Crystalline Rainbow

Review of the Journey in South West England

– June 13 until June 21, 2015

Part 2

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Elena Stone (Canada), Gay Anne Liberty (USA),

Ruth Hawe, Stuart Tennant from England

And Carla Harren (The Netherlands).



Monday, June 15, 2015

Laura Pocket and Richard Cleland were so kind to bring us all to Glastonbury where we were staying at the Crown Hotel). Thank you dear ones.

After settling in at the Hostel we (Carla, Elena, Gay Anne, Ruth and Stuart) went walking the pathway to the Tor.


Glastonbury street scene  Glastonbury.Crown Hostel.Monday.June 15


    Glastonbury Tor is a large hill in Glastonbury, Somerset, England, with a roofless St. Michael’s Tower on its summit. Tor is a local word of Celtic origin meaning ‘rock outcropping’ or ‘hill’. The Glastonbury Tor has a striking place in the middle of a plain called the Summerland Meadows, part of the Somerset Levels. The plain is actually reclaimed fenland out of which the Tor once rose like an island, but now, with the surrounding flats, is a peninsula washed on three sides by the River Brue.

 The Tor at a distance.June 15

There are various pathways from different directions leading to the Tor. We followed the pathways starting at the Shekinashram – on the side of Chalice Hill. Unfortunately all the rooms were occupied otherwise we would have stayed here for the week. Before walking on the pathway some of us turned the Tibetan Prayer Wheels silently repeating the mantra.

Tibetan Prayer Wheel   11048748_10207631912702796_2693808792612823068_n

Pathway guided by the Sacred Trees and Fields.the Tor.June 15  Pathway to Tor

Whilst walking around the pathway I could feel various energetic flows. Like walking through portals in contemplation. Picking up various light codes, colors and sounds along the way.   The grace of Mother Nature is truly amazing and very touching in the Heart in this area, our deepest Gratitude.

Pathway to the Tor stairway.June 15


We all went into silence to discover to open and surrender to this wide spiraling vortex. The Tor connects to many energy centers and ley alignments such as to Spitsbergen and Tongariro, New Zealand, Great Circle to Ponape, Micronesia, to Lapland and Mt. Fuji, Great Circle to Zagorsk, Altai and Xi’an, Avebury (Michael Line), Great Circle to the Caucasus and Agra, to Chartres and Mount Kilimanjaro, to Tassil Mountain and Kompesberg, to Carnac, Santiago de Compostela and Canary Island , to Great Circle to Tiahuanacu, Peru, Great Circle to Santo Domingo and Cartagena and to Serpent Mound and Teothihuacan and many other places.

The Tor.June 15  Elena at the Tor.June 15

  11391272_10207631908862700_8084637209593659261_n Light flowing Tor.June 15

The Tor in its glory.June 15  Stuart in silence in the Tor.June 15

We all toned together in the center of the Tor.


Intention: “The Navigation Guidance of Exploring Wakefulness”

From the Eastern supportive Sacred Spirit Breath of equalizing release to co create neutrality which facilitates bridging and connection; an intimate exchange with Spirit.

To the Northern Higher Self of all children of Evolution synchronizing wholeness on the Sacred Earth.

Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Waters of magical playfulness weaving the light codes.

To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Fire of the Star Seed allowing the art of a universal opportunity for creativity, innovation and expression.

Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the spiraling movement of space exploration of inner resources as a clear channel.

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