Crystalline Rainbow

Be Welcome to connect and align.

Personal notes:

After breakfast and a talk with Arthur about the energy point in the hallway we met Patricia, the touring guide. We started the morning by gathering at the Vortex Point in the Hallway whilst Arthur laid the Arthurian Tarot Cards. After this I sprayed some Worldwide Essence for the start of the journey at this point.

Patricia was so kind to tell me the history of this Hotel.

The Gran Hotel Bolívar, is a historic hotel located on Plaza San Martin. Designed by noted Peruvian architect Rafael Marquina, it was built in 1924 (note the year via numerology – 2+4=6) and was the first large, modern hotel built in Lima. It was build on an Ancient Sacred Site of the Inca’s. During the opening ceremony many tribes attended.

Part of a program to modernize Lima, the hotel was constructed on what was state property. The hotel was inaugurated on December 6, 1924, in honor of the centenary of the Battle of Ayacucho, a decisive military encounter during the Peruvian War of Independence.

In the 1940s and 1950s, the hotel attracted Hollywood movie stars such as Orson Welles, Ava Gardner and John Wayne, where many also discovered the local cocktail, the Pisco Sour.

Entry Hall.Gran Hotel

Arthur and Pieter had left  to arrange some final details with the Travel Agency. The group went with Patricia for a walk through Lima Center. Patricia asked me personally to give her a sign of special energy areas during the walk. I had my crystal bag with me to leave crystals in various areas as a token of Gratitude.

We started the walk just across the Hotel. First we went to a statue of three Goddesses statue build in 1912 which was connected to the 3 numerology by the year that it was build.

The Plaza San Martín is one of the most representative  public spaces of the city of Lima, Peru. It is located at the ninth block of Colmena avenue, within the Historic Center of Lima which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988 by UNESCO. It is located near the Plaza Mayor of Lima and is connected to it by the Jiron de la Union. Its central monument gives homage to Peru’s liberator,  Jose de San Martin. The square itself was inaugurated on July 27, 1921 (note the year via numerology – 2 + 1=3), in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Peru’s independence.

There are 8 entrances plus the center which correspond with the numerology of 9.

The plaza maintains uniformity with respect to its buildings’ facades. Its overall appearance is primarily baroque; the buildings, plaza, and central monument all cohere to uniform and specific styles. The architectural style to which most of the surrounding buildings belong to is that of the neohispanic or neocolonial styles within the realm of European derived architecture.

Here I noticed the prolonged Sacred Geometry together with the Chakana form in the plaza. Notice also the center which is the 13th, the journey to beyond.


After this we walked further in the center whilst Patricia explained various details along the way. There are many churches build on Ancient Inca Sites which drew me away from the group whilst giving a message to Patricia about this. One of them was a chapel devoted to Mother Mary and other Ladies. I placed a Mangano Crystal upon the altar of Lady Fortuna there.

I almost lost the group as they continued walking with Patricia. The next destination was San Pedro church were I went shortly inside.

San Pedro

We walked further to the next plaza which contained the City Hall, Jesus Christ Church and the Major’s office building. The plaza had a very feminine energy flow almost like you as being rocked in a cradle.

Known for its extensive history and past Andean cultures including the Chavin, the Incas and the Moche, Lima is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and brimming with glorious landmarks and ancient monuments. The city’s famous Basilica Cathedral is one of the most important landmarks standing today and it dominates the Plaza Mayor in the heart of downtown Lima.lima_plaza_armas4


The final destination was San Francisco of Assisi church where a ceremony would be done by one of the members of the group in the Museum. At the side of the Church two Ancient Rocks were still there signifying that it was build upon an Ancient Inca Sacred Site. One by one we felt the energy of this. Than we walked further and I was drawn to enter the San Francisco church and place a crystal there. I told one of the group members that I was entering there before I entered. Unfortunately the group did not enter the church and went straight to the monastery or museum. When I came out of the church I could not find the group again so I felt guided to return to the Hotel to later join up with the group again.


For everyone this was a confusing moment. My apologies for this. Later on I saw Carmen and Patricia walking away from the Hotel and I joined them to walk to the restaurant were we all had lunch and celebrated Dietlinde’s birthday.


We all returned to the Gran Hotel Bolivar to continue our journey to Pisco by bus.



Monday, June 5 city walk in Lima plus bus ride to Pisco

Red Wave 1 – The Inner Mother birthing the Wakefulness in Openness.

KIN 13 – Red Cosmic Skywalker of the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation, light code 13:13:7 to celebrate the connection with Source, celebrating Life with the open space of discovery and wakefulness with courage to reach beyond boundaries and safety, to dive into the unknown. To be an open channel to receive messages.

naamloos (9)Chant: Cimi, Caban, Akbal, Lamat, BEN

Planets: Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Venus

Tone 13 is coming home to start a new beginning.

A celebration of connection with Source in Lima and Pisco together with Source, celebrating Life and its many gifts with Gratitude to BE in the resonance of the natural supportive spiral movement of the East with its knowledge that death or release is just a boundary where reality continues. Only there where the open space is presented something or anything new can present itself. Dare to let go off that which no longer serves the Now.

As we move onwards into the Wisdom of the North with the Ancient Elders allowing and surrendering to the navigation of evolution in its synchronicity within and without. The empowerment of Earth is a loving leading force that asks to be in movement, to let and trust the step(s) in your passageway.

From the West, the spiral moves so that we All can face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of Silence and the power of darkness or shadow plus the openness of dreams. The received information may surprise you have no fear, be silent and experience the abundance.

To move into the spiral of the hidden power of the South within its harmonics of beauty and elegance and All Artistic Skills. With one fingertip, the Star(s) could just add that touch whereby creation is Art and radiates this out into the world plus the Universe.

Now in presence center, ground and anchor this courageous exploration of wakefulness bringing you home to start a new beginning. Receive its messages.

Archetypes13.Red Skywalker






Bus ride from Lima to Pisco.

Pisco is a Quecha word that means “bird.” The area is often visited because of the concentration of marine animals and birds at the Paracas National Reserve, or the Peruvian Galápagos. At the reserve, there are the Islas Ballestas, a collection of islands which are off limits to people, but boat tours can get close to. The Chincha Islands are also near its coast. Many bird species can be seen in the islands including pelicans, penguins, cormorant, Peruvian boobies and Inca terns, as well as sea lions, turtles, dolphins, and whales.

We will be staying overnight in Pisco.


Gratitude blessings to All.


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