Crystalline Rainbow

Saturday, March 25 – Departure from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Bangkok with Eva Airways

Unfortunately the flight was delayed one hour but it did not really matter in this open space. Was able to collect some Thai Bahts, had a nice walk with a couple who was also travelling to Bangkok and a nice dinner as well.  So we left Dutch time at 22:30 hours for a flight of 11 hours. Whilst waiting at the departure hall I saw a mouse hurrying by just in front of me by the window. It than came back near the huge plant were I was sitting by. I decided for me this was too close for comfort so I got up and walked a bit to slow down the anxiety within. I am not really so great with mice or mouse although this time I did not scream and remained calmed. Another woman screamed for me instead who also saw the mouse or mice.


The sphere and service of the direct flight to Bangkok of Eva Airways is fabulous. For me personally it felt like years ago that dishes and cutlery were used on board an airplane. Along with this a lotion towel along with a napkin with your meal and 3 times a warm meal.  In the toilet was available toothbrush and toothpaste. Some nice hand lotion, special hand soap, oil. A great pillow and nice old fashion blanket. Watched three movies very interesting seeing I am unable to sleep onboard. I drowsed off for about 1 hour.

Note: What was the resonance of these Galactic Signatures via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar?

Red Rhythmic DragonChant: Etznab, Imix, Chuen, Ahau, Imix

Planets: Neptune, Venus and Pluto.

KIN 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon

Key vibration: Be in balance with organic equality.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of insightful Order within are reflected here on a Soul level and Universal Open Space to be moved onwards within the spiral of birthing being in the Ancient Waters of the grace of the Divine Mother.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of Magical Playfulness of the Inner Child or Divine Child that is able with its openness and adventurous nature to be in the balanced Presence of Now to discover and touch the enlightenment of the attunement spiral movement of Pureness of Love Light within the Universal Open Space. What a treat to be in this centered, grounded and anchored bath of nurturing nourishment.


Sunday, March 26 – Still in flight to Bangkok with Eva Airways.

We all arrived in Bangkok accept one woman passenger who had a heart attack just one hour before landing. All assistance was given in the plane and once we landed. How this ended is not known by me but it did not look well that heart massage was still given before everyone left the plane. Whatever, I send together with the guidance of light beings here, the assistance that was given by all personnel and all other passengers who remained calm in the plane.

In the arrival hall there was a shuttle service to the Great Residence Hotel in Bangkok were I stayed the night before travelling onwards to Udon Thani and finally Nong Khai. The radiant smile of the Thai people was everywhere. The Hotel had a swimming pool were I was able to purify, release and transform on all levels and temples within in the Presence of Now.

Had a good night sleep with various dreams as kind of a remembrance that we are always One in the Circle.

Note: What was the resonance of these Galactic Signatures via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar for Sunday?

White Resonant WindChant: Caban, Ix, Eb, Cauac, Ik

Planets: Uranus, Asteroid Belt, Earth and Pluto.

KIN 202, White Resonant Wind

Key vibration: Resonate to be inspired by attunement or alignment with inner communication.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of synchronicity  within the inner communication as it navigates your pathway to be moved onwards within the spiral of inner Divine Guidance of integrity as a Shaman, Magician or Jaguar able to listen in allowance and surrender.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of Divine Wisdom within to be in wholeness of this communication to listen and react with solutions and creativity on this grace of Planet Earth to discover and awaken to transform the flowering of independence in all relationships and communications as a self generative flow. What magic is celebrated in this centered, grounded and anchored breath of an open pure channel.


Monday, March 27 – New Moon – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity. Flight from Bangkok to Udon Thani with Nok Air plus transportation to Nong Khai.

The morning started with a rain shower and some thunder during the night. From the Great Residence Hotel at 06:30 hours via the shuttle service from the Hotel I arrived at Bangkok Airport. A new experience in how to find the check in, passport control and gate in this country. It went very smoothly and easily as the directions were very concise and clear. The one hour flight was very comfortable and here again the hospitality of the Thai people is so generous and compassionate. Arriving at Udon Thani, the limousine service/small van, was at hand to take some young people to the “Friendship Bridge of Nong Khai to Laos” and also bring me to Mut Wee Garden Guest House within 10 minutes and a scenic drive of 1 hour.

Having arrived at the Mut Wee Garden Guest House,  the check-in was glorious meeting someone from Australia at the reception and with a great place to stay in a private hut number 8.

Note: For me this resonance is the Trinity of Divinity or simply stated the immergence of the Divine Mother, Father and Child as One. Another abundant flow was that this is also Tone 8 of modelling the harmony on all levels.


20170327_175022.jpgAbove feels like a great open space for dreamtime along with a beautiful shower area with a loose stone floor and tiles like being embraced in the arms of the crystalline core of Mother Earth’s treasures. Feeling and thinking I am home.

Later in the afternoon I walked 1 hour to visit the Open Mind Projects staff and trainees. I felt a warmth sharing with young adults eager to learn and show themselves. It reminded me also of dear grandson Diego who is approximately their age as well. I was first introduced to the staff and trainees. One of the trainees showed me around in the garden where he had planted vegetables with such care, honor and respect. Another experience was a young girl, approximately 5 years old who spread out her arms to be lifted up by me and than after this she showed me her brothers who were at the table on the terrace. A short briefing introduction was given by Sven, one of the co directors of the organization.

After this meet and greet I walked backed to the Mut Wee Garden Guest House along the boulevard of the Mekong River where on the other side was Laos. It felt good to have this grounding under my feet and the exercise. I was amazed at the open fitness apparatus on the way and also visited a temple to have some quiet space as well.



This is a legend concerning Dragons.

Various  temples along the way.

The magic of Air and Water for the open space of Silence.


Had a good night sleep with quiet dreams in a meditative state.

Note: What was the resonance of these Galactic Signatures via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar for Monday’s New Moon?

Blue Galactic Night - GAPChant: Cib, Manik, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

Planets: Saturn, Earth, Mars and Neptune.

KIN 203, Blue Galactic Night

Key vibration: Resonate in modelling harmony within the integrity of Silent abundance.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of inner guidance  of the picking up the staff to take you within the shores of the other side to be moved onwards within the spiral of Fulfillment of a step by step accomplishment within the open realms of healing in all its modalities.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of being courageous in the step by step exploration journey being open to receive messages from within in the open space of a sky walker taking its steps here on Earth in attunement with this abundance on all levels to flourish in the flowering of awakened awareness to transform the flowering of blossoming the inner sight of Universal Order in the Presence of Now. What reveals in this centered, grounded and anchored Waters of Silence in its Abundance in the Now.


Tuesday, March 28 – Visiting Open Mind Projects and having lunch.

Slept out a little bit late, woke up at 09:30 hours, all rested in the open space of timing in Thailand.  From there I went for a walk again to the Open Mind Projects. Met some other volunteers, one lady from Australia and a man from Bournemouth, England.

I helped out with cutting some vegetables for the lunch together with some trainees, who were very capable of preparing a meal for about 10 people. One of them told me they learned to cook already at a early age. The food was very tasty and it was such a joy to be sitting on the table together.

After the lunch we went into the training room where some trainees presented their discovery of various information about animals and blood (red and blue) which was linked to animals and humans. The trainees spoke good English and Sven asked them some deeper questions to invite them to discover there confidence of who they are and their qualities. I was amazed at their presence of showing themselves to others. One of them also gave this information in the Laos language and other trainees assisted where needed. Love how the collective was encouraged here. After this we, volunteers and staff, went out for a drink of coffee and we were all able to ask questions.

After this volunteer Kelly and I had a conversation about what has moved her in her life and where she is at in this openness of Now.

Than I went for a walk back to Mut Wee Garden Guest House and on the way went into a herbal store to buy some Coconut Oil for daughter Jessica and some herbal tea for myself.

Having arrived at the Mut Wee Garden Guest House,  I had a nice dinner and worked on finishing this review.

The movement via the Tzolkin in its resonance:

Yellow Solar SeedChant: Men, Ahau, Ix, Caban, Kan

Planets: Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt or Planet Maldek and Uranus.

KIN 204, Yellow Solar Seed

Key vibration: Resonate into the action of movement to realize the pulsation of your inner intention.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of vision in the overview of service to the larger pattern whilst believing in yourself to be moved onwards within the enlightenment of unconditional love and universal consciousness without judging or judgement.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of being in the integrity flow of being the Magician or the Inner Shaman in celebration of life and all its attributes on all levels to explore the hidden power of being conscious of navigating the pathway of synchronicity. Therefore, allow and surrender in this centered, grounded and anchored fertile ground of development and growth.

Blessings to All.






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