Crystalline Rainbow

Wednesday, March 29 – First Volunteer Training Day at Open Mind Projects, Head Office Nong Khai

After a short night left the Guest House walking to Open Mind Projects. A warm today as I started to walk at 08:45 hours. This time it only took me 45 minutes and a good exercise for the opening of the day.

center Open Mind Projects

We started the day by the welcome “Sawadee Kha” plus training objectives. We than went into another room for sharing the introduction of volunteers, trainees and staff one by one. This was still the easy part in English for me but a learning for the trainees, like a warming up.

Hereafter, we teamed up with two trainees and volunteer “learning by doing” calling a friend to have lunch, ordering food, paying for the meal and drink and the other person being the waitress. We had 10 minutes to prepare this first into English and than into Thai. For all of us a challenge to build up our confidence. We helped each other with the plan and pronunciation. For myself it was a new experience to be in real time in Thailand and its culture.

The volunteers (including myself) went with a trainee to order a lunch and eat on the street. The man who served us was quite patient to try to understand the order. It was a great tasty meal. We than decided to have a cup of coffee at a special place. I ordered a tea but it was also served with sweet cream which I tasted and would not order again.

By returning the afternoon program began, we were briefed about the expectations and placements as a volunteer, trainee and staff for the camp. Also was related to the difference of cultures between foreigners and the local people. One of these aspects is that is related to building up a relationship. As a visitor we can be very impatient. Also I can be too direct in relationships it is better to use for example “Maybe we can meet at 09:00 hours?” The Thai will reply more often with “Mai Pen mai” which actually carries the vibration (translated no is what) or it is nothing especially if you make a problem of something. It is also important to understand that the Thai culture is used too for example: that the teacher says so and this is than right or never mind about it. Another expression is “Kreng Jai” anyone who carries authority is looked upon that you do not disturb them.

Than we were asked to do a exercise to practice the Thai language even more by taking a Tuk Tuk “Pai Tuk Tuk” and “Thai Rai?” How much is it?. To be in the bargaining mood.  Another exercise is going to a Market and using vocabulary for anything you want. To bargain with a smile.

The movement via the Tzolkin in its resonance:

Red Planetary SerpentChant: Ix, Ben, Men, Cib, Chicchan

Planets: Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt or Planet Maldek and Uranus.

KIN 205, Red Planetary Serpent

Key vibration: Resonate into the manifestation of producing perfection via planning.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of integrity in the celebration of using instinct and planning within the team to be motivated in the confidence of courage to relate what is being asked for.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of being in service to everyone that is involved to be yourself to explore and discover the intelligence that is being brought forward in the hidden power of being in the learning by doing.

To allow and surrender in this centered, grounded and anchored instinct of listening and speaking for me more out loud to the group.

Blessings to All.

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