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The Archetypes of the Tzolkin Galactic Signatures

These are copied from

Archetypes01.Red Dragon

Archetypes02.White Wind

Archetype 3 is missing. Could someone help out here with a  affirmation and drawing.

I am the Empress

Coded by the Blue Night

I enter your universe

Through the Third Light Gate of Silence

My number is three

Activating the bond of service in Abundance

Archetypes04.Yellow Seed

Archetypes05.Red Serpent

Archetypes06.White Worldbridger

Archetypes07.Blue Hand

Archetypes08.Yellow Star

Archetypes09.Red Moon

Archetypes10.White Dog

Archetypes11.Blue Monkey

Archetypes12.Yellow Human

Archetypes13.Red Skywalker

Archetypes14.White Wizard

Archetypes15.Blue Eagle


Archetypes17.navigator.Red Earth

Archetypes18.White Mirror

Archetypes19.Blue Storm

Archetypes20.Yellow Sun

Gratitude to this creative flow.

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