Crystalline Rainbow

Sacred Music Instruments

The Gong is an instrument that goes into a flow of transformation. When the gong is being played it changes the physical body, mind and spirit. Those that are listening to the gong recognise instinctively the empowerment of the gong. A gong meditation works very deeply into the subconsciousness and allows that old patterns are released or broken down. For a music sound experience in 432Hz environment whereby the basic tones (belonging to the 7 chakra’s) are offered one by one. In a embracing bath of sound you come into relaxation and start making your inner journey.
How The Bowls Work On The Human Body –ellies-crystalkeys site
The pure tones of crystal bowls carry through physical objects quite well. Due to the crystalline nature of the human body and it’s ability to resonate with specific frequencies, we can benefit greatly by these pure tones. One reason the pure tones vibrate our body is that it has a natural affinity to quartz. The human body is composed of many crystalline substances, the bones, blood and DNA are crystalline in structure as well as the liquid crystal-colloidal structure of the brain. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electromagnetic energies, and this is the same substance found in quartz crystal.
Healing with Sound
Sound healing is the practice of using sound to realize and correct imbalances in the body. Vibrations or frequencies are measured in cycles per second or simply “Hertz”. All things will vibrate or resonate to certain frequencies. Sound as well as light is both vibrations. Sound healing works because, like all matter, the human body is not solid. Rather it is energy that is held together by sound. Any disease therefore, indicates that part of our system has moved out of balance and is consequently vibrating at an off frequency. Harmonious synchronization between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies results in health. Probably the most direct and effective healing force for restoring harmony is through the experience of powerful resonant sounds.
The relationships between Sound, Color and our Energy Field.
The human body may be seen as visible frequencies that produce an auric color field. Sound and color have a very fundamental relationship, and both are related to the health and harmony of the physical body.
Sound is an acoustical wave as opposed to color which is an electromagnetic wave. Acoustical frequencies operate on the principle of compression and expansion of molecules and require a medium of a gas, liquid or solid for transmission. Electromagnetic frequencies are created by an oscillating electrical charge and can travel easily through empty space. However, even molecules of gasses, liquids and solids can’t be compressed and expanded without creating an electrical charge and both acoustic and electromagnetic frequencies are measurable in what are known as Hertz (Hz) or vibrations per second.
Let us look at the relationship between sound and color in the context of sound healing. Taking a look at the first octave for the note C, we see it has a frequency of 34.648 Hz (See diagram below). The same note C one octave higher, would have a frequency of 69.296Hz, exactly twice the frequency of this note in the first octave. The color which relates to the note C is red. The frequency of the color red is approximately 428,570 GHz.or 428,570 billion Hz. Although I haven’t done the math on this one (I’ll leave that up to rocket scientists), 428,570 billion should come close to being a multiple of 34.648. In other words, the frequency of red is a higher harmonic of the note C. Therefore, color and sound have a powerful relationship and can be used together to aid in bringing balance and harmony to all parts of the emotional and physical body.
There are seven musical notes that correspond to the seven colors of the rainbow and these are related to the seven main chakras, which in turn correspond to different areas of the endocrine system. These relationships are shown below
7 Crown
B Violet
6 Third Eye / Brow
A Indigo
5 Throat
G Blue
4 Heart
F Green
3 Solar Plexus
E Yellow
2 Sacral
D Orange
1 Root
C Red
RED – Musical Note C
1st Chakra – Sacrum – Survival
Located at the base of the spine. Contains the primary 8 cells that have all of the knowledge of creation and remain the only cells in your body that do not change in your lifetime. It grounds us in the physical world.
ORANGE – Musical Note D
2nd Chakra – Spleen – Sexuality – Emotions
Located just beneath the navel, and related to our sexual and reproductive capacity. Blockage manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt.
YELLOW – Musical Note E
3rd. Chakra – Solar Plexus – Power – Energy
Seat of Emotions.? Gives us a sense of personal power in the world. Blockage manifests as anger or a sense of victimization.
GREEN – Musical Note F
4th Chakra – Heart – Love
Blockage can manifest as immune system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion.
BLUE – Musical Note G
5th Chakra – Throat – Communication
Tied to creativity and communication. Feels pressure when you are not communicating your emotions properly.
INDIGO – Musical Note A
6th Chakra – Brow – 3rd Eye – Intuition
Pineal Gland: Is a physical eye with the capabilities of looking upward.
Violet – Musical Note B
7th Chakra – Crown – Understanding
Connects you with message from higher realms. Can be experienced as a pressure on the top of the head.
Crystal bowl music is a form of vibrational medicine which validates that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration and the frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates is called resonance. The chakras, bones, and organs in the body all possess a different resonant frequency. When an organ or part of the body is vibrating out of tune or non-harmoniously, it is called “dis-ease” or disease. A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell, each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being.
Vibrational medicine is based on the idea that all illness or disease is characterized by a blockage of the energy channels on some level. When there is a blockage, the organ in question stops vibrating at a healthy frequency and thus it results in some kind of illness. So through sound and light one can break up, dissolve and release these blockages that initiate in our etheric body. With proper intent, the pure tones that emanate from crystal bowls can be a powerful force in bringing conscious awareness and vibrational rebalancing to areas of our bodies that are “out of tune”. When we lovingly and consciously attune our awareness to those places in our bodies that are wanting to be noticed, and use the power of sound to carry our loving intent, then we open the doorway for the emotional body to heal. When the emotional body is well so is the physical body! As we heal our selves we heal the world around us.
Cultural Uses of Sound
Many cultures recognize the importance of music and sound as a healing power. In the ancient civilizations of India, the Orient, Africa, Europe and among the Aborigines and American Indians, the practice of using sound to heal and achieve balance from within has existed for thousands of years.
The Tibetans still use bells, chimes, bowls, and chanting as the foundation of their spiritual practice. In Bali, Indonesia, the echoing gamelang, gong, and drum are used in ceremonies to uplift and send messages. The Australian Aborigines and Native American shamans use vocal toning and repetitive sound vibration with instruments created from nature in sacred ceremony to adjust any imbalance of the spirit, emotions or physical being.
The Priests of ancient Egypt knew how to use vowel sounds to resonate their energy centers or chakras.
There is a direct link between different parts of the body and specific sounds. Healing through sound goes back even further-at least as far back as Atlantis where the power of sound was combined with the power of the crystal.
At the present time the Hopi American Indian prophecy is being fulfilled with the “Coming of the Rainbow People”, through the keepers of the crystal bowls. This ancient wisdom has emerged to heal and uplift the consciousness of the universe through pure crystal tone. Prophet Edgar Cayce, predicted pure tones will be used for healing before the end of this century”.
(translation made by Carla Harren from the Dutch version of Phoenix Import –
12 Tuning forks, with the tones calculated in accordance with the frequencies from the turn times of all planets from our solar system. These tuning forks are used to bring body and spirit in balance in accordance with the universal law and aspects which can be retrieved in the growth structures on Earth and in the Cosmos – to the clear sounds that can assist us by attuning the self with these unique holographic links.
For the inaudible “sound” of a planet in the turning around the Sun, in order  to make the change over to an audible tone altitude,  we must know the turning time. To calculate this we use the formula (Hans Cousto):frequency = 1 divided by the turning time. For the Earth this will be 1 divided by 365,242 = 0,0027378. This vibration figure will then be brought to 32 octaves higher,  this is the  audible 136,10 Hertz, a vibration that links with approximately our tone C-Major (Cis): this is the vibration of our Earth Year.
Planetary Tuners
Use the Planetary Tuners to attune on the energy of a specific planet and also to absorb within you the qualities of this planetary energy. Planetary Tuners creates a sympathetic resonance between the planets and ourselves and repairs the planetary balance.
It is possible to repair the negative influences of the planets that are expressed in your horoscope with the assistance of Planetary Tuning forks.
 In India it is stated that the planets have an influence on your welfare and functioning. To bring the balance of the body and spirit they work with the relationship of the planets to the person. They have had good experiences with  this.
Planetary Tuners form a well worth while support with body work and acupuncture sessions. They create space in meditations, they speed up the personal growth and bring a new dimension in the astrological interpretation.
Each Planetary Tuner is coordinated on the frequency of a planet and activates/harmonizes the astrological quality of the planet.
Hereunder are enumeration of all the 12 Planetary Tuners, with a short description.  The noted tones are not exactly the tone of the tone ladder, but very close.
Earth-day Tuner
The frequency of the Earth day: 194,18 Hz – Tone  = G
Tempo: 91,0 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Orange-Red
Chakra: Muladhara (lst – Root Chakra/Kundalini)
Effect: dynamic, vitalising, activating
Center of the Astrological Signs: deepens our connection and respect/honor for Mother Earth/
Gaia,Terra), whom delivers everything for us to live and be alive on Earth. Brings us in a good relationship with the Earth. Works very powerfully on the Earth acupuncture points.
Sun Tuner
The frequency of the Sun: 126,22 Hz – Tone  = B
Tempo: 118,3 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Yellow-Green
Chakra: Manipura, also called Hara (Solar Plexus – 3rd Chakra)
Effect: gives a feeling of staying on course of magic and the transcendental energies
Moon Tuner
The frequency of the synode Moon: 210,42 Hz – Tone  = Gis -A
Tempo: 98,6 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Orange
Chakra: Svadisthana  (2nd – Sacral Chakra)
Effect: stimulates the sexual energies, let the erotic tendencies, for woman this tone is good for regulating the menstruation, also it supports lymphatic and gland systems.
Cancer and the 4 House: improves relationships with family and friends, gives support, self worth, opens you up for Mother Nature, brings you in contact with the deeper unconscious parts, strengthens your intuition.
Pluto Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 140,25 Hz – Tone  = Cis – D
Tempo: 65,7 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Blue-Green
Effect: It strengthens the principle of the Group Dynamic and can give an opening to more integration, for example in society or at your work or in group involvement
 Scorpio and the 8 House: it easily lets go of past happenings/events/beliefs so that renewal and healing can take place, it supports processes of transformation and transmutation, it supports you to find your own uniqueness and give you a better understanding of the true nature of sexuality.
Uranus Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 207,36 Hz – Tone  = Gis
Tempo: 97,2 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Orange
Effect: It strengthens the power of surprise and renewal; it has an ancient power and erotic sides.
Associated with Aquarius and the 11 House. Stimulates self discovery and expression; improves exchanges and creativity in group situations; supports the process of distinction between you and yours (and the respect that goes with it). Easier to step aside and look at a distance to see the universal vision of all things.
Neptune Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 211,44 Hz – Tone  = Gis – A
Tempo: 99,1 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Orange
Effect: It strengthens the intuition, the unconsciousness and can also strength the dream experiences.
Pisces and the 12 House: deepens your insight in mystic affairs; you come more easily in contact with previous lives and dreams, expressions and intuition, the transcendental.
Jupiter Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 183,58 Hz – Tone  = Fis
Tempo: 86 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Red
Effect: It strengthens the creative force and constructive thinking. Main words are growth, honesty and liberality. Wisdom and insight. It improves openness, trust, optimism, fortune and gives a jovial atmosphere and laughter. Gives openness for thankfulness and adventure.
Sagittarius and the 9 House:  stimulates expansion and growth; teaching from a broader insight; being open for higher sources and power; stimulates travelling and discoveries; stimulates optimism, the moral and ethics.
Mars Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 144,72 Hz – Tone  = D
Tempo: 67,8 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Blue
Effect: It strengthens the will power and concentration; stimulates new ideas and new action; more self expression and new projects; vitality and perseverance, discovery of the male side.
Aries the first house.
Venus Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 221,23 Hz – Tone  = A
Tempo: 103,7 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Yellow-Orange
Effect: It strengthens the energy of a Higher Love and the longing of Harmony.
Libra and the 2 and 7th House: Improves the aesthetics and beauty; brings you in contact with and the sensuality of the Goddess;  balances; reinforces the one to one relationship, discovery of the female side.
Mercury Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 141,27 Hz – Tone  = Cis
Tempo: 66,2 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Blue-Green
Chakra: Vishudda (Throat Chakra)
Effect: It strengthens the voice center and the connection with communication and the intellect.
Gemini and the Third House: learning capacities, easier to teach; improve your communication on a higher level; more sensitivity and understanding for what the other person is saying; gives openness for knowledge and clear thoughts.
Saturn Tuner
The frequency of tone is: 147,85 Hz – Tone  = D
Tempo: 69,3 bpm (beats  per minute)
Color: Deep Blue
Effect: It improves the concentration and the conscious process; is considered to be the cosmic regulator
Capricorn and the 10 House: encouragement of self worth and self discipline; deeper connection with Crystals and Gems; gives more consciousness and structure; involvement and devotion.
Listen if you wish to you tube recordings made with
 the Pluto Tuner, Clear Quartz Crystal Tuner and Root Crystal Singing Bowl
the Uranus Tuners,Throat Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl
the Jupiter Tuner, Ruby Crystal Tuner, Emerald Crystal Tuner and the Heart Crystal Singing Bowl
the Venus Tuner, Blue Sapphire Tuner, Opal Tuner, Pearl Tuner
the Mercury Tuner and the Root Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

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