Crystalline Rainbow

Group Journey One and the Same – Wells Cathedral, Wells Bishops Castle and Avebury
Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the morning Elena, Stuart and I went to Wells by bus from Glastonbury. Unfortunately Gay Anne and Ruth were not able to come along seeing they were picking up the rented car in Taunton.
Wells is quite a clean city that offers old historical ancient sites to tourists and an educational music for the youth and adults.

Wells Cathedral.June 18
We started by visiting the Wells Cathedral. Upon arrival there were many elementary school children from different schools in their uniforms ready to enter the Cathedral. It intrigued me what they would be doing there. Upon entrance of the main area of the Cathedral their pureness of voices accounted for strong goose bumps. They first started off with a wave movement as they had filled the main area of the Cathedral than they started to sing with the piano. All hearts were moved and uplifted by these gracious souls.

Wells works.June 18  Wells Cathedral.Ancient Door.June 18

Wells Cathedral.the special ancient clock.June18  Wells Cathedral.Ancient Clock description.June 18

We than went to Bishops Castle in Wells. I stayed at the terrace seeing I had been here before and Elena plus Stuart entered the Castle.

Wells.Ancient Tree.Bishops Castle.June 18  Wells.Bishops Castle.June 18

Elena the Angel.Wells Bishops Castle.June 18  Wells.Bishops Castle.Art Design.

Wells.Bishops Castle.Swans.June 18

Back by local bus to Glastonbury to be on time to meet Gay Anne and Ruth.
The 5 of us went by car to Avebury to visit the Stone Circles and whatever guidance requested.

Avebury.Stone Circle.Thursday.June 18  Avebury Stone Circle.Gay Liberty.June 18

Avebury.Stone Circle.Ruth.June 18  Elena.Avebury Stone Circle.Thursday.June.18

Ruth and Stuart than guided us to a Sacred Fairy Tree in the circumference of the Stone Circle.
A light doorway or passageway.

Avebury.Fairy Tree.June 18  Avebury.Sacred Tree.June 18

Aveybury.Sacred Tree.what is its message.June 18  Sacred Tree and dear Sisters and Brothers.Avebury.June 18

We walked onwards to another Stone Circle and then visited Avebury Heart Centre – Adrian Mieras to apologise that we were unable to attend the special Sound Concert on Saturday evening.
Carla was called to share a meditation with everyone plus toning as a guided soul at the Stone Circle at the beginning of the evening together with the Crystal Skulls, Crystals, Sound of the Planetary Chimes, Chakra Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls and the beautiful toning.

Avebury Stone Circle impression.

By that open space it was wise to drive back to Glastonbury and eat somewhere along the way.
Quite an intensive day of downloading.

Intention: “The Divine Intelligence of Guidance”
From the Eastern supportive Sacred Waters of letting go of illusion and allowing magical playfulness to vibrate.
To the Northern Higher Self Sacred Fire of questioning to access divine guidance, circulating fresh analysis of our convictions to assure they represent our truths; to embrace challenge by recognizing it as the ever present gift of growth; to understand obstacles as opportunities as strength.
Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Spirit Breath of equalizing by death or release by revelation of humbleness into the richness of the now.
To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Earth representing our instinctual body wisdom; our sensuality, creativity and passion. Allowing and surrendering to the living temples of Earth; our one and only home for this lifetime. Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the Sacred Waters of an expansive scope; a grand planetary perspective seeing with a broad and objective view in the now and going beyond.
Moving into the spiral center, grounding and anchoring to apply mindfulness, precision, and will; to question all appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence; question and confront fears in order to release their hold and transcend them as a shield. You are a channel and agent of cosmic forces to integrate the 3 forces of mind, will and spirit to pick up the staff of galactic empowerment.

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