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Cosmic Turtle Moon Spiral – June 27 through Monday, July 24.

A little early but we will just have returned from Peru and also I promised a friend I would place this for him.

Cosmic Moon of Presence

Cosmic Turtle Moon Spiral

The Creative Vision of Communicating with Spirit

Tuesday, June 27 through Monday, July 24

Keys: Presence, Transcendence, to Bare/to Persist

“To transcend is to go beyond the present state of conditioned being:

This is the purpose of life.” – Cosmic History Chronicles.

General Information:

Full Moon on Saturday, July 8 = White Resonant Worldbridger guided by White Resonant Mirror

Vayeb – Friday, July 21= Start 5-day End of Year Purification Cycle = Blue Resonant Storm guided by Blue Resonant Monkey.

New Moon on Sunday, July 23 = Red Solar Dragon guided by Red Solar Earth.

Day out of Time – Tuesday, July 25 = Blue Spectral Night.

Tone 13

An open space to relax and rest. Enjoy what has been created and brought forward and at the same space receive the energy for the next moon spiral. You no longer have to do anything, just BE. Live! You are at the magic space/spiral of what has been and what will be. It’s the rest after you’ve been to the highest point of the wave. Listen to the crushing splash of the little bubbles on the water!

Written by Nicole Zonderhuis and translated into English by Carla Harren.

Tone 13, symbolized by the spiral, represents the dynamic of movement present in everything and by which everything is ever-changing and vivified by universal, cosmic life force.

The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Omnipresence.

Activate your Cosmic powers by being a disciple of the present moment; by cultivating your capacities to be wakeful and receptive to each new now; by going beyond the rational mind and letting yourself think with your ancient heart; by being conscious of your continuum, while still living in the moment; by learning to “ride the spiral,” ascending to higher levels of being; by allowing your cosmic spirit to carry you through the many journeys of trial and triumph this life has to offer; by transcending fears of the future; by transcending regrets of the past; by transcending the limits of linear time and synchronizing with the radial flow of synchronic reality; by recognizing us all to be but evolving children of an ever-unfolding cosmos…

Written by


The Turtle or “Aak” in Mayan, is famous for its high age and her patience, and is therefore appropriate for the last Moon of the year.


According to the Story or Legend or Myth of the Turtle and the Tree they are the Wisest Grandchildren of the Galaxy, because they are initiated in the Wisdom or Knowledge of Time. The Turtle carries the Wisdom of Time on its shield or back. The inner shield consists of 13 faces just like the 13 Moons of a Year. The outer ring of the shield consists of 28 faces, just as many days are in a Moon month.


But also in many other cultures, the Turtle is considered as a sacred animal because of its many special qualities; the Turtle is always home because she carries her house on her back. She does not get attached to places. She feels at home, as well as in the water as on land. If there is a risk of danger, she pulls her head into her shield, but Turtle also knows that to get on or move in life, she should protrude her neck.


The Mayan Goddess “Mayahuel” is the nutrition and fertility goddess. She was portrayed in a squatting position on a Turtle. She is the guardian of the uterus from which life is born. As such, she was also called “Ayopechtli”, sitting on a Turtle.

The sweat lodge is also a symbol for the uterus and for the Turtle.

Written by Nicole Zonderhuis and translated into English by Carla Harren.

To bare/to persist

The American Indians call their land also “Turtle Island”. According to an old legend, when there was a conflict between the first humans, the Great Mystery decided to purify the Earth via Water. The only survivor after this Great Flood was one man, a couple of animals and some birds. The man drifted there, a lonely soul in this big ocean, restraining himself on a tree trunk. Turtle saw the man’s critical condition and allowed him to take place on her back. Thus, Turtle became a home for all that lives and this island is the current continent of America.

This is what this last Moon of the year asks you to do; be compassionate with all that lives and too offer help or assistance. Let everything or nothing Be in its full Presence of Now, from there a state of inner peace exists. And with a smile within and without, just as the Buddhist say.

Written by Nicole Zonderhuis and translated into English by Carla Harren.


The mission or theme of the Cosmic Turltle

Blue Solar EagleChant: Kan, Chuen, Chicchan, Cimi, MEN

Planets: Jupiter, Venus, Asteroid Belt of Planet Maldek, Mars

KIN 35, Blue Solar Eagle, light code 35:9: Cosmic Moon of Presence.

Mudra: hands cupped together at the heart, moving hands up over the eyes and then out to the sides, as if soaring like an eagle or condor.

Symbol: gathering of eagles or condors, third eye, violet flame

Color: lavender

Herbs: nasturtium, raspberry, mint

Flowers: daisy, zinnia

Scents: lavender, lilac, heather

Stones: lepidolite, singing crystals, amethyst, amethyst elestial crystal

In this supportive or that what comes natural spiral movement of growth and development seeding into the fertile ground for germination to go inwardly in the spiral movement of magical playfulness of humor with its innocence, spontaneity of the Pure Inner Child allowing the artistry to be transparent.  As we now face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of listening to messages of our body as a tool or transformation sign or signal. Learn how to use passion and the senses as a means of access and alignment to higher consciousness. Follow your gut level intuition and instincts to make choices in the Presence of Now to emerge into flowering awakened awareness of dying, releasing that which no longer serves the Now whilst transmuting to forgiveness and humility being in balance in revealation.  Now in Presence Center, ground and anchor in this spiral of hope and commitment to give passionate service to the universal consciousness with a Universal Mind as you believe in the Pureness of One Heart Love to allow and surrender to dreams and visions to bring it into reality.



Some Sacred Sites in Peru plus Munay Ki Rites

Sacred Sites and Vortexes in Peru – James Tyberonn

Hereby a video presentation of the pilgrimage that will occur in July 30-August 8, 2017 organized by James Tyberonn. An impression of the journey


Some of the Sacred Sites in Peru


Ancon, Lima, Peru


Aramu Muru


Cerro Santa Apolonia

Ancient Temple Chavin de Huantar


Choquequirau near Cusco


Pucapucara just outside of Cusco




Lake Titicaca



Machu Picchu



Moray, Peru







Nazca_culture_mummies_cemetery_in_Peru (2)






Sacred Valley


Temple de Pachacamac


Temples of Sun and Moon, Trujillo



Tres Cruces


Volcan Pichu Pichu



Volcan Sabancaya



Volcan Tutujaca



The Munay Ki – Rites of Passage and Initiation

Munay Ki comes from a Quechua word that means ‘I love you.’ The Munay Ki consist of nine rites of initiation, which are transmitted energetically to those individuals who wish to acquire deep power and wisdom to act as stewards for our planet and all life on it. The rites connect him or her to a lineage of medicine men and women thousands of years old. Traditionally, a student would spend years in apprenticeship in order to be given these rites. Today we live in a different world, where everything is changing at a rapid pace, and many people are increasingly becoming aware of their abilities and roles in protecting their environment and healing themselves in it.


There exists some controversy with regard to the Munay Ki rites as the original rites were “modernized” by Alberto Villoldo, Phd, to make them accessible to people of these modern times.  I do not believe that this has weakened the essence of the rites.  If anything, the wide-spread support amongst peoples of our planet at this time for these rites, has and is serving to focus and strengthen their potential, for, as with everything, energy follows thought.


An introduction to the Munay Ki


The Rites can be transmitted as part of a healing session, on a one-to-one basis, or in a group.


  1. Healer’s rites – supporting the healer within, the Healer’s rites connect the individual to a lineage of luminous beings from the past – the ancient ones, who come to assist in one’s personal transformation and during healing ceremony.  These rites awaken the healing power to manifest in our hands so that we can transmit this energy to everyone we touch.  There is tremendous spiritual assistance available to all, both in our everyday life and in healing our wounds and those of our ancestors.
  2. Bands of Power – providing protection. The Bands of Power are 5 luminous energy belts, representing the 5 elements, which are woven into our luminous energy field for protection.  They act as protection filters and break down any negative energy directed at the individual, into one of the elements.  These energies then feed our luminous energy field, making it stronger, rather than making it weak.
  3. Harmony rites – strengthening and harmonising the chakras, these rites are a transmission of the 7 archetypes into each of the chakras.  Starting with the root chakra, an individual receives the Archetype of the Serpent, this is followed by the Jaguar, the Hummingbird and the Eagle in each following chakra respectively.  Into the last three chakras are transmitted the energies of the three Archangels:  the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the  Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our superconscious).
  4. Seer rites – seeing with the heart, feeling with the mind as extra-cerebral pathways of light are installed, connecting the visual cortex – the third eye to heart chakra.  This connection awakens the “inner seer” and one’s ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.
  5. Daykeeper rites – accessing healing powers of old, these rites connect an individual to a lineage of master healers from the past.  Traditionally, these Daykeepers were midwives, herbalists and healers who assisted in the running of everyday affairs, in births and deaths of all creatures.  Daykeepers are able to call upon ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth.  They call on the sun to rise each morning, and can bring humans into harmony with mother Earth.  These rites help heal our inner feminine, so as to enable us to step beyond fear, to practice peace.
  6. Wisdomkeeper rites – stepping outside of time and space, these rites connect the individual to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and from the future. The rites are associated with the snow-capped mountains, perhaps a distant memory of our ancestors from the Himalayas, from where the sacred rites originated. The Wisdomkeepers are the wise ones, many of whose spirit has taken residence inside the mountains on our planet, guiding, teaching and transmitting knowledge.  These rites help us heal our inner masculine, teaching us to step outside of time, to taste infinity.
  7. Earthkeeper rites – connecting to the Earthkeeper lineage, these rites connect us to the archangel guardians of our galaxy, to the stewards of all life on Earth.  They connect us to the stars and to our Sun.  They bring back into memory an individual’s ability to dream the world into being.
  8. Starkeeper rites – evolving into Homo Luminous. These rites connect and anchor us firmly to the time after the Great Change, a time toward which evolution is taking us.  Our physical body, our DNA, begins to evolve into that of the Homo Luminous.  We start to age differently and become resistant to disease as our DNA is re-informed.
  9. Creator rites – accessing divine co-creation.   These rites awaken in the individual the Creator-light within her or him. They bring us in touch with a profound sense of stewardship for all creation – from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies.  Once attained only through direct transmission from Spirit, these rites can now be transmitted from one person to another.

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