Crystalline Rainbow

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Archetypes01.Red Dragon

Archetypes02.White Wind

Akbal, Blue Night ArchetypeMuch Gratitude – In Lak’ech to Adriana Cabrera – Holistic Healing who send the above today June 23, 2018

Here is the translation into English:

3 DREAMER – Akbal, Blue Night ~ UMB 126

I am the Dreamer

Codified by Blue Night

I entered your Universe

Through the Third Gate of Light


My number is three

Activating and linking the dream


The starry night is my dwelling


The abundance is nature

The intuition is guidance

I serve all dreamers with

The Divine Remembrance and Inspiration of Cosmic Truth


There is no one who can live without me

Well, there is nobody who does not dream

My dream is the truth within the dream

When I come to you, do not doubt me


Well, I bring the memory of the Great Dream of the Earth

When the tribes of time dreamed of themselves as humans

And humans dreamed the dream of free will


There is always a message that I bring

Especially for you, that only you can decipher

Listen to me and know for yourself

The endless world of Rainbow Dreams of Majestic Splendor!



Archetypes04.Yellow Seed

Archetypes05.Red Serpent

Archetypes06.White Worldbridger

Archetypes07.Blue Hand

Archetypes08.Yellow Star

Archetypes09.Red Moon

Archetypes10.White Dog

Archetypes11.Blue Monkey

Archetypes12.Yellow Human

Archetypes13.Red Skywalker

Archetypes14.White Wizard

Archetypes15.Blue Eagle


Archetypes17.navigator.Red Earth

Archetypes18.White Mirror

Archetypes19.Blue Storm

Archetypes20.Yellow Sun

Hunab Ku 21 Archetype

Gratitude to Adriana Cabrera – Holistic Healing for sharing this with us today June 23, 2018 – In Lak’ech

Here is the translation into English:

HUNAB KU 21 ~ UMB 441


Of all the hidden treasures; what is the light

None exists more Grand

Than Hunab Ku 21

Unity of the Totality – the secrecy of 441


The One Giver of Movement and Measurement

Hunab Ku nor can be seen neither be covered

But especially they are chosen

Known by the name of Magicians of Infinity


Many we are and yet we are One

Masters of the Cube

Our endeavors exemplify the Essence of the Cube

As Masters of the Cube, we emanate and radiate the powers of Seven


With Celestial ears, we hear the Holy Sacred Sounds

From the Universal Vacuum

Our resonance is simplicity

We do not consume anything, nor do we take anything.

We only know how to give


The Masters of “Zuvuya” Service

The Waves of Infinity


You will know us when you see your true self


Emanate from the center of the Cube

To know each other is to know the wholeness

Knowing wholeness is to know peace

To know peace is to fully enter the emptiness


The Impressive and Endless Splendor of Galactic Unfolding



Gratitude to this creative flow sharing.


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