Crystalline Rainbow

Synchro galactic Yoga – Monday – Day Two – Seli

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”

 Seli Radial Plasma

Level 1: Meditating the Seli (Root) Muladhara chakra


Sit in a comfortable meditative posture. Keep your spine erect and body relaxed. With the body completely still, practice a few moments of natural mind meditation.

Keep eyes slightly open looking toward the floor. Feel your intrinsic dignity in this posture. In this position, watch your breath. Breathe normally. As you become aware of your thoughts just label them “thinking”, and as you exhale, dissolve the thoughts. It matters not the nature or content of the thoughts, just dissolve them. At that very moment, just as the thought dissolves, lies the GAP between thoughts. It is this GAP that you want to become familiar with and cultivate. It is the seed of natural mind and the key to your true, authentic self. Practice this each day and note the subtle shifts in your perceptions and attitudes.


Once the mind is sufficiently clear, direct your attention to your root or Muladhara chakra. Make it as clear and pristine as possible, glistening and sparkling with vibrant energy. When it is pure and translucent, pulsing at your root, allow it to dissolve and transform itself into a four-petalled red lotus.

Seli Radial Plasma

Concentrate on this area inside of your root chakra. This is a key chakra in Kundalini Yoga where the awakening of the vital force begins; it is also the conjunction of 72,000 pairs of nerve endings in the body.

In Samkhya philosophy, Muladhara is understood as moola prakriti, the transcendental basis of physical nature. This is the base from which the three main psychic channels or nadis emerge and flow up the spinal cord: Ida (mental force), left; Pingala (vital force), right; and Sushumna (spiritual force), center.



This chakra is governed by the feminine principle or Shakti Goddess Dakini (Security). The physical body zone of psychic activation extends from the root chakra to the solar plexus. Emotional information from the solar plexus comes into the physical body at the root. At its base level this chakra deals with security and survival—the basic instincts.


This chakra also serves as a storage center for much unconscious energy including “lower” emotions such as guilt and other psychic complexes. With the awakening of this chakra, we proceed from the unconscious to the conscious.


Muladhara affirmation: May the highest yogic force within the planetary consciousness direct all manifestation to its fulfillment!



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