Crystalline Rainbow

Visit to Pumamarca. Overnight in Ollantaytambo.

Personal Notes:

We picked up Fernando Escobar on the way from the Hotel as he lives in Pisac. This was quite a climb up the mountain slopes.  Along the way I had problems with my breathing but made it on the top after a lady in the group assisted me with a breathing exercise as I was hyperventilating at a certain point.

The scenery and the feeling of this Sacred area of Pachamama was felt through every part and every level of my being. When I reached the top a big hurrah was sounded by the group. After this I broke down emotionally with tears. Many struggles and strives went through me of past illnesses, relationships and how I had experienced this. It was good to purify, release and transform this into the now of a gratitude for the lessons and learning.


KIN 23 – Blue Planetary Night of the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation, light code 23:10:17 to manifest the perfection and place qualities within trust and gratitude of the empowerment of silence. The Night is the power of darkness and dreams. This darkness or shadows is where other senses are awakened. Supported by the spiral movement of Inner Guidance and Divine Intelligence within the magical playfulness of humor. To be challenged, strengthened and create a opportunity of exploration and wakefulness as a channel of messages to touch the hidden power of insight and reflection of Cosmic Order of Truth.

Blue Planetary NightChant: Cib, Chuen, Ben, Etznab, AKBAL

Planets: Saturn, Venus, Mars, Neptune

Pumamarca – the tail of the puma.


Pumamarca ruins are about 2.5 hours from the Inca town of Ollantaytambo and it is one of the most popular of the Sacred Valley destinations. The area is very interesting because it is a place where the Spaniards suffered one of their few defeats in a direct confrontation with the Incas. Pumamarca is a fortress built on a steep slope, which was built to control the entrance to the Sacred Valley of the nearby jungle. A steep climb will be rewarded with a beautiful panoramic view and the knowledge that you will be visiting a place known only to a few tourists.




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