Crystalline Rainbow

Level 2: Activating Radial Plasma: Limi (day 6)

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”



naamloos (7)


Breathe deeply through both your nostrils and allow your awareness to flow up your nose and down into your solar plexus chakra. Bring your awareness to the inner Limi plasma at the center of the chakra. Visualize the red symbol radiating luminous streams of white light.


Feel the Limi plasma vibrating, electrically gathered in the solar plexus, accounting for the mental electron electrical charge, which is in telepathic resonance with the North Pole.


Repeat the following while focusing on your solar plexus chakra: “I consume dualistic thoughts as food, I purify the mental-electron at the North Pole.” Feel all conditioned thoughts dissolve in the light of intrinsic awareness.


Cover your left nostril with your left thumb and breathe deeply three times in and out through your right nostril. Flash onto the Limi plasma and feel the galactic connection out of the solar plexus. Now cover the right nostril with the right thumb and repeat the three breaths. Focus all of your attention to your solar plexus chakra, Limi plasma, and feel into the galactic reality being pulsed, breathed and radiated from your solar plexus chakra into the world.


Feel the Limi plasma gathered in the solar plexus accounting for the mental electron charge in telepathic resonance with the North Pole. The Limi charge is the second of three plasmas to form the telepathic quantum. This is the second telepathic plasma where you take the sensory quantum transmutations and breathe them out into the world through your solar plexus, emanating stabilizing vibrations to the astral and emotional bodies, soothing the rest of the chakras.


At the center of Limi feel the integrated charges of the sensory quanta: Dali, Seli, and Gamma, transmuted by Kali and the Alpha telepathic charge which initiates the telepathic quanta. Then by extending your mind telepathically to the north of the Planet, place the mental electron at the North Pole and purify it.

Radial Plasma.Limi

Radial Plasma




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