Crystalline Rainbow

Mental Spheres

Level 3: engaging the Sixth Mental Sphere (Subliminal Conscious)

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”

Hyper neutronic subliminal consciousness activates sixth mental sphere.


Visualize the sixth mental sphere (subliminal conscious) located in the brain above the right ear in the right cerebral hemisphere. This sphere governs and controls the left lateral hemisphere. (Note how 5th and 6th mental spheres govern parts of the brain opposite their locus, exhibiting together a type of crossover polarity).

naamloos (8)

Subliminal means you are operating independent of past and future; this is how people can contact different entities on different planes of existence. Since subliminal consciousness is independent of past and future, you can tune into it at the conscious level, suspending all conditioned thought-programs. This mental sphere functions with the third-dimensional “self,” storing impressions which are then transmuted into subliminal patterns of communication.


The sixth mental sphere allows us access to the parapsychic, supramental realm. This is the seat of the telepathic scanning system and interdimensional programs. To experience this, relax and focus your breath awareness on the psychic passages between the root, solar plexus and throat centers. Feel the upward circulation of energy and visualize yourself as a cosmic antenna for higher intelligence.


Open yourself to become a telepathic receptor of higher mind capable of transmitting and receiving subliminal messages. This intention, maintained through undistracted, non-conceptual meditative awareness, activates higher mind telepathic receptivity. This can also be realized and cultivated through dreamtime.


Note that this mental sphere contains subliminal suggestive impulses that affect third-dimensional functions as “intuitive flashes” (but which may actually be telepathic transmissions from remote points of super mental cosmic civilization trying to establish “contact”). These contacts leave impressions in the sixth mental sphere, which may be transmitted or transduced in any number of ways, which include ear-ringing, subliminal or hypnogogic imagery, déjà vu’s, etc.



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