Crystalline Rainbow

Chilling today in Nong Khai, Thailand – Wednesday, April 12, 2017


In Gratitude for the wonderful camp days of Teenagers and Young Adults of till April 11. The Tuesday was a great debate day with the campers plus the handing out of the certificates. We all said our deepest thank you to the campers, trainees, staff and volunteers. It certainly was an experience that will stir in our hearts. I would certainly recommend all to take this step in their life it is One of worthiness, compassion and love.


For me personal soul it was a great to just relax and transform of all the energetic flows that have been touched during the volunteering of Open Mind Projects and its special camps. I mainly slept of took a nape for some extra hours. I have an allergy (mainly nasal) towards air-condition apparatus and it was a good relief to give this some extra attention today.


Had a wonderful fresh green tea with lemon today along with a mango/pineapple cake. Such a treat!



Along with this I also had the famous Thai massages with herbal treatment later in the afternoon. The massage is a deep relief and clearance. It certainly released some of the symptoms of the nasal discomfort and deep muscle ache and pain. I bought some of the Thai herbal balsam which certainly is a great means of self generative energy flow.

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Early in the evening a breeze came forward from the Mekong River and ended up in a rain storm with thunder the whole evening. Such a freshness and fragrances came into the atmosphere.


The energy flow of today and this evening via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar is resonating in the Galactic Return of the Year. This will intensify for at least approximately 104 more days and nights.

219-colour-269x300Chant: Ahau, Cauac, Muluc, Ik, Cauac

Planets: Pluto, Mercury and Uranus


The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of unconditional love resonance in all without judgement to be vibrating universal consciousness to be moved in the spiral of transformative self-generative flow in its wholeness of independence.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of being in total trust of self-remembrance and its communication to be moved or motivated in the hidden power awakening awareness of communication with spirit. The gift of your cosmic identity is to be a channel of inspiration ~ a force of circulation ~ an agent of calm ~ one who is attuned to the invisible spirit that animates all life. As White Wind there is the capacity to translate the formless into form; to learn to ride the breath into the center of your soul; to celebrate the connectivity of trees, air, breath and wind; to convey your truths; to cultivate the art of communication in its myriad modes; to listen for the voice of the sacred and hear the divine callings amidst the clamor of density and distraction; to forego the limits of the rational mind and honor and express the currents of inspiration as they whisper and whirl through your life.

Simply put: “Follow your Spirit without hesitation!

To allow and surrender in this centered, grounded and anchored openness of the gift of being an alchemist of energies ~ an awakened Thunder being ~ an expression of electric passion and purpose ~ an embodiment of stillness dancing ~ an empowered self-generator.


KIN 219 Cauac, Blue Spectral Storm (Tone 11). Planet Pluto


We Dissolve to Catalyze Releasing Energy We seal the Matrix of Self-generation With the Spectral tone of Liberation We are guided by our own power doubled


Blue Storm Tribe

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:



The gift of this Cosmic identity is to be an alchemist of energies ~ an awakened Thunder being ~ an expression of electric passion and purpose ~ an embodiment of stillness dancing ~ an empowered self-generator. As Blue Storm, you have the capacity to be an activator of transformation; to be a lucid world changer; to be an agent of circulation, renewal, breakthrough and freedom; to honor catharsis and upheaval as potent forces of cleansing and clearing; to ascertain the vital role of vibration in shaping realities; to access the force of your inner spark as your ultimate source of power; to unleash the lightning of your soul and the calm resilience of your presence; to be the I Am of the eye of the storm.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Direction: West: Transforms ~ Chakra: Root ~ Planet: Pluto


Tone 11: Spectral

Contemplate these code-words to invoke your key powers:


Tone 11 represents the power of creative dissolution and dissonant structure. The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Freedom.

Activate your Spectral powers by releasing rigid concepts and definite notions of what should be; by being willing to explore an entire spectrum of potentiality; by surrendering to the “spectral flow” of spontaneous detours, seeming disruptions, and what may appear as chaos; by allowing structure to dissolve in order to be liberated into new possibilities; by celebrating the constructive forces of deconstruction; by learning to fluidly shape-shift; by freeing yourself and others from limiting perceptions; by letting go into the vastness of formlessness; by freeing your soul – releasing into the majesty of your full wing-span; by submitting your personal will to the Great Mystery as it reveals itself in every moment…

Reference to

Blessings to All.

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