Crystalline Rainbow

Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention

Pulsate – Realize – Intention

Come into action with passion, enthusiasm and directness.

March 7 through April 3, 2017


“You are what your deepest desire is.

As your desire is, so is your intention.

As your intention is, so is your will.

As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

– The Upanishads


General Information:

This Solar Jaguar Moon starts with the Blue Night Wave 15 (thirteen days and nights) plus Yellow Wave 16 (thirteen days and nights) and ends with the Red Moon Wave 17 (two days and nights). The Sacred Element of Water, Fire and Earth are being intensified in these 28 days and nights.


Tone 9

In this Tone 9 the realization of your goal very close by. You can feel it pulsating in yourself to center, ground and anchor it on Earth. However, it has not fully reached this open space. Your intention is 100% and the energy radiating from you is like the sun itself. You are fully filled with that what you will achieve in this flow. The empowerment force that comes through is so great that you would almost forget that your action has yet to manifest itself in the Tenth Moon yet you feel that completion and expansion of mastery creates larger cycles of open space within the grand design.

It is strongly connected with the Star Kingdom Sirius together with the guidance of the Star Light Beings that are ready to serve. The Music note is G sharp.



The Jaguar is the Mayan symbol of great power and was in the ancient Mayan civilization associated with the power of the elite. This animal was so sacred that only the high priests could wear robes that were made of jaguar skin. In the spots on the jaguar skin the Mayans saw the reflection of the star kingdoms. We also now know that those who know the cycles of the stars also know the cycles of the Earth. Also, altars were in the form of a jaguar. And the throne where the rulers were depicted on took on the form of a jaguar.


The Mayans called the jaguar “Balaam of Chac” (the rain god). Balaam also means mysterious or occult. The word Chilam is a group of priests who explained the oracle and predicted the future. The books of the Chilam Balaam, are the sacred books of the Maya priests. Jaguar is equal to the sun sign or galactic signature “White Wizard”. For a shaman, this is the largest test of his ability to transform himself into a jaguar. The Jaguar God of the underworld had often been seen in the appearance of an owl. Perhaps that is why the hieroglyph for the White Wizard resembles an owl.


Solar Moon

After being in harmony with the eight Galactic Moon, together within the Great Cycle, we go back to the Sun or Solar Kingdoms to retrieve the necessary energy. Therefore, this Moon is called the “Solar Moon”, from sol (sun). You now wish to upload your intention with solar energy. You are fully filled with that what you will realize.


Before proceeding into action, it is good to be once more the jaguar who stalks its prey. Consider the options and the impact of your action before you attack or in other words act. Let the pressure of the action flow over your jaguar skin while it pulsates all the way to the tip of your tail.

Above is written in Dutch bij Nicole Zonderhuis and translated into English by Carla Harren.


Personal note: Last year in June whilst reaching the retirement age in the working field I was called by guidance to do some volunteer work abroad with children. In this Solar Jaguar Moon, I will be travelling to Nong Khai, Thailand on March 25. This resonance is the galactic signature of Imix, Red Rhythmic Dragon such a synchronicity that this flows within my birth path of Red Wave 17, Imix, Red Cosmic Dragon. The Red Dragon which also resonates in these days, being the birthing of nourishing nature. I will return during the 10. Planetary Moon of Manifestation – April 20 galactic signature of Manik, Blue Rhythmic Hand – accomplishment.

In case anyone feels called for volunteering go to the website of for further information.


The Mission or Theme of this Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention.


blue-magnetic-nightChant: Cib, Akbal, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

In this supportive spiral movement of fearlessness we allow and surrender to the courage within to step forward even in difficult situations. Wisdom is gained by asking questions and hence answer will be given whilst listening to go inwards in the spiral movement of being  dreams with all senses opened where the abundance of silence reigns. As we now face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of going beyond boundaries to be in the unknown to explore the open space in wakefulness to emerge into flowering awakened awareness of Divine Truth to allow the reflection of Cosmic Order upon the Sacred Grounds of Earth. Now in Presence Center, ground and anchor in this mystery serenity sanctuary of peace, an open space to “look within” enclosing the darkness whilst journeying into the Pure Soul Heart with its stillness and dreamtime.

Planets: Saturn, Mars, and Neptune


The Goal of the Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention

white-lunar-dogChant: Muluc, Ik, Ahau, Chuen, Oc

In this supportive spiral movement of the empowered Purification Universal Water we surrender and allow to let be what is and observe emotions without judgement to go inwards in the spiral movement of being the Breath of Communicating with Spirit that  nurtures the Soul and inspires to speak the Truths within flexibility and changes. As we now face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of unconditional love and consciousness towards everything that is alive. You know that you are, that all and nothing is and feel the greater connection to emerge into flowering awakened awareness of playfulness and humor. Life is magical. Now in Presence Center, ground and anchor in this breakthrough and new beginnings in relationships. It brings spiritual strength guardianships and guidance.

Gratitude Blessings to All




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