Crystalline Rainbow

The Magical Playfulness of Insight

Planetary Dog Moon

Tuesday, April 4 through Monday, May 1


Core: Production, Perfection, Manifestation

General Information:

Full Moon on April 10 = Red Solar Earth guided by Red Spectral Skywalker

Galactic Return of the Year on April 12 = Blue Spectral Storm.

New Moon on April 26 = Red Crystal Skywalker guided by Red Crystal Serpent.


This is the open space where you wish to reflect upon during these 28 days and nights. During this Moon, you will have reached your goal or set goal and give it a form on the grace of Planet Earth. Just like the 9 months of pregnancy is the presence of Now the resonance of giving birth to what you have carried and felt during that open space. It shall not only be something or nothing that has been flowing through your thoughts and feeling but now you can truly touch it and produce it. It will now be your reality on Planet Earth. Therefore, this is called the Planetary Moon of Manifestation. However, before you are in this presence it is wise to vibrate and carry your intention and considerations from the last nine months. Maybe you wish to change something. Be in perfection before you manifest.



Dog is the tenth galactic signature and this is the tenth Moon. Across the whole world and with all cultures the dog appears in myths and story telling. Most often the dog is on the boundary of the seen and unseen world. It guards the portal or passageway of the underworld or guides the just passed over soul to the other realms. In the Aztecs mythology Xoloitzguintle leads (dog of Xolotl) the dead to the underworld. The Mayans saw an enormous dog standing in the heavens, who embraced the stars Aries and Taurus. Its tail reached out to Cetus (Whale). The Mayans called this dog “Peck”.


Be Perfection before you manifest.

The keywords for dog is love and loyalty in all relationships. During this Moon, you are being asked to perform deeds or services from the Pure Heart of Love Light. Otherwise your action will miss its goal and no one will have any pleasure or joy from this.


Is this truly what you have aimed for as a goal or mission?

Does it give you pleasure, joy and the satisfaction within or do you need to adjust more to the perfection?

Or do you need to release or let go off that all should be perfect before you manifest?

Because desire for perfection can undetected stand in the way for the zest of life.


Dog is a good guide, that is why it is serves well as a guide dog for the blind. If you are afraid that you have lost part of your way, then call upon the power of the dog to assist you. By the Aztec it was a tradition to use a dog as an offer and bury it with the dead, as a guide through the underworld.

Dog is a good guardian; also during our sleep or dreamtime it listens to every sound and it will defend its territory for any intruders. This month you are being asked about your boundaries of your own territory.

Question: Are there any intruders, who need to be barked at or growled at?

To be true to yourself is what is being asked for, an example is to give a clear sign to the other person or situation.


The mission or theme of the Planetary Dog Moon

Blue Electric MonkeyChant: Lamat, Men, Imix, Oc, Chuen

KIN 211, Blue Electric Monkey, light code 211:3:1 Planetary Moon of Manifestation, Planet Venus.

Mudra: smile innocently with hands on heart; then, with spontaneity, place thumbs in ears while wiggling and waving the fingers.

Symbol: dolphin, monkey, throat chakra

Color: aqua blue

Herbs: nasturtium, raspberry, mint

Flowers: daisy, zinnia

Scents: cinnamon, orange, potpourri

Stones: aquamarine, blue fluorite, turquoise, blue topaz

In this supportive or that what comes natural spiral movement of magical playfulness in insight we allow and surrender to the harmony that resonates beauty and elegance via Artistic Skills with the octave of expanded love and clear perspective to go inwards in the spiral movement of visions and dreams. Remember the purpose and commitment we all have made in the larger pattern. As we now face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of the Ancient Trust in the larger pattern to provide what each individual needs to open up to receive this nourishing nature. Be aware to communicate your feelings, desires and dreams to emerge into flowering awakened awareness of a  breakthrough and new beginnings in all relationships and companions of destiny. Heal via the Sacred Air Breathing of emotional body issues caused by ego or recasting the past. May the flowering be the flowering of spiritual strength, guardians and guides. Now in Presence Center, ground and anchor in this innocence, spontaneity of the Inner Divine Ancient Child allowing the artistry and humor of the monkey together with the dolphin matrix grid to play with transparency.

Planetary Dog Moon

Planets: Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury.

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