Crystalline Rainbow

The Electric Moon of Service

Tuesday, September 20 through Monday, October 17, 2016


“Medicine Seeds” by Isabel Bryna

Tone 3: Draw three dots in an open space. This is a triangle. This triangle always lies in an open plane. From the one dot you can go two different ways. You always have a choice. There is movement and activity. This is why it is the Electric tone. And where there are two, you need a third one to connect with each other. This brings together the energy you may use in the process of 13 to find the link between you, your goal and the third factor: the outside world, others, environment …

In which way can you be of service to the objective/goal of this year?


Totem Animal Deer

Keys: Activate – Bond – Service

The deer was very important in the Mayan culture. The thunder God “Thil” appeared in the form of a white deer and brought the masculine creation and procreation force; the activating aspect of this Moon. The moon goddess Ixchel as red deer. The feminine deer is symbolic for surrender, receive/conception and unconscious forces.

The comparison in English between deer and dear is not for nothing. The deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness and care to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who try to keep us from our path. Be prepared to accept yourself and others as they are, then you will melt away your fears and obstacles. Be gentle with yourself and your negativity. Connect through the heart. Love is the key that connects everything. Activation By this activating Moon resonance it will start running through a lot of things that have already started; the energy comes in motion. You can have the feeling that somethings are giving back the energy you put into the previous projects of the Moons. The spark caused by this activation energy is the namesake of the Moon; Electric Moon. Service The question of this Moon is: how can I best serve? Service has become kind of a nasty taste or vibration in the West. It is confused with set “yourself” in the service of something at the expense of yourself. This is not what it is about. Service is: creating a heart connection with a caring and compassion just like the deer and take action. If you sympathize with someone, please indicate this also to the other person, let it show! Ask yourself the following question: how can I best contribute to the welfare of the world around me; my body, my family, my plants, my work, my objective/goal?


The Mission or theme of this Moon:

naamloos-2Men Ca, Blue Lunar Eagle – The Vision of stabilizing the Truth of limitations to overcome them and embrace them with the support of seeding growth and development. To be in the flow of the Higher Self and Guidance of accomplishment and understanding the Healing flow of touch. To face the challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of following your instincts that the body wisdom is showing you and others how we all can handle emergencies. Moving into the spiral of release and dying to be in the reality of an open space of exploring, sharing and expression of a Universe can be together.


The Goal or Objective of this Moon:

naamloos-15Ik Ox, White Electric Wind – The Communication of Service connection with possibilities and solutions for All with the support of the movement of navigation, evolution and synchronicity as Nature does in its power. To be in the flow of release and dying to be in the reality of an open space of exploration, sharing and expression of the Higher Self with Guidance. Now face the challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of a free choice to serve or to let go, to speak or to listen in the flow of Divine Freedom to be there for each other. Moving into the spiral of catalysing the self generative energy flow to transform and heal yourself in the Freedom of allowance and surrender of acceptance.


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