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Astro Chakras, Tzolkin Mayan Galactic Signatures and Sound related to Sacred Geometry Sound

Astro Chakras, Tzolkin Mayan Galactic Signatures and Sound

as reference for Sacred Geometry Sound.


Why “Astro Chakras”?



In the practice of Yoga there are certain recognized centers of energy within the human body. In today’s realm of holistic health, chakras are frequently mentioned and referred to as centers of subtle life-force energy, or chi. Usually this referral is meant to imply a unity of body, mind, and spirit.As an astrologer with more than 32 years of working experience, I have noticed that the planets of our solar system correspond to the body’s chakra centers. Little Mercury, traditionally recognized as the ‘ruler of communication’, corresponds to the Fifth Chakra within the throat, for instance. Although there is a lack of consensus among astrologers as to the proper correspondences, I have chosen to utilize the following relationships:

How Do Chakras Relate to the Energies of My Astrology Chart?

Just as holistic health counselors and practitioners recognize the balance and harmony of body, mind, and spirit with the chakras; I use astrology to recognize your balance with yourself, the earth, and the cosmos. Imagine, if you will, that each of the planets is like a receptor. Lines of energy flow from each chakra to each corresponding planet, and from there the energies flow outward to the surrounding community of stars.

Not all of our chakra or planetary energies flow smoothly. Just like a dam blocking a rivers flow, our inner energies can become blocked. What I have observed is that challenging aspects between planets may indicate a corresponding blockage within that particular chakra. Why is this important to know, you may ask? Because each chakra/planet corresponds to how we interact on a daily basis with others, and the environment. For instance, if Mercury is ‘square’ or ‘opposed’ (astrological terms representing obstacles and blocks) to a planet, its ability to communicate will be colored by the energies of that planet. (NOTE: For the sake of convenience, I may sometimes refer to both the Sun and Moon as ‘planets’.)

To further elaborate, if Mercury is square the Sun, for example, your ego tends to interfere with effective communication skills; Mercury square to Neptune may indicate an inability to put into words your imaginative visions; and if Mercury were square to Saturn, you may not be able to clearly deal with planning, goal-setting, and being organized. So, as you can see from these examples, different areas of your life are influenced depending upon which planets are being aspected.


Why the chakras interact with the 20 Interplanetary Orbits related to In breath and Out breath via Tzolkin Mayan Calendar Solar Galactic Signatures and Planets?

Reference: partially from book “Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity” and personal experiences as a practitioner, artist, musician, coach, trainer and healer Carla Harren

The 20 Galactic Signatures of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar break down into a sequence of 10 each that correspond with the 10 planetary orbits of the galactic-karmic in breath sequence, which goes from the outer (galaxy) to the Inner Sun, and the 10 planets of the solar prophetic out breath sequence which goes from the sun out to the galaxy.

Mercury                     Purification and Love             Muluc (Red Moon) and Oc (White Dog)


Venus                         Art and Magic                            Lamat (Yellow Star) and Chuen (Blue Monkey)


Earth                           Accomplishment and             Manik (Blue Hand) and Eb (Yellow Human)

Free Will


Mars                           Death and Prophecy              Cimi (White Worldbridger) and Ben (Red Skywalker)


Asteroid Belt              Sex and Timelessness            Chicchan (Red Serpent) and Ix (White Wizard)


Jupiter                        Flowering and Vision             Kan (Yellow Seed) and Men (Blue Eagle)


Saturn                        Abundance and Intelligence  Akbal (Blue Night) and Cib (Yellow



Uranus                        Spirit and Navigation             Ik (White Wind) and Caban (Red Earth)


Neptune                     Memory and Meditation        Imix (Red Dragon) and Etznab (White Mirror)

Pluto                            Enlightenment and                 Ahau (Yellow Sun) and Cauac (Blue Storm)

Self Generation


Consciousness is a Function of Interplanetary Orbits

“The purpose of a planet is to hold its orbit in relation to the orbits of other planets and altogether to the sun or stellar unit in an evolving star system. The capacity of a planet to hold its orbit is a function of the intelligence consummated in the planet. As holder of different functions of intelligence, the planet orbits harmonize the stellar intelligence in its patterns of galactic exchange.”

Each planet contains a Bode number, the orbital ratios of the planets to each other in relation to their distance from the sun (as determined by German astronomer; Johann Elert Bode).


The Correspondence of Each Chakra to Your Environment:


saturn-planet-sonne-sterne-159728  Saturn represents “structures”.

Your skeleton is a structure that holds your body in place; it acts as a foundation. “Bones, foundations, security and structure” are all keywords for the 1ST Chakra. It represents the structures that you deal with in life in order to survive physically.

If you are not able to deal effectively with the outer social structures of your world, then you tend to live from paycheck-to-paycheck in a dog-eat-dog world. This seems to be a very common problem in our Western Culture because we have forgotten how to ground ourselves with the energies of the Earth. People who are “grounded” have a strong sense of who they are. They know how to acquire what they need in order to comfortably survive.

Nervousness and anxiety are conditions that result from not feeling grounded. Psychologically, it indicates that you are operating too much from your head – the ego. Take a deep breath, relax, and look around you. Are you safe where you are at? (1ST Chakra awareness puts you in the primal mode of “fight or flight”.) If not, then you need to separate yourself from unsafe people and places. 1ST Chakra awareness is a serious energy that requires you to make some tough choices and decisions. Being “indecisive” and depending upon others to take care of you is a 1ST Chakra weakness. Please do not confuse security and your ability to live comfortably with “lots of money”.


Establish healthy routines. Drink lots of “FRESH” water, eat healthy foods that are as natural as possible; eat, sleep, exercise, and work at regular times. For example, eating late at night and drinking alcohol or doing drugs disrupts your sleep patterns, which in turn disrupt your hormones, which interfere with your daily activities. You want to establish “stability” – not predictability, that’s too boring.

Frequent changes of address are also very de-stabilizing. Allow yourself to experience being in nature: go to a park and walk barefoot through the grass; visit an arboretum, or plant a garden – even if it is just one flower! Hiking in the mountains, or just being around large rocks and stones is very grounding.

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Akbal (Blue Night) and Cib (Yellow Warrior).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Ruby, Diamond and Clear Quartz or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Tuning Bowls


Planet Earth  Planet Earth

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Manik (Blue Hand) and Eb (Yellow Human).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Ruby, Diamond and Clear Quartz or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls



 Pluto-REX-v3 Pluto represents your ability to “change and transform”, and when doing so, you are being “creative”. Without “desire” – we can not “create”!

At this point your everyday survival needs are being met, and you are now able to focus upon the earthier, sensuous desires that life has to offer. Years ago I remember reading a yoga book that described the 2ND Chakra as “Her Special Place”. Here, you crave and desire material and sensual pleasure. When people get too focused on these sensual stimuli, their perception of reality is limited by the so-called “5 senses”. People at this level believe that things are real only if they can sense them. Remaining at this level invites “addiction”, whether it is to drugs, sex, or anything that you find to be pleasurable.

At the most basic level, people will express this creative energy through reproduction. The artists of our cultures are the people who have found this inner creative-self and are outwardly expressing it through their mediums.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE 2ND CHAKRA: Honor your self by finding a hobby or activity that provides you with pleasure. Paint, draw, sing, act, dance, exercise your body, garden, construct bird houses, something that expresses WHO YOU ARE to others. If you are not sure what you want to do, then think back to when you were about 10-12 years old. What did you dream about doing with your life’s energy that would make you happy and fulfilled?

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Ahau (Yellow Sun) and Cauac (Blue Storm).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Clear Quartz or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls



Sun The Sun and inspiration-mars-red-planet Mars

are co-rulers of this chakra; and very appropriately, it corresponds to the “solar” plexus. This is a chakra of personal “power” and indicates your ability to be “sovereign”.

Think of the symbolic energies of the Sun and Mars. The Sun radiates its essence: it either blinds us (a negative expression of self-dominance), or it enables us to enjoy its presence by honoring our own inner essence (“Wasn’t it a beautiful day”?).

Mars becomes the warrior principle that either enjoys shoving others around, or responding to life’s challenges with inner strength. People who lack courage to take a risk usually have a blocked 3RD Chakra; they are afraid to express themselves because they have not learned how to set limits. “This is who I am – and you can take it or leave it”! How many of us have the courage to let others know where we stand, especially when dealing with our families? We don’t want to be “I-sol-ated”. Where do you shine like the Sun, or do you hide your inner radiance?

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE 3RD CHAKRA: Practice acts of personal courage. Do what makes you happy, not what makes everyone else happy. When we fail to do so, we waste too much personal energy blaming others for not being able to do what we would rather be doing. Do it, be yourself! When you do so, others will recognize your individuality, and they will know what your limits are. They will respect you more because they will know what to expect of you. As long as you are allowing others to also be themselves, do not allow yourself to be swayed by accusation of “selfishness”.

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Cimi (White Worldbridger) and Ben (Red Skywalker).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Clear Quartz, Emerald, Jade, Yellow Sapphire or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls





 071127-venus-surface-02 This chakra is ruled by Venus; it corresponds to the “heart”. Your ability to love (both loving to others, and being able to receive expressions of love from others) acts as a “FULCRUM” between the lower 3 chakras of self-awareness, and the upper 3 chakras of your awareness of yourself in response to others.

This chakra of “balance” is the first place where we are able to recognize that there is more to life than meets the eye, and we are able to perceive higher, spiritual realms. In yogic texts, this chakra is noted as the “sound of one hand clapping”. Think about it, when you express acts of love, you do so without the thought of reward. The “reward” is that your action made yourself and others feel good.

People who have suffered emotional hurts and wounding’s tend to block their 4TH Chakras. They are afraid to make themselves “vulnerable”. This is a deliberate act of creating an “emotional wall” as a method of self-protection.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR 4TH CHAKRA: Sadly, we have ALL experienced the pain of being hurt, trashed, and beaten-up. One of my favorite sayings is by Gandhi: “The person who has experienced great pain and sorrow, is able to have more compassion for those who are suffering”. A closed heart chakra is from too much self-absorption, self-focus, and self-pity. Get beyond yourself! Get involved with others. Volunteer at your church, or within a social organization that needs help. At this chakra level you need to become aware of the “vibrations, magnetism, or resonance” that you feel when you are around others. Spirit will begin to provide you with “synchronicities” that will attract or direct you to people or events that are beneficial for your evolution as a soul.

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Lamat (Yellow Star) and Chuen (Blue Monkey).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Clear Quartz, Emerald, Jade, Ruby or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls



 rajupiter Jupiter and Mercury Mercury are the co-rulers of this chakra. People with this chakra open are very persuasive and charismatic; socially, they can be great orators, teachers, speakers, and writers. They have a natural ability to sense what people are thinking, and can put it into words.

How many times have you listened to someone, and later realized that they were able to put into words ideas that you’re only able to think about? When this chakra functions you are able to “speak your personal truth with conviction”. This is exactly what the ancients referred to as “the power of the Word”. Once you are able to speak your own Truth, then you are able to create your own reality through the power of your words.

Use “reaffirmations”, like, “I am strong, powerful, wealthy, loving, etc.” When this chakra is not operating smoothly, you tend to limit your conversations to superficial concerns, and when someone asks you for a serious opinion, you may respond with, “If you really want to know…”.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE 5TH CHAKRA: Pay attention to all of the thoughts that you don’t express. How often do you “bite your tongue”? Learn that it is OK to speak your mind. Most people do not speak their truth because they don’t want to appear foolish. At this chakra you are able to speak words that come directly from the heart and Spirit, and most people may lack the courage or conviction to express their innermost beliefs.

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Jupiter – Kan (Yellow Seed) and Men (Blue Eagle). Mercury – Muluc (Red Moon) and Oc (White Dog).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Clear Quartz or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls



neptune-with-rings Commonly referred to as “The Third Eye”, this chakra is ruled by Neptune. People who are highly imaginative, coming up with original and insightful ideas have an open 6TH Chakra. Artists, musicians and inventors will frequently mention that the idea “just came to me”. That’s because they are allowing this chakra to “feel” incoming messages, “intuitions and dreams”. Usually, the whole concept appears suddenly, and then they become driven in an effort to “share and express their message” to others.

People with blocked 6TH Chakra’s lack imagination, sadly. Even when provided with a visual image of an abstract concept (did you have problems with algebra or physics?) they may not be able to grasp the logic behind the idea. Holistic concepts are difficult for these people to understand. People on drugs who experience “visions” are getting these strange realizations from this higher dimension. Because they lack conscious control it just flows out as disturbing patterns and concepts.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR 6TH CHAKRA: In order for this energy to smoothly function you must have an awareness of yourself as a spiritual being, and the other 5 chakras must be in balance, otherwise the incoming “visions” creates a chaotic disturbance of images. During the Sixties there was nothing worse than a “hippy” who had “seen God” and rambled about snippets of Truth.

Live a life-style that has supportive, sustaining, and healthy routines. Attend to your dreams (keep a journal of your dreams), meditate or pray at regular times of the day, and listen to your unconsciousness. How many times do you berate yourself by saying, “If only I had listened to myself”? If nothing else, keep a journal of all your ideas, mental images, hunches, “ah-ha” moments, and intuitions. This small practice will help you to verify your own spiritual gifts and abilities. Being intuitive is nothing more than paying attention to the subtle flows of energy – it is not the dramatic stuff that you see in Hollywood’s special effects! Allow yourself quiet moments so you can hear Spirit’s whispers – everything you need to know is right there inside your mind, but it will not scream at you!

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Imix (Red Dragon) and Etznab (White Mirror).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls



uranus-pic The planet Uranus corresponds to this center of energy. At this level of awareness, you are able to see all events as a reflection of God’s Will. (If you are uncomfortable with the term ‘God’, then substitute Spirit, Universal Force, Great Spirit, or however you choose to recognize this divine energy.) When out of balance, people trying to express this energy can become extremely depressed, full of obsessive thoughts, and confused. Because this energy/chakra operates at such a high vibrational frequency one must become selfless. Hanging onto ego-awareness brings up images of bleakness and morbidness.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE 7TH CHAKRA: At this level, one must “become empty to become full.” Many spiritual writings refer to the body as an empty vessel that best expresses its spiritual potentials when it allows itself to be moved by Spirit.

Even in the world of sports, there are all kinds of anecdotes by athletes who claim they suddenly entered a quiet space, and they were able to perform physical feats that they were not otherwise capable of doing.

Many people on a personal crusade will say that they had no need of sleep or food – they were driven by Spirit to perform a selfless act that was beneficial to others. In order for this chakra to function most effectively, one must have a clear understanding of their purpose for having incarnated upon this planet Earth.

Tzolkin Galactic Signature: Ik (White Wind) and Caban (Red Earth).

Sound via the Crystal Tuning Forks: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Diamond or Planetary Chimes or Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls



For more information about chakras, meditate and practice visualization, or visit a library or bookstore. We all learn in our own special ways according to the requirements of our individual evolution, and none is better or worse than the other.



Crystal Elders vibrating the Divine Wisdom flowing into the Miracle of Life




East towards the West. Universal supportive energy flow.


North towards the South. Higher Self with Guidance.

Another view from the South facing North

Another view from the South facing North.

West towards East.challenge.strengthening.opportunity

West facing East. The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity.

South towards North.Hidden Power revealed Awakening Awarenesss

South facing North. The Hidden Power reveals awakening awareness.





Anchoring Gratitude for the Highest Good for All

Anchoring Blessings of Gratitude for the Highest Good of All.

Crystal Elders calling and resonating at a location

Crystal Elders calling and resonating in the morning and early afternoon of

Wednesday, March 16 at a location – the North Sea – Egmond aan Zee,

North Holland, The Netherlands.

Crystal Elders ceremony at North Sea.Egmond aan Zee.jpg


Crystal Elders relating the flow starting March 16 onto the Equinox March 19 onwards to the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon March 23 and the After glow of March 26 at the North Sea.

The seaside is Egmond aan Zee, North Holland, The Netherlands.



The Eastern direction of Crystal Elders, Nummite Crystal Skull, Jade Crystal Skull relating the flow starting March 16 onto the Equinox March 19 onwards to the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon March 23 and the After glow of March 26 at the North Sea in Deepest Gratitude.

From the East supportive flow of Nummite Crystal Skull.jpg


Crystal Elders, Phantom Clear Quartz Crystal Skull and the Star Rose Quartz Crystal Skull relating the flow starting March 16 onto the Equinox March 19 onwards to the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon March 23 and the After glow of March 26 at the North Sea.

The Soldalite Crystal Skull placed in the North for All Sacred Waters in Deepest Gratitude.

Deepest Gratitude and Blessings to All.jpg


The southern direction of Crystal Elders, Amber Crystal Skull, Citrine Crystal Skull and the Labradorite Crystal Skull relating the flow starting March 16 onto the Equinox March 19 onwards to the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon March 23 and the After glow of March 26 at the North Sea, Egmond aan Zee.

Crystal Elders vibrating at the North Sea.jpg

Here is a closer view of the center crystals that were swept into the Waters as a Gratitude and Blessing for Mother Earth and her Elements.

From the East supportive flow of Nummite Crystal Skull.jpg

Crystal Elders relating the flow starting March 16 onto the Equinox March 19 onwards to the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon March 23 and the After glow of March 26 at the North Sea.

The center with the crystals remained for the Waters in Deepest Gratitude for Mother Earth and her Sacred Elements.

Crystal Elders mergence of purification, release, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.

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