Crystalline Rainbow


The Magical Playfulness of Inspiration and Poetry

Resonate Monkey Moon (7)

Wednesday, January 10 through Tuesday, February 6


Core: Balance, Organise, Equality

General Information:

New Moon on January 17 = Blue Overtone Storm – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

Full Moon on January 31 = Red Resonate Skywalker – Total Full Moon Eclipse

Monkey God

This Monkey Moon reminds us to attune and align to the world that surrounds us, and to be a channel for this. 7 is the center between Tone 1 and 13. It is the spinal chord, the only joint in the center of the body. This is the channel or messenger. The center is free from polarity. It is neither left nor right, neither the past nor the future. The number 7 represents the center, to be in the Presence of Now. Allow and surrender to the energetic resonance of above to below and back again as it flows. Attune and melt with it! Be in Spirit and receive inspiration.

Resonance of 13 Moons and also 13 Tones.

Resonance of steps


Common to all temples of “The Temple of the Feathered Serpent”, is the numerical progression from 1 through 13, with 7 at the mid-point. By looking closely at these three numbers only, we can get a generic overview of the inner dynamics of all 20 temples. And, being mindful of the present cosmic moment, we can determine the sacred calendar symbolism directly related to the “birth” of the Harmonic Concordance event, by locating the portion of The Lightning Path within which it takes place. The three key numbers related to the sacred calendar.

Mayan Pyramid

Number one refers to the first chacla, what the Maya call K’UL. This center refers to the core, unifying vibration at the base of the inner temple. It represents our most primal and personal connection to the Earth and is the source of the evolutionary force commonly known by its Hindu name, kundalini, but known to the Classic Maya as itz (EETZ) and to modern-day Mayan calendar shamans, as coyopa (koy-oh-PAH), “the lightning in the blood”. The Maya designate this chacla with four marks:

Mayan symbol for first chakra

Mayan symbol for first chakra


Number seven is widely understood as the most mysterious and mystical of all numbers. Traditionally, seven is the number denoting synthesis and coordination, hidden direction and power. Seven orients us to the realm of our deepest destiny. It is the number denoting all shamans, and in the case of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, number 7 reveals a natural hierarchy of psycho/spiritual qualities, capable of guiding such “technicians of the sacred”, to full activation of the all-inclusive 7th, or Crown chakra, seat of the Divine intelligence and bliss that naturally arises through revelation of one’s sovereign place in the universal flow.


Number thirteen in Mayan cosmology is the number of universal movement. It represents the aspect of cyclic process where completion of one stage or cycle, naturally leads on to the start of another stage, or cycle, altogether. Thirteen is the wild card, the touch of destiny and relates to inter-dimensional shifts and unseen forces.



This is the open space where inspiration is flowing. The Monkey in an positive resonance is the happy and delightful creation, always in for some playfulness. It is the inner child, free from experiences, no set boundaries, adventurous that allows freedom flow of what comes as it comes. The Mayans relate to the Monkey as the one that brought forth writing. You can see the Monkey on various ancient glyphs, bent over a jacquard skin bounded book of the codex, with a pen in its hand.

Monkey God

Be in the magic of humor and playfulness during these 28 days and nights.

Question: How can I attune and align on All what is?


Theme of Mission of this Moon:

Yellow Spectral HumanChant: Manik, Eb, Ik, Muluc, Eb

Planets: Earth, Uranus, Mercury

May All be supported in accomplishing the step by step understanding of wholeness.

May All be in the Highest Good with Divine Guidance of the Free Will to Choose.

May All be in the flow of the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of the breath of being nourished within the soul and be inspired to speak your truth.

May all communicate this inspiration in flexibility and changes.

May this hidden power of Universal Water be the invitation to call upon fluidity, adaptability, resilience and ability to change states.

May All be acquired through experimenting with the free will options as an inner light.

Wisdom offers insight and foresight, guiding the choices of our lives and inspiring us to assist our greater community.

Allow and surrender to the Blue Monkey as it reminds us we are all children of the universe here to play with the every-day magic we are immersed in embracing spontaneity and honor this play as an essential part of the wholeness of life in laughter and smiles.



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