Crystalline Rainbow

Crystal Elders resonating

Overview of Coming Home and a New Beginning Overview of coming home and a new beginning

East.Spirit Wind Breath.supportive.Cimi East.Sacred Wind.supportive energy flow of Cimi.Release that which no longer serves the Present.

Another view of the East Another view of the East

North.Sacred Earth.Higher Self and Guidance.Caban North.Sacred Earth.Higher Self with guidance.Caban

Another view of the North.Gratitude Ankh created by Jaap van Velsen Another view of the North with Gratitude Ankh

West.challenge.strengthening.opportunity.Chuen West.Sacred Water.challenge.strengthening.opportunity energy flow of Chuen

South.Sacred Fire.hidden power.awakening awareness.Lamat South.Sacred Fire.hidden power awakening awareness energy flow of Lamat – Harmony

Another view of South Another view of the South

Centering Centering the Sacred Spirit Wind Breath.Sacred Earth.Sacred Water.Sacred Fire

Grounding with Gratitude Grounding with Gratitude for All

Anchoring Anchoring

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