Crystalline Rainbow

Group Journey to the South of France in 2013
Review of Passageway (Catharina) Chatharen Resonance
South of France – June 19 – June 23, 2013
Note: We = Catharina and Soul
  • Wednesday, June 19, 2013.
We left Moutmolen 72, Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands at 11 a.m. by bus to Alkmaar and from there by Train to Schiphol Airport: to fly to Toulouse, France eta 4.30 p.m. on seat 7A. The flight was a bit rough on the way due to some windy weather. We felt at ease and enjoyed the various sky blues together with the fluffy clouds.
The luggage was quickly arranged at the airport so we went to look for the bus to take us to Toulouse Matabiau Train Station. Unfortunately due to that I do not understand the French language that well and asking a man in the bus if this was the station we got off one stop too early. The man assisted us to the metro and we took two metro’s to finally arrive at the Train Station. Amazing how the flow of Love Light in trust and sharing manifestation of evolution.
The next step was to retrieve the train ticket from an automatic machine. We asked two young men to assist us and this went quickly. Now we had to look for the platform for the Train to Carcassonne.
We walked up the stairway and finally found the platform unfortunately we had just missed the train by 5 minutes the next train was 20 minutes later. Whilst in the train we felt a joyous flow coming through whilst in a quiet meditative state and connecting with the surrounding here. The mountains calling us and the familiar sense of being here before.
Arriving at Carcassonne station we were too late to take the last train to Couiza. The man at the information desk did not speak English so we went outside to have a look. We send a SMS message to La Maurine B&B relating that we were unable to arrive that evening. Meanwhile Sister Aline, who helped with organizing, transportation for the program we would be sharing and at the last moment everyone decided not to come, asking if we had arrived in Rennes le Chateau. We explained to her the situation we were in. She started to look for Hotels in Carcassonne for us along with sharing that we would spend the day together on Friday, June 21 – Summer Solstice. Deepest Gratitude and Love Aline for your Heart sharing and support.
We walked over the bridge and we asked guidance to assist us to find a Hotel for the night in Carcassonne. Guidance let us see the sign of Hotel Bristol. It felt as a clear message and memories awoke inside about November 11, 2011 (11:11:11 Light Portal) we were in Bristol, England to assist Laura Pocket and others there with the Stanton Drew Stone Circle ceremony with All. It felt like a strong pulsation to be answered too so we checked in at the Hotel Bristol.
The receptionist spoke very good English and we explained our situation requesting for a fair price of a room. She gave us 50% off and then started to relate about the significance of numerology 5 – liberty, adventure, strength of the feminine dynamics. We replied that this was one of the resonance of our name. Synchronicity the total costs inclusive breakfast was Euro 55,50 – room number 131 – which added up is 5 but is also the 13 and the 1. We send our blessings to her and the manager of the Hotel plus guidance for a dwelling to sleep in. We called Carine of La Maurine B&B seeing that the SMS message was not replied too. She told us that sometimes the lines there were not working and it was good to know that we would be coming the next day.
The synergy with the resonance of Mary Magdalene is divinely activating, aligning and integrating here. So we went upstairs into the room to have a bath in the Sacred Waters of Birthing/Being. We laid down to go into meditation to give our Love Light Blessings for this day and evening. We saw one great light and felt a deep healing flowing through as well like a complete relaxation and peace.
That evening we were awoken many times with messages that we would be protected and guided during this journey. We were invited to join a gathering of the Galactic Council of the Suns and Stars.
Thursday, June 20.
At 6 a.m. we were completely rested, awake and ready to start the new day. After a deep silence and a bath we went downstairs to have breakfast and go to the Station to check when the train would be leaving for Couiza. The breakfast was one of much abundance of food. We decided to keep it simple as the energy flow was feeding us so graciously in the now.
We walked to the station to buy a new ticket to Couiza. Unfortunately the young lady at the ticket office did not speak French and the automatic machines is also very difficult to follow as well. We truthfully were a bit upset and was trying to look for a solution. Once more a man who was standing behind me at the ticket office came to assist by finding a lady who gave services to people in the hallway to buy train tickets and show me which train went to Couiza and that I had to stop over at Limoux and take a bus from there. The train leaves at 10:40 which gives us some space to let us be lead through Carcassonne.
So we went to Hotel Bristol once more to place our luggage there and ask for some information about the surroundings. The receptionist gave us a map. Carcassonne is a fort area with many , monuments, museums, promenades and restaurants.
We opened up to guidance and where lead to Place Carnot et sa fontaine (fountain). A market with flowers, fruits and vegetables was there today. We bought some vegetables and fruits from an elderly lady there for the stay at a cottage that we will be travelling to in Rennes le Chateau. Amazing how she weighed everything and placed the price on a chalk board. It felt like the simplicity of life was flowing and we once more felt the flow continuing. Please notice below the statue and fountain of Neptune we sat there for awhile to zoom in here. It felt like a pulling of two energy waves others would call it duality.
We continued our walk onwards to come to a Chapel of the Carmen. I was amazed at the lane and drawn to sit by some trees there. You can feel the energies here via the photograph quite peaceful, grounding and anchoring. The Chapel was under restoration and the door was closed. We sat in the courtyard for awhile and placed some crystals in the ground. In silence we were  very drawn to the vortex energies here and the Sacred Geometry window for us symbolizes the various Rays which start to spin if you allow your Heart to open to the connections with the Cosmos and the Crystal Core of Mother Earth. Please be welcome to tune in as well and relate your experiences!
Guidance led us to another street and we were taken to the Gothic Church of Saint Vincent. We were lead to light a candle at the Altar of Saint Anna – the mother of Mary. This love light is for a very dear friend in Croatia Goran whom we had promised to light a candle somewhere along the way. This church is very large and it did not feel like a place to be in silence. However across the street there was a garden sanctuary where we placed some Crystals in the ground and send our blessings to All.
We walked to Hotel Bristol to pick up our luggage to go to the Station and journey onwards to Limoux. In the train we could feel a deep happiness coming through how the grace of Mother Earth in her beauty embraces us with such love and nourishment for All. At Limoux we waited a few minutes until the bus came. Many travelers were here and we talked to a man who was walking here for 3 weeks who came from Holland. We were overwhelmed by a warm resonance of Loving Light Heart pulsation that opened itself wider and wider.
We arrived at the Couiza and walked into a café to order a taxi to take us to La Mautaine B&B. The lady taxi driver spoke English so we were able to share with each other the grace and gratitude of being able to be here in the now.
Upon arrival Carine (owner of the B&B) from Belgian origin came to welcome us. She offered us some basic groceries for the evening and bought bread for us the next morning. Once settled we felt guided to take a rest to go into a silent meditation. Many messages were passed through about why we were lead to go here and teachings and openings of love light doorways. We also went into a short sleep for awhile.
rennes 2
Upon awakening and after a shower we were lead to walk to Rennes le Chateau. Whilst walking for about 7 kilometers along the pathway of the meandering road we were drawn to herbs along the side road such as Elder, Saint John Wort, Wild thyme so that we could prepare an infusion in the evening. Also the red rocks and soil awakened the memory of Arizona, USA the Sacred Grounds there.
Just before we entered the grounds of the Chateau we were drawn to a fig tree – the Sacred Fruit of Life. We offered a Crystal here and sat in a quiet open space.
At the first parking space on the grounds of the Chateau there is a Sacred Tree Circle which is part of a hiking trail. Guidance told us to take Sister Aline from France there tomorrow to do a short ceremony. On the grounds you feel the pulling of dual energies but also the balance of polarity here. We where than guided to go into the Chapel in honor of Mary Magdalene. We could feel and see the presence of this Love, grace and wisdom flowing whilst in a silent open space. The vortex here is now being mainly generated to draw Human Beings to the inward Soul Love Light Source. We also saw a feminine statue of Saint Germaine that was co created here in the Chapel it brought an awareness inside.
Iglesia Santa Maria Magdalena
Across from this statue is the one of Mary Magdalene with a Skull at her feet. We just stayed for a while here because we will return tomorrow to do a small ceremony here as well.
We than walked further to the top being guided to sit on an Ancient Rock overloading a large area and the Pyrenees. A release came through us that the Pathway of Home is in the now. It is the South that emerges when you allow and surrender it to go deeper and deeper. The birthing is an internal being passing through the passageways of Pure Love and Light. Walking onwards on the grounds here we felt different layers like you would when you feel the aura layers. It is like an earthly transparent crystalline passageway you experience via the Key of liberation. Near the end we were drawn into a shop of a glass blower. Very uplifting energies. For further info about Rennes le Chateau go to
From here we walked back to La Maurine B&B. When we were almost there approx. 10 min. away one of the Hotel guests stopped his car to ask if we wanted a ride. The gracious man came from the Isle of Wight, England. We had a short conversation in the car whilst listening to his adventures of the day and how he was travelling onwards the next day.
Friday, June 21 – Summer Solstice
Early in the morning at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. we were awakened by a call for guidance messages for today’s journey together with Sister Aline. The Crystal and Crystal Skulls wished to form a Sacred Grid for All and various Crystals called to be placed in a bag so that we could return them to Mother Earth.
The places that were related were we should go to were Rennes le Chateau – Rennes le Bains and Bugarac. We were first to do a session together via guidance at the cottage of La Maurine before leaving. Sister Aline arrived around 12 a.m. We communicated in the now. The Chevron Dogtooth Amethyst Crystal Skull called to be with Aline from now on and Aline was guided to give us a Honey Monk Candle with chimes in his hands and completely open arms with a message to go with it. We are deeply grateful for these sharing. Blessed be. We had our session together in such True Divinity.
Our first destination was Rennes le Chateau. Such a Joy travelling together as One. We stopped at the first parking lot at the foothills and were called by the Ancient Grandmother Cedar and Cypress trees to be with her. The Tibetan Singing Bowls started the ceremony whilst the Crystals and Crystal Skulls joined in as well. The birds were toning and we toned as well. We were drawn into the trunk of the tree and inwardly through her roots for anchoring and grounding. It became very quiet as we journeyed within. With the grace of Gratitude we placed Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz Crystals into the ground and near the trees to send out our Blessings to All and on the Crystalline Grid. We than had a picnic of celebration looking out into the valley and also to the magnificent of the Mountain Bugarac. We continued driving by car to the top of Rennes le Chateau and were called to sit on the Ancient Rocks there. Here a photograph of Sister Aline – Joy and Happiness.
Iglesia Santa Maria Magdalena
We were now in the flow to continue to visit the Chapel of Mary Magdalene together. Once some visitors left we were called to start the ceremony in the Chapel. The Crystal Skulls called to be placed on the Vortex center in the Chapel – Carla sounded the Tibetan Crystal Bowls whilst we both went into Silence. Connecting deeper and deeper within the Soul. We are so grateful. We were then called to place 1 Clear Quartz and 1 Rose Quartz Crystal on the small insert of the statue of Mary Magdalene and Aline lighted a candle to be placed there as well. We than walked through the streets there were once more you could feel the various layers of the area and walked through the car.
We continued our journey to go to Couiza to buy some food and delightful brownies for the next few days before driving onwards to Rennes le Bains.
About 15 minutes before we entered the village of Rennes le Bains – Sister Aline and we felt this surge of energy going through us a deep Healing was felt within to various areas in our bodies. It felt tinkling and sparkling. We All felt this greatest inward smile coming forward in our deepest source of our Heart and we laughed and giggled a bit as well. We communicated with each other about our experience with these sparkling energetic bubbles like every cell was popping and blossoming open. Such fun!.
We passed through the village of Rennes le Bain to drive onwards to the upside down Mountain of Bugarac. Delightful passageways/levels came through again as we opened them with our Soul Keys. We looked for a place to park the car at the foothills of the Mountain. Whilst walking we found a trail to climb up. We followed the Red/Pink pathway until we were asked to stop and do a Ceremony to enter the Mountain. The Crystal Skulls and the Tibetan Singing Bowls called to assist us into entering the deeper chambers within Mount Bugarac. Gratitude, Blessings and Love Light. Many Star Ships assisted us as we gathered within the Divine Chambers of the Bugarac. We are so grateful for the many that gathered with us here especially the Inner Earth Light Beings along with the Ascended Masters, Galactic Council of the Suns, Stars and Planets. We than walked downwards and Aline had a talk with a French man who walked up the mountain as well relating his experience to her.
We drove back to go to the village of Rennes le Bain for around this area it is the open space for the Music Festival. Once again we felt the sparkling flow going through us. We had a toast on the terrace or this gifted blessing of the Summer Solstice. We wish to also relate our deepest Gratitude to Sister Aline for being with us in the now driving and sharing our Oneness. During the night we were awakened many times to be taught more about Ancient Knowledge that we carry deep inside.
Saturday, June 22
We moved out of the cottage into a Hotel room for one night at La Maurine. Two ladies from England had booked the cottage for the weekend.
We awoke at 6 a.m. feeling alive and very happy. Around 12 a.m. we were called to take a walk to go to Rennes le Bains. We asked Carine (owner B&B) seeing that guidance told us to now turn right on the meandering pathway if this lead to Rennes le Bains. Beforehand we were invited by the Crystals and Crystal Skulls to gather for a Sacred Grid in the Hotel room.
A message from the Cards of Telos Mount Shasta was:
I am evolving my consciousness to be able to live in a world of pure Love and Light.
The I am awakens the perceptions of its true divinity; making it a priority – the most import goal of my life”         Adama
The Crystal Skulls that called to journey with us together with the Singing Bowls are:
CS Soldalite “Amora”, CS Elongated Clear Quartz “Shesat” and the CS Lapis Lazuli “Magdalene”.
We walked approximately 22 kilometers to and back. At the beginning it still is an even pathway than it starts declining downwards going to and ascending coming back. On the way we saw a sign of a walking trail through the forest route color Yellow. As we walked further we noticed the different kinds of flowers, trees, the toning of the birds changing along the way. Once again it felt like going right inwardly to the different chambers within the Higher Heart Center to communicate with the Soul. It awakens the Truth, Strength, Clarity, Knowing and the Beauty of Pure Love and Light with such JOY! Later on we were guided to another pathway in the forest with the color Red – the creation of Being coming Home. This went downhill even steeper into the Valley until we came to the Road that we drove on yesterday with Sister Aline.  The Sun is shining brighter and brighter now. The steps we take become lighter and lighter plus at the same space of grounding and anchoring these energies. We decided to take the right road hearing the rippling of the waters along the way. Carla’s hands tinkling with the energy of the surroundings here. Stopping here and there for some water.
We placed some Crystals as a gratitude on the way into the ground.
Unfortunately we could not find the natural salt basins of Rennes le Bains during the route. Next time a reminder to buy a walking trail map as well. It became quite a climb now going uphill. The Ancient Rocks in the area called to have a rest half way and the Crystal Skulls were jumping in the pack back to come out together with the Singing Bowls. We had a small ceremony in Silence here.
The Sun is becoming intense so we put on the hood of the jacket over our head. Some energies are coming through the Crown whilst walking this way. The field is shifting whilst walking in this manner. We once again go through levels of doorways. A remembrance of having walked like this before with others.
Upon arrival at Le Maurine B&B we take a shower have something to eat along with tea and go outdoors to sit in the Sun in a dreaming state until around 9 p.m. This evening we will attune to the full moon and send our blessings to All.
Sunday, June 23
We woke up several times during the evening to finally truly awaken at 7 a.m. to have breakfast and drive with Carine to Couiza to take the bus to Carcasonne. The bus is filled with many passengers as we drive through this gracious country side. Upon arrival at Carcasonne we just missed the train to Toulouse because the bus driver had a control along the way. We take the next train which leaves 20 minutes later. On the way we had an conversation with a man from Argentina. He relates that he had sold his apartment and has left his employment there to travel to France, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and Italy. I give him my business card in case he is out of money and needs a place to stay.
At Toulouse Railway Station guidance tells me to take a cab to the Airport. The cab driver spoke  fairly good English and he relates what is going on in his life. We laugh and enjoy each other company along the way.
All goes well at Toulouse Airport and we arrive at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam on time 1.30 p.m.
Our luggage comes forward quickly again and we go by train to Heerhugowaard and walk home.
We are so grateful to be able to have made this journey.
Blessed Be, Be Loved and Be Gratitude.
Some websites in case you wish to look into a place to stay in this area:
Ferme de Janou
Maison de la Nature et de la Randonnee
Les Hotes du Bugarach
Aimery Sieur dÁrgues
Rennes les Bains
Hostellerie www.hotel-renneslesbains. Com
Thermes de Rennes les Bains
Debowska Productions
Residence de la Source Marie
Residence Roguenergre
Residence de la Raine
Residence de la Source Marie
Rennes le Chateau
Maison Christina

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