Crystalline Rainbow

Galactic Hawk Moon – Tuesday, February 7 through Monday, March 6, 2017

Codes: Harmonize, Integrity, integration and modeling on all levels.


General Information:

Galactic means: related to the Galaxy, the Milky Way. The Mayans see our lives here on Earth in the greater pattern of our solar system and our relationship with the cosmos.

While we believe that the sun rises in the east and then goes to the south than through the west where it sets, the Mayans always knew that the Earth itself rotates counterclockwise, and therefore it seems that the sun moves clockwise. It is as if they could view the entire galaxy from above. That is how their calendar is arranged or aligned.

They knew what we only recently know, we as Earth turn not just to our own axis (24 hours) and in one year around the Sun, but we also rotate with the Sun 26,000 years around the Central Sun of the Pleiades; around Alcyone. The Mayans call this the Great Cycle. Our relationship with the Milky Way includes for them the reality of everyday life. The 260-day Tzolkin is again a fractal of the Great Cycle.

This period reminds us that our Galactic Wholeness is found by learning how to Harmonize. These specific code words are important to deeply contemplate, meditate upon, and internally investigate, as they are meant to trigger meaning and relevance for our personal lives, while also offering universal teachings of Nature’s core principles. As we follow these clues they guide us to encounter the powers held by this Tone 8 of Creation governing this Month of the Hawk!


Do I live what I believe?

In the previous Moon, you have attuned and aligned with the Great Spirit and the environment around you. This Moon is the time to really make sure you adjust your subsequent actions, to stand in harmony with your word and deed with the Great Spirit. The form and content are consistent with each other, you’re of integrity. To do this you have to look at life from a overall view, like a hawk in flight.


Tone 8 – Modelling

In the cycle of 4 (red, white, blue and yellow) is Tone 8 the empowerment of action in the resonance of Tone 4. “Modelling” is the power of “measurement and defining”; what can only by Tone 4 be shown, is now brought into a model.

Reference: written by Nicole Zonderhuis and translated into English by Carla Harren


Crop Circle Silbury, England – August 8, 2013

Having explored the distinct resonances carried by subtle vibrations, we can focus on harmonizing – generating a pleasing combination of elements. Whether this means establishing inner harmony, or in relationship with others. Tone 8 calls us to align our conduct with our integrity that we may genuinely model the truths and ideals we believe in.

One definition of the code “integrity” is “the state of being whole or undivided; completeness.” (As modelled by the harmonious whole of the galaxy!)

This tone reminds us integrity requires consistency; unwavering adherence to the wisdom and grace of our personal values.

Additionally, harmonization requires not compromise, but pliability – willingness to bend, to meet others, to let go of personal attachments for the greater good. As we each uniquely stand as conduits of Harmony, we act as mutual role-models for one another, inspiring the establishment of Galactic Culture; actualizing the harmonious potential of our global society!

Tone 8, the Galactic Tone of integrity symbolizes harmony between the words, thoughts and actions – between deeds and the high reality, reinforcing loyalty to ourselves.

Tone 8 reminds us that the most effective way to inspire positive change in the world is to live by example, showing our communities what is possible by embodying and modeling our deepest values and ideals.

The Galactic Tone calls us to acknowledge that our Earth is a sentient member of a Galactic Whole.

The cycles and codes of the Mayan calendar are meant to entrain us with galactic harmonies of natural time so that we can become increasingly in sync with our highest creative potential as evolving beings.

Part of the mission of the people who utilize this calendar around the world is to generate “Galactic Culture” which Earth as an evolving member of a conscious, galactic community.

The intelligence of the galactic order can reveal itself in infinite ways, from overt communication such as, to subtle pulses of intelligence or knowing that we might recognize as an inner muse that catalyzes our artistic potential and consciousness to flower.

This calendar system teaches us that to be Galactic is to Harmonize. Nature is Galactic. Earth is Galactic. We are Galactic Citizens!



Totem Animal “Hawk”


The Hawk is the “Messenger”. Hawk flies close to the light of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon and brings the message of light love. The shrill cry of the Hawk penetrates your sub consciousness and asks you to go within in search of the truth. During the Hawk Moon messages, may come to you from the world of the Ancient Grandfathers and Ancient Grandmothers who lived before us. Allow and surrender to this openness and recognize these signs and signals as it comes to you.


Hawk flies close to the lightness of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon! This requires a keen eye and a courageous heart. The Hawk perceptiveness is huge, it looks over large distances and sees from above the state of Presence. Be observant and learn to look at your surroundings. Observe the ordinary in everything you do. Life gives you signs and signals. Life itself is the initiation.


The Theme or Mission of this Galactic Hawk Moon

blue-crystal-eagleTuesday, February 7, 2017 – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity of KIN 155 Ca Lahun Men, Blue Crystal Eagle of the Universal Creation of Discovery, sharing and giving expression to your insights, vision and dream in openness of Love Light to expand Higher Consciousness.

Archetypes15.Blue Eagle

The Goal of this Galactic Hawk Moon

White Cosmic Wind

Monday, March 6, 2017 – via the Passionate Heart Love resonance of KIN 182 Ox Lahun Ik, White Cosmic Wind of coming home to start a new beginning celebrating the connection with Source, Life and the breath of communicating with Spirit to be inspired, flexible and allowance of resonating with the changes.

Archetypes02.White Wind

Ref.:see also

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