Crystalline Rainbow

Lunar Moon of Challenge

Lunar Moon of Challenge – Tuesday, August 23 through Monday, September 19, 2016

Inclusive Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon, New Galactic Spin and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.

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The Lunar Moon of Challenge resonates with the totem animal Scorpion – Transformation, Defensiveness/Protection and Passion/Isolation

Stabilize, polarize, challenge

In the yearly Tzolkin Wave spell, the process of 13 steps flows via the First Moon where you have set your goal. With the second moon you take a look at what takes you away from your goal; what is the challenge? Which obstacles lie on your path? The second step stabilizes the positive energy of enthusiasm with starting a new project. Do not let yourself be lead astray to go into action to clear the obstacles. That will come later on. Gather first all the material.

Be honest in recognising your limitations to overcome them and embrace them.

Mother Moon shows us polarity: we can only see her from one side. When we look at this on the surface we forget the other side,

You can experience this in various ways. Most often we strive towards the one side (light) and wish to stay away from the other (shadow). But this is the aspect of yourself where you want to turn away from, although it sets you into uplifting flow. This is where your motivation for movement comes from, it gives energy. It is looking at your shadow where your soul grows and develops! This stimulates and is the challenge.

This asks us to look at the other side with Loving resonance; the shadow, it sets it into motion. Embrace your shadow.

Totem Animal Scorpion


Scorpion sheds her exoskeleton several times in her life.  The medicine in this is that of death/rebirth/transformation.  By doing this she is asking you to take a look at the things and people in your life that no longer serve you.  Scorpion has multiple eyes so evaluate your surroundings with a critical eye.  Release your old baggage, let go of objects that clutter your space/home and purge the negative energy of those who are co-dependent on you and to whom you enable.  Focus on your purge so that you can take you own steps forward with clear decisions for what you want for your life.

Scorpion’s physical appearance shows the medicine of defensiveness and/or protection.  Her exoskeleton is a symbol for self protection while her pincers and tail are used for defense of herself and her offspring when she gives birth.  She is teaching that it is important to have your barriers/boundaries up if you want to survive, but you also need to learn when to let them down.  Sometimes being vulnerable is necessary and learning to balance when to guard and when to let down your guard is a balancing act.  Use your pincers for control/keeping “predators” at a distance, but more importantly they are a reminder for the use of self-control so that you stay on your path.  The tail signifies the ability to strike with your full potential when the time is right.

Scorpion is usually a solitary animal but when it comes time for mating they do a passionate/elaborate “dance” but when they have completed their ritual they go their separate ways.  This symbolizes the nature or cycles of relationships and how important it is to not be overly attached to people who come into your life.  There is a reason/lesson for you to learn from that relationship.  Sometimes they leave so that something new/better/exciting/different can enter.  She is also showing you that you need to be content with being alone, which means you need to learn to accept and love yourself.  Do you balance your relationships with periods of solitude?  It is also important to control your passions.  Controlling your passions/desires allows you to direct your energy appropriately and it will determine whether your transformations will occur in the midst of calmness or chaos.  Do you allow your passions to override your common sense?

Crystals to remind you of Scorpions medicine/messages are:

Transformation: Malachite Narmada River Shiva Lingam Dendrite on Marl Green Calcite

Defensiveness/Protection: Apache Tears Bronzite Dalmatian Jasper Chiastolite

Passion/Isolation: Rose Quartz Prasiolite Garnet Ruby


This Moon resonates at Lunar 1 via the Crown with

MANIK, Blue_HandKin 247: Manik Ox Lahun, Blue Cosmic Hand. The attraction to unite, initiating the new creation within the Higher Goal and Divine Will to touch, to set about and to accomplish the idea with a form, from here comes the Divine Understanding. Hand represents action, creating something, to help and assist the healing.

This Moon ends to start a new beginning at Lunar 28 via the Heart with

IX.White WizardKin 14: Hun Ix, White Magnetic Wizard. The attraction to unite, initiating the new creation within the Higher Goal and Divine Will of the Inner Shaman who can travel without having to move from one place to another. Who you are now and where you are now is everything you ever wished for. This Presence or Now is the key to realizing your dreams. Receive what is in the now.


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