Crystalline Rainbow

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – Glastonbury
We started in the morning by visiting the local market. A gem stone called to interact with.

Market Glastonbury.Tuesday.June 16  Stone calling at the Market.June 16 in the morning.

The above stone called to be a caretaker of and interact with.

Visiting the Glastonbury, Abbey and the grace of many Ancient Trees there in the sunlight glow of the afternoon.
At the entrance a warm welcome of lavender for allowing the fragrance to enter.

Gay Anne Liberty and Stuart at the Lavender.Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  Glastonbury Abbey Lavender.Stuart and Gay.June 16

Glastonbury Abbey in the Sun.June 16  Glastonbury Abbey power place.June 16  Glastonbury Abbey.2

Crystals and Crystal Skulls resonating at Glastonbury Abbey

Crystal Skull resonating.Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  11336071_842150032498706_40933751_n

11653264_842150085832034_325625252_n  Glastonbury Abbey.Crystal Resonating.June 16.New Moon

Some lights moving at Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  Stuart has taken this photograph at Glastonbury Abbey.June 16

The silence of the Well, Ponds and Ancient Trees

Glastonbury Abbey.Well.June 16  The ponds of silence contemplation at Glastonbury Abbey.June 16

Stuart Tennant shared an Inca cleansing and purification ceremony on the grounds of the Glastonbury Abbey.

Sacred Trees at the Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  Stuart sharing a cleansing and purification ceremony at Glastonbury Abbey.June 17

In the evening we went to the foothill of the Tor to attune to the New Moon.

Magical pathway during the New Moon.towards the foothills of the Tor.June 16  Foothill of the Tor.New Moon evening.June

New Moon Ceremony led by Gay Anne Liberty at the Foothill of the Tor.June 18 evening  New Moon ceremony.foothill of the Tor.evening.June 18

Gay Anne Liberty shared a Russian Moon activation here.
Deepest Gratitude.

Intention: “The Enchanting Timeless receptivity of Heart Loyalty”
From the Eastern supportive Sacred Earth of Life Force instinct body wisdom we attune to sacred creativity energy.
To the Northern Higher Self Sacred Spirit Breath within the heavenly and earthly between the medium between spirit and matter we transcend into peace and acceptance of the Love Heart.
Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Fire seeding the Cosmic Star to flower the awareness of growth and development.
To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Waters of co creating the visionary creativity and Planetary Consciousness of perspective.
Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the Sacred Spirit Breath of enchantment of the power of our words refining them to be receptive to the omnipresent sacredness of existence in the now.

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