Crystalline Rainbow

Level 2: Activating Radial Plasma: Seli (day 2)

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”

 Mudra Seli

naamloos (7)


Breathe deeply through your nostrils and allow your awareness to flow down from your nose and into your root chakra. Bring your awareness to the inner Seli plasma at the center of the chakra. Visualize the red symbol radiating streams of white light. This plasma accounts for the intensity of inner light.

Seli Radial Plasma

Repeat the following while focusing on your root chakra: “My mother is the ultimate sphere; I see the light.” Feel this sphere of light as the perfect form at your root chakra. This quality of perfection is the actual nature of reality.


Cover your left nostril with your left thumb and breathe slowly and deeply three times in and out through your right nostril. Flash onto the Seli plasma and feel the light of the ultimate sphere emanating out of the root chakra. Now cover your right nostril with your right thumb and repeat the three breaths, focusing all of your attention to your root chakra, Seli plasma.


Feel this luminosity (light) emanate from your root chakra, moving up your spinal column to your crown chakra and then permeating your body to the tips of your fingers and toes. Feel your entire body flooded with this radiant light, grounding you into the Earth and extending upward to the crown of cosmic consciousness.


Feel the emanations of flowing streams of light clearing and releasing any blockages in your system. The Great Mother energy nurtures the root of your being, the base or seat of the kundalini force.


Kundalini (life-force) energy is released from the root, activating the secret center and opening the inner wisdom channel of the third eye.


Seli is the second stage of the three-part primary sensory quantum. A sensory quantum is the first stage building block of sensory experience.

Seli Plasma

Radial Plasma


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