Crystalline Rainbow


Tuesday, June 6 still overnight in Pisco yet travelling during the day to Ballestas Islands and Tambo Colorado

Personal notes:

At Hotel Emancipador, Pisco I first spent the morning with Yoga exercising with roommate Els on the beach. After this we had our breakfast. Arthur did a layout with the Arthurian Tarot for the group to prepare the energy flow for the day.

IMG_1823 Some how or other a miscommunication occurred whereby instead of early in the morning we went later in the morning to the Ballestas Island. The group was split up into three connections. One group with the Upper World of the Birds, another group with the Middle World with the Spirit of the Penguins and another group with the Lower World the Sea Lions.  I was placed in the group that was connecting with the Sea Lions.

We All went into a speed boat to the Calendro and than onwards to the area of the National Reserve Islands.

Meaning of Sea Lions as a Spirit Animal – Lower World.


Seal’s medicine includes protection during change, dreaming and lucid dreaming, imagination, creativity, protection from danger, movement through emotions, the inner voice

Celtic beliefs imply the human connection to animals is literal. It is believed that animals have the power to change into human form, and that entire clans are descended from the union of these animal people and humans. Dogs, wolves and cats are some of these animals, and one of the most common associations is with seal-people (selchies).Whether one believes this to be literally true or not, this is a powerful suggestion that we are more closely linked to the animals than we may think, and may inspire us to look into these connections in more depth.

Seals spend much of their lives in the sea, but they give birth on land. This shows us that there are 2 necessary things that help fulfil our dreams and visions. These are formed deep within us, and are nurtured through the power of our ability to envision them using all our senses. They are most easily made ‘real’ by us when we implement practical and material acts. a lot of the time when us humans are ‘creating’ something, the feeling side of things is absent.

During the mating season, males can partake in extremely savage battles one minute and be playful and amusing the next. Seals have the agility to move from anger to complete calm.


Seals are (obviously) sea mammals, and are highly symbolic of our feeling, sensual selves. The seal helps us to remember our connection to our deep inner rhythms, feelings, and knowing, as represented by the sea. As humans generally believe themselves to be apart from ‘animals’, when really we are a-part of them, we often fight giving in to these deep rhythms and are afraid of ‘losing’ what we consider to be ourselves. When we are afraid of drowning in these depths, Seal being a good swimmer and knowing how to flow with the ever changing current, reminds us how to swim with the current. When we do this the negative feelings we have created such as worry, fear and anxiety are released from our minds. If seal enters your life, you are being asked to review the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions and find and keep up a point of balance.

Water is a creative element and symbolises the feminine imagination and intuition. If the seal appears in your life, pay close attention to your imagination and insight – in the waking state and in dreamtime. A lot of what you imagine generally has a strong basis in reality, no matter how far-off it may seem. People with seal as a power animal are generally highly imaginative and very creative. They will need activities that channel and direct this. The Seal/Sea Lion can show you how to develop and focus your imagination.


Rather than having external ears, seals have small openings. This shows their deep affinity with their inner voice, and can show you how to listen to your inner self, balance your life to it. Your dreams will become more vivid and significant.

Seals swim both below and above water, giving them the ability to experience both the inner and outer worlds.


They teach those with this totem how to flow, how to hear, and how to discover the deeper mysteries of their true nature. Seals are keepers of wisdom. They reveal to us what is hidden deep within ourselves, and teach us how to integrate our imagination with the reasoning power of the intellect. This will give balance and harmony on all levels.

The seal which is so sleek and gorgeous in the water, teaches us how to feel at home in our bodies, and to uncover our inner beauty.

Meaning of Humbolt Penguins as a Spirit Animal – Middle World.


If Penguin has swam across your path;

He or she is reminding you that although things may seem chaotic right now there is a definite order in this chaos. Know that by continually moving forward with your plans and dreams and handling each small piece as it comes to you – you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is usually the most chaotic just before a big breakthrough happens.

Alternatively know that you have the ability to adapt to any situation brought to you at this time. Keep flexible and remain centered within yourself and keep moving forward. Know that you have a good connection between the physical and the spiritual and that you will simply know what is expected from you.


If Penguin is your Animal Totem;

You have the ability to create anything and everything you choose in life. You understand the concept of teamwork and utilize it constantly in order to get what you want. You know exactly where you are going and what you are trying to accomplish at all times. You move easily between the physical and spiritual realms and often have a gift for Lucid Dreaming. You are polite, proper and never forget your manners. You enjoy cultural exchanges and high societal affair. Many of you are diplomats and politicians.

In the beginning it was difficult to spot the Penguins on the Islands but by the open space of returning many of them were spotted on the cliffs. It gave a surge of the lightness of amusement and joy.

Meaning of Birds as a Spirit Animal – Upper World.

If Heron has come wading across your path;

It is time to look deeper into aspects of your life that will bring out innate wisdom and show you how to become self-reliant. Are you grounding yourself regularly? Heron teaches that grounding yourself in the earth and your spiritual beliefs will help you discover emotional insights more clearly and more quickly.

Alternatively he could be teaching you how how to become comfortable in uncertain situations and to be watchful of opportunities to arise so that you can quickly grasp them and move on.

If Heron is your Animal Totem;

You love to explore various activities and dimensions of Earth life. On the surface, this may seem like a form of dabbling, but more than likely you are wonderfully successful at being a traditional ‘Jack of all trades’.

This ability enables you to follow their own path. Most people will never quite understand the way you live because on the surface it seems to be unstructured without stability or security to it. It is, though, just a matter of perspective. There is security underneath it all, for it gives you the ability to do a variety of tasks. If one way does not work, then another will. This is something you seem to inherently know.

You do not seem to need a lot of people in your life, nor do you feel pressured to keep up with the material world, or to be traditional in your  life roles. You stand out in your uniqueness, and you know how to snatch and take advantage of things and events that the average person would not even bother with.

If Seagull has flown across your path;

It’s time to take a different perspective on things. Take a moment and step back from everything that you are currently dealing with and look at it from a different angle. Your solution lies in changing your attitude towards the problem at hand. Soar above the drama and look through your own emotional boundaries so that you can find creative new ways to move forward. There is a clue in using the long hidden resources you already have.

Alternatively Seagull is reminding you that everything has a purpose and that there are currently many things in your life that need to be redefined and reassigned. Take a moment to sort through the clutter and let go of that which you can no longer use.

There is always opportunity in everything and it can be found in the most unlikely places. Things may seem a little barren and unproductive right now, however even the most unlikely places can bear an opportunity for your new resources. The point is to realize that you are in this place and time for a reason. Remain optimistic and know that this reason will be revealed. Trust your instincts and follow through.


If Seagull is your Animal Totem;

You know an opportunity when you see one and stick with it until it has been fulfilled. You also have a knack for turning the most unlikely things to your advantage. You are also very productive and creative in using limited resources to their full advantage. With Seagull as your totem, you love to congregate in large crowds and have no trouble defining your space in communal situations. You are fearless and will often look people in the eye and challenge them to find a better way to resolve issues. Your ingenuity is constantly apparent to others and you are always willing to challenge your own comfort zone. You have a healthy respect for others but they must earn your respect.


Many birds flew over especially in the beginning of the boat ride. They flew in various formations across the sky and very close over our heads.


After this we had a lovely vegetarian lunch at the docks of Ballestas islands.

We than left by bus to Visit the Tambo Colarodes Ancient Site area. Many accident occurred along the way to this Ancient Site including a car accident, a pole that blocked the road and a bird was hit by the bus along the way. These were signs and signals for the group. Arthur decided to do a Arthurian Tarot layout for the group before we entered the premises. Upon entering in the main entrance I felt a strange vibration that touched my heart area. When the guide explained about this it was that woman were offered here to the Gods. We all entered here to face this challenge through the various areas and afterwards walked around the area. In the museum the guide was able to relate the Ancient History of the Inca’s.

After this we returned to the Hotel Emancipador in Pisco. For a well deserved dinner and good night sleep.


White Wave 2 – the Inner Shaman, the Night Seer or Magician.  Magic, Timelessness

KIN 14 – White Magnetic Wizard of the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation, light code 14:1:8 attract and unify the goal to initiate new creations in alignment with the higher goal and Gods Will of the Magic of the Inner Shaman in Timelessness.

White Magnetic WizardChant: Chicchan, Ix, Kan, Manik, IX

Planets: Asteroid Belt or Planet Maldek, Jupiter, Earth

Tone 1 is to attract the unity of the goal as you initiate new creations in alignment with the higher goal and Gods Will.

An initiation of unity flowing in new creation in alignment with Divine Will following the Divine Waters in the resonance of the natural supportive spiral movement of the East with its Life Force of Instincts within the body wisdom of kundalini energy. Releasing the old skin to allow the new skin to reveal itself with its messages of sensuality of dance, movement and love.

As we move onwards into the Wisdom of the North with the Inner Shaman or Magician with its magical openness of who you are now and where you are now is exactly that what is. This contains the key to the realisation of dreams. Receive what is there now in this timelessness.

From the West, the spiral moves so that we All can face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of Universal Consciousness and possibilities of germination in fertile ground seeding the growth and development.

To move into the spiral of the hidden power of the South within its accomplishing empowerment of touching and embracing the form of healing and co creation. To dance the Sacred Dance of Wholeness.

Now in presence center, ground and anchor this open space of the Inner Shaman or Magician that journeys within the realms of who you are now and where you are now is All that you ever wished for.

Archetypes14.White Wizard


Ballestas Islands

The Ballestas Islands are a group of small islands near the town of Paracas located within the Paracas District of the Pisco Province in the Ica Regio, on the south coast of Peru. Composed largely of rock formations and covering an estimated area of 0.12 km², these islands are an important sanctuary for marine fauna like the guanay guano bird, the blue footed booby and the tendril. Other notable species include Humboldt penguins and two varieties of seals (fur seal and sea lions), amongst other mammals.

Ballestas Island.5 Sea Lions

These islands are accessible from the resort town of Paracas (near Pisco) by tour boat which typically lasts 2 hours. During the visits, it is not uncommon for the sea lions to approach the tourist boats and make spectacles for the visiting tourists. The sea lions are also responsible for a unique audio spectacle with their wolf-pack cries that echoes around the Ballestas and creates an effect of a 360-degree surrounding choir.

On the way to the islands, on the Paracas Peninsula, visitors will notice El Candelabro, a large-scale geoglyph that may have served as a beacon to mariners. The mystery as to the origins of this particular geoglyph is ongoing with much speculation. The visit to the Ballestas Islands is, from an ecotourism point of view, probably the best known along the Peruvian coast.


Tambo Colorado

The Tambo Colorado is a well-preserved Inca adobe complex near the coast of Peru, also known under the Quechua names Puka Tampu (“red resting place”), Pukallaqta (“red place”) or Pukawasi (“red house”).


The site is located just inland from the south coast of Perú in the Pisco River Valley about 40 km along the highway to Ayacucho known as the Via de los Libertadores, close to the town of Pisco.

Digital reconstruction of original Inca painting on Room 42 wall, Tambo Colorado. Data is derived from a CyArk/University of California research partnership.


The site was most likely built at the end of the 15th century during the reign of the Inca king Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui also known as Pachacutec, after the annexation of the merchant kingdom of Chincha.

Tambo Colorado.2


The site owes its name to the abundant use of colors on the walls. Thanks to favorable (very dry) environmental conditions, many walls at Tambo, both internal and external, retain enough residual colored paint to accurately reconstruct what the original wall painting would have been like. Color here was often applied in horizontal strips of red, black, white, and yellow ochre atop stucco, and variation in color would accentuate architectural features such as niches. Trapezoidal niches at Tambo have one or two recesses each, likely used for the placement of important objects. As with all Inca constructions, the overall dimensions of niche construction are standardized across the entire site.



Plan of Northern Palace, Tambo Colorado, cut from a Laser Scan. Data is derived from a CyArk/University of California research partnership

The site consists of several structures around a large central plaza. The central plaza is shaped like a trapezoid with its largest side being 150 m long. The main structures are grouped together in a northern part and a southern part (Sector Norte and Sector Sur). These structures are known as the Northern palace and the two Southern Palaces, flanked by an Ushnu (raised ceremonial platform) and a building known as the Utilities Structure.

The combination of Chincha and Inca architectural techniques can be seen in the place.


It is believed to have been used by the Incas as an administrative and control site on the main road from the coast to the highlands.


A small on-site museum is located near the entrance of the complex.


Gratitude Blessings to All.

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