Crystalline Rainbow

Glastonbury.June 20

Part 7 – Group Journey One and the Same –

Glastonbury shops and Glastonbury Fringe –

Music, theatre and dancing

Plus ceremonies of the Summer Solstice


Saturday, June 20, 2015

A day of freewheeling whatever guidance leads us too. The rented car was being picked up this morning so for Ruth and Gay Anne they needed to stay in the area of the Crown Hostel.

For others we checked “The Oracle” a free monthly magazine that can be found at any store, information desk or at some restaurants as well. You can also go to the website for an update. The magazine also has pages with events.

Today it was Glastonbury Gratitude Day giving thanks and love to Glastonbury and Avalon at 1.30 p.m. at the Market Cross – bringing some flower water or flower petals than at 3 p.m. on The Tor – bring some honey water. Persuasion (Theatre) at Glastonbury Abbey. A smudging at the Goddess Temple and a silent space to meditate with beautiful music.

Music.Theater.Glastonbury.June 20  Glastonbury in front of the Crown Hotel.June 20

On the square in front of the Crown Hostel there were musicians all day.

During the morning I went with Elena Stone to various shops especially Crystal Shops. There was a calling of a huge Crystal Clear Sphere that Elena held in her hands on her lap for a while. Amazing to watch how her aura colored whilst she was picking up the codes that were transmitted. I was also called to place my hands on the sphere which was still in Elena’s hands. The sphere first showed all the connections with other spheres and crystals. It than let me see that Elena and I were sisters in another lifetime sharing crystals together. It then went over to the Lotus Crystal which is a deep heart healing one. The frequencies intensified deeper in our heart centers. Such Joy and compassion flowed.

The shop owner than placed the Crystal Sphere in the closet again where it was radiating to all that entered the shop. From my memory the shop was called

See also for an impression of Glastonbury shops and other things.

As usual a grounding reaction is the need for food. So we went to the bakery to choose something for lunch.

After lunch I went to the Goddess Temple, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury




After this I felt like taking some quiet time lying down in the bedroom of the Crown Hostel for a journey meditation. I went to various light temples and a gathering of the Council Light Beings to integrate all the light codes of the day.

We than all gathered in the lounge of the Crown Hostel to commune where we would have dinner together. Gay Anne, Elena, Stuart and Carla decided to eat at the Elaichi Tandoori were they served exclusive Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. Quite a good dinner in an up to date design restaurant.


Now that we have our stomach satisfied and feeling joyful we went back to the Crown Hotel (Hostel) for a music evening with a great band of soul, funk and jazz. Sorry cannot remember their name. Here are some of us dancing the night away plus others singing at the table.


Crown Hotel music night.June 20  Crown Hotel.June 20.dancing the night away with a cool sound  Dancing the Night away.Crown Hotel.June 20


Intention: “The Coming Home and a New Beginning Communicating Spirit of Reflective Endlessness”


From the Eastern supportive Sacred Earth of Ancient Trust of Nourishing Nature.


To the Northern Higher Self Sacred Spirit Breath of force witnessed only in the elements it moves. Allow the fresh currents to move through the inspired channels, invigorating and re-orienting all.


Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Fire of Artistic Skills radiating its beauty and elegance.


To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Water representing our awakening consciousness to the weaving of surprises, unexpected change; for dissolving rigidity and control. Let do not take yourself so seriously. Play freely leaving an open space to explore all that we actually are.


Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the Sacred Spirit Breath of moving into the spiral center, grounding and anchoring to allow all points of view their validity.



Sunday, June 21, 2015 – Summer Solstice


Unfortunately to other commitments Carla left with the National Express Coach at 7 a.m. in the morning to London Gatwick Airport.


Elena Stone, Gay Anne Liberty, Ruth Hawe and Stuart Tennant enjoyed the celebrations of Summer Solstice in Glastonbury such as Summer Solstice Meditation at Chalice Well and the Summer Solstice Ceremony at other areas.


Here is an impression via the pictures what they experienced.


Summer Solstice Ceremony.June 21.Chalice Wells

Summer Solstice Ceremony.Chalice Wells.June 21  Summer Solstice Ceremony.Chalice Wells.June

Sacred Ceremony.Summer Solstice.June 21.Glastonbury

Intention: “The Sacred Waters Unifying the Catalyzing Energetic Light”


From the Eastern supportive Sacred Fire of Unconditional Love enlightening the Universal Fire.


To the Northern Higher Self Sacred Water of crystalline energy of our intention that we put outwardly into the open space as a catalyst initiation agent. As we are ambassadors of self-generative light, inspiring the inner resources of unlimited capacity of circulating or spiralling energy.


Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Earth of cleansing to the remembrance of purity. Allowing fluidity, adaptability and ability to change states.


To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Water of the weaver of timelessness of new patterns. As we are all here to embrace spontaneity and honor play as an essential part of the wholeness of life finding healing, liberation and joy.


Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the Sacred Waters with its Green Violet light spiralling able to be in the eye of the storm – the center point of stillness – the empowerment to alter the environment without being carried away by the storm or emotions.



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