the Mountain to Lady Mount Shasta.
We stopped once again in the car to do a meditation. Than we were luckily allowed to go through the open gate to go to Bunny Flat. We did another meditation in the Car to attune to Serenity Vortex. During the meditation we spiraled through the Vortex. I was greeted by Sacred Earth Dwarfs there as they showed me via there hard working attitude how they kept the surroundings clean and energized.  The surroundings was in a Cavern underneath the Earth. Also there were many Crystals in this Chamber.
Mount Shasta.34
Than we travelled to another area were many Light Angelic Beings and Water Light Beings gathered. In the center was a Vortex Lake within it a generator. We gathered in circle around here. It activated, initiated and rejuvenated the Water inside our Human Body. Once more I heard the words Lady of the Lake. I was  than taken into a chamber with many fluorescent colors and different geometric shapes. It felt and I know that it was a total DNA activating alignment as it spiraled up and down through and around me like the Torus and Zero point.
Again I was taken into a Sound Harmonic Chamber to download the light sound frequencies. There are many Chambers to explore and visit deep within this Vortex.
We than drove further to Red Fir. Here we went out of the car and put on our snow shoes to walk to the Fairy Circle. In the beginning we stopped at the gateway to connect with the Nature Spirit Forces to ask permission to enter this Sacred Land. I saw, felt and know that indeed here many come in between the two spheres Heaven and Earth some would call it. From the deepest Heart Source I called in the Bird Spirits as they literally responded once more with their Sacred Musical Harmonic Songs.
Mount Shasta.25
Walking further and stopping once more whilst Ashalyn started to channel Saint Germain and his personal message for me. It was mostly a push forward to nurture myself more as I nurture so many around me. He related his Gratitude for All of the Nurturing and Assistance I give to the Ascension. Mankind and there process of Ascension. If I would nurture myself more guidance would   be able to connect more than it does at this moment.
A space was given to state a question. I asked about the Interdimensional Galactic journeys of the Mayan Star Map and he replied that this was certainly open for me to share with others.
He also requested I should take better care of my feet (this is certainly noted and will be taken care of). He also told me that he was one of my guides to call upon for assistance amongst many others one of them being the Rainbow Grandfather and Rainbow Grandmother.
We than continued to walk further me leading this time up front through the piles of snow to the Fairy Circle. It is quite an exercise to plough through the snow in this way with the snow shoes on.
We arrived at the circle and Ashalyn asked me to request permission to enter this Circle fully which I did. In ceremony I placed a small Crystal Wheel there with the Clear Quartz Crystal Skull Eliyah, the Medicine Bag and other Crystals. Toning to connect with the Spirit and Inner Earth Beings waiting for us.
Together we once more went into meditation me leading this time within the Earth to greet Mother Earth directly. By that time it was getting fairly cold and my feet were also feeling very cold.
I was taken into an Crystal Space where there was also a Throne there to sit upon you could call it the Ascension Seat. I also saw Mother Earth’s face and her huge breasts like a feeding, nurturing embracement of her deepest Love. It found it difficult to focus and linger here much longer. We did however merge with each other. Then I stated “I am completed”‘. We than walked together in silence back to the car grateful for the movement so that we could regain the body temperature.
Mount Shasta.35
Ashalyn once more measured my aura at the parking space and this time it was 38 steps.
We than drove back to Ashalyn’s office to arrange a ride to Medford, Oregon on Friday at 1 p.m. This would give me some space to prepare for the flight back to Amsterdam.
I went to eat dinner at a Thai Restaurant. A wonderful meal (quite spicy) and lots of water to drink. After this I walked home in the dark to Isaac’s place. The fire was burning and the lights were on. Isaac and I talked about what I had done that day and then Isaac showed me many photographs of the hikes he made with friends of the area of Mount Shasta, other places in California and Yucatan, Mexico. He is very knowledgeable about very special areas to camp and hike. I would certainly recommend his Air bnb seeing we had a very warm, loving, open, freedom stay there.
In the night I could not sleep too well but felt very rested along with this the cold (purification and integration) asked our attention.
Woke up with a nose cold. Feels like a day to rest and relax being not too active. Whilst making breakfast I also prepared a dinner for two days as well. Started to pack the suitcase and organize a bit for the journey to Medford on Friday.
In meditation the following message came through:
The allowing of self-compassion moves you into the vibration of Grace. View all from a perspective of compassion and trust, for these ones are the true energies that empower us. — Adama –
Today we have a Crystal Singing Bowl Session with Beverly Ann Wilson at the Crystal Room(s) at 4 p.m. See further Feeling somewhat better today with the nose cold. Unfortunately the hot water pipes are frozen at Isaac’s home.
Meditation message:
When you embody Love and Oneness and you radiate only Love, you can create anything.
All Kingdoms unite also with you as One, and all elements and nature spirits are at your command every instant to assist you to fulfill your desires. — Antharus –
Such grace occurred during the Session with Beverly the Tibetan Singing Bowl also resonated into this Session. At the end I could hear the words “The Beauty of Gratitude” and so it is All That Is, All that will BE, and All that Shall BE.
Travelling today at 1 p.m. with Mikaelah Cordeo to Medford, Oregon. Staying at the Shilo Inn, 2111 Biddle Road, Medford, Oregon tel. 541 770 5151.
We had a wonderful conversation about the I AM and Templates along the way. Mikaelah also knew Tiara Kumara and told about her dedication for All. She also related about how wonderful Ashland is and its creative energies there. Many famous writers come from there such as Neal Walsh, Twyman etc.
I arrived around 3 p.m. at the Shilo Inn. A good, clean, relaxed place to stay. I first went out for some food for the evening. Across the road I went to Food4Less huge Supermarket open 24 hours a day. Then I decided to go out and eat my first pizza in the USA for about 2 years ago. Had a great vegetarian pizza at the Pizza Hut. At first it took some use to getting to know how to order the food, get some water. It really felt like a treat after cooking for almost 3 weeks. By  return to the Shilo Inn we really enjoyed the Sauna twice in a row. Unfortunately the Spa had been closed.
Great having a room with regular heating, a bath with great body and cream lotion. Spend a quiet evening watching 2 movies and then went into meditation for about one hour.
During the meditation I felt a deep healing going through the body, balancing all, quieting the mind and connections with Lord Sanada, Lady Nada, Saint Germain, Lady Ma Ray and many Star Beings. The Beauty of Gratitude once more passed by and the loving sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls. Also the gracious Mount Shasta passed to invite us to enter her Inner Realms. How wonderful to journey directly to the Master Chamber were many gathered as One. It was one of the deepest sharing of the Heart Radiance and felt so nurturing and a great reflection of what mankind is capable of generating.
After sharing with this and All in the Center Hall Space I was invited once more to choose a Chamber of my Choice. At this moment I was still recuperating from a slight nose/throat cold so we decided to go to the Healing Chamber. Amazing how directly everything inside is being touched, turned on and off, aligned and balanced plus integrated instantly all at oneness.
Humankind is very blessed in this now to experience once more the remembrance of Ancient Dwellings such as the beginning, Lemurian, Atlantis of Project Earth. We volunteered to Co Create this as One.
We than entered the Chamber of Harmonic Melodies. I felt like each delicate string of the Heart Sound Harp is vibrating so joyously as we  are here in the NOW. We than journeyed onwards to the Master Elixir Fountain Chamber to toast together for this birth year of the Divine Nurturing Dragon Mother merging with the Omni galactic Source of the One Coming Home. Whilst writing this intuitively we awaken and personalize this birth Mayan Year 2013. May this nurturing of BEING flow onwards.
IK, White WindSaturday, Jan. 5, 2012 – KIN 222 White Wind – Tone 1
Today awoken later than usual being without a rhythm of expectancy of a day program it gave us some space for Occurrences. Whilst checking the email boxes something awoken to create a great day flow.
So I asked at the Reception desk at Shilo Inn whether they knew of a place to walk in Nature in Medford. There seemed no clear vision so far until the technical/operation manager suggested with the word “Ashland, Oregon” and later the receptionist with Lithia Park.
Than many lights and stars light up and started to glow and glitter inside to visit there as a very close dear heart sister Carol Juul and her husband Rick Cox have been directed to anchor a Sanctuary there in Ashland, Oregon.
So once I felt this deeper inside whether these signs and symbols where the once that vibrated from the Heart, Mind and Soul together with guidance of the Ones the reply was a definite YES. I asked the receptionist to order a cab to take me to Ashland and I received a special return rate as well.
At a moment of quiet silence I realized that this town/city Ashland was calling WHY, WHAT FOR AND WHERE? so I stepped into the cab. The cab company arranged a reasonable return rate and I had a deep, warm, loving conversation with the female cab driver along the way together with the owner of the cab company (whom by the way was the husband of the lady driver). What happened on the way was a feeling and knowing that there is a complete open doorway to the portals that we together with the guardian keepers create for All in the Unified Field of Equality Oneness.
Coming closer to Ashland I understood the symbol and sign why we were called to come there. The cab driver talked about her experience in her youth about how exciting Ashland is during Halloween – the Wicca’s and the culture of the place during the Theatre Season.
Ashland.1   Ashland.6
As I got out of the cab this magical creative artistic energy was emerging. We started to walk in Lithia Park. A great trail to walk with these various tree spirits of Sequino, Old Oak trees, a cobbling stream with small waterfalls meandering which rolls and finds its course around rocks and plants creating such a clear waterway of welcoming birthing for anyone whom wishes to listen and be still in the deep inner dwellings.
The Crystals and Crystal Skulls were starting to jiggle in the backpack whilst I followed a trail upward in the park until I was put to a halt by the elementals and a hollow in a tree vortex were a Earth Light Being Beckoned to come forward. So I climbed slightly up to this magical area and let the Crystals and Crystal Skulls create together with my Magical Inner Child a message. It felt so drawn downwards to manifest this together so aware of the Joy of Being Here and the closing of the 3 weeks vacation in California and Oregon.
Ashland.5   Ashland.3
We than walked further and went downwards towards the main trail pathway amazingly I could hear and feel that my footsteps were firm and decisive focused and well grounded and anchored.
Further on I was very drawn to go to the right path and there we were taken to a pond with many benches around it. Partially frozen water but the ducks were able to move around. It felt like a wonderful space to sit in Silence and send out our blessings.
Ashland.10  Ashland.8
So once more we were guided and pulled to a tree trunk and strongly the Crystals and Crystal Skulls gave pulsations that they wished to emerge, encounter and align with these energies. We sat there for about 20 minutes after we have co created a power wheel together to resonate with the Crystalline Creation whilst the Sun shone upon us All. See photographs.
We than walked further in Lithia Park until we came upon a partially manmade and nature made wooden Throne for the Crowning. The first flash that went through me was the last Rites of Passage from COS for Dec. 21, 2012 “The Crowning”. This felt like a compliment to my Inner Soul Source for a token of Gratitude for the nurturing this. The Crystal Family was once more urging to come out to mingle and communicate.
Ashland.12  Ashland.7Ashland.13Ashland.14
We walked a little further on the pathway until we were starting to feel a little bit chilly and an sign that it was time for lunch somewhere. Walking back another trail way we passed the amphitheatre and other areas were with a little more imagination and visual creativity I could well see, feel and know how co creation in Ashland in the Spring, Summer and Fall could just twinkle and spark this into manifestation. Especially during the Shakespeare Festival. We than saw physically the huge theatre building.
So we walked along the Main Street were various shops reflect the Artistic Cultural Nature of this City – Book Stores, Costumes, Theatres, Pottery, Painting and many various Handcrafts. As we walked further we were magnetized and called to go into a Tibetan Shop. Not really known why beforehand. Whilst browsing around we went to the back of the Shop and yes there they where these Tibetan Nepal Singing Bowls calling to be toned. Whilst letting them tone one by one I could really feel the difference how they also called and selected a match for Centrum Licht & Liefde in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands to be shared with All. I really was not going out for a Singing Bowl it just occurred.
Ashland.22   Ashland.21Ashland.20
The Selah of the Shop suggested she would look at the back of the Store if there were any smaller bowls there seeing that the prices are quite above a budget that I wish to share at that moment. And YES she came forward to vibrate through and through the Singing Bowl. Whilst the Selah packed I felt this great gift that was given once more to us to be shared with the other singing bowls and the Crystal Family that we take care of.
Asking the Selah for a place to have a warm lunch she suggested at the Paglan which just happened to be just across the road from where I was. It was a wonderful soup and wrap that nourished us here. And so a wonderful afternoon was shared with the Ashland Community.
Once more I was picked up by the cab company and drove back to the Shilo Inn. Made a cup of tea and then went into the sauna there and a mineral bath later on. We have been gifted so much during this journey and we are very grateful and fortunate to have such a variety of Heart vibes shared with each other these 3 weeks. One to continue in the flow onwards.
This day number 11 followed us – Room 111 – Table order at the Paglan 11 and I fell asleep at 11.11 p.m.
Awakened by the alarm clock at 6.30 a.m. Today is a day of flying back via Medford to Portland, Oregon to Amsterdam.
Quite long hours but we have the assistance of this medical doctor to assist us from one of the stores at Portland Airport.
Portland Airport.1
Than from Amsterdam to Alkmaar and then the bus to Moutmolen 72, Heerhugowaard.
KAN.Yellow SeedThe assistance of KLM at  Schiphol Airport gave us a wonderful service whilst daughter Jessica was also there to greet me. My luggage was severely damaged and I received a new Samsonite to repack and travel onwards. So grateful for this easy flow of service and the assistance of Jessica to arrive home on MONDAY, Jan. 7, 2013 KIN 204 – KAN – YELLOW SEED Tone 3 —. We have so much to be thankful for and the loving flow still goes onwards.

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