Crystalline Rainbow

5. Clear Quartz Cluster Energetic Elixir

with Blue Color Resonance

Dec. 8, 2017 through February 20, 2018

(This is inclusive the resonance of the Total Full Moon Eclipse of January 31 and the Partial New Moon Eclipse of February 15)

Ready for delivery per Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

Can be ordered for the donation of Euro 11,00 (exclusive shipping costs) via or via the website form.

Place 3 drops of this elixir in a glass of mineral water and drink it during the day.

Place 3 drops of this elixir in a glass of mineral water and drink this before you go to sleep and dreamtime.


Description: Clear Quartz Clusters and Blue Color Vibration

Reference: Andre Molenaar and Colour Scents – Healing with Colours & Aroma, Suzy Chiazzari


The aim is to give the quartz a heavier accent on a plane so that this stone could come to a relatively rapid exchange of color vibration in the energetic field of humans in those areas where an extra energy boost is required.

Clear Quartz Cluster:


A crystal cluster has many points emerging from the base. They can be small or very large and each one is unique. Crystal clusters radiate energy into the area around them and can also be used to absorb negative energy.


Clusters have been used for healing, meditation and expanding the mind to touch the spirit world.

Quartz crystals are used for protection and capturing and changing bad vibrations. The strong Quartz crystal cluster is used to:

  • Enhance harmony and cooperation
  • Help the life force to be positive

Extremely popular metaphysically, Clear Quartz is known as the “Master Healer” of the mineral kingdom, with its very high vibration, and is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz is said to be the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is also known as the “Stone of Power” and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz is believed to protect against negativity, attune to your higher self, and relieve pain.

Clear Quartz can be associated with all the elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Clear Quartz brings the spiritual message of light, pureness and clarity. It is old, wise and at the same time young of spirit and clear in action.

Affirmation: My knowing is clear and I may be purified of daily imperfections.


Throat chakra Blue 5 Stimulates creativity in all kinds of forms, there is an impulse to express yourself, to show yourself or be listened too. Introvert people will notice that they are able to come forward. (Physically works on the vocal cords, the thyroid gland, the tonsils and the lungs).



core quality words – intuition, loyalty, truth, purity of word 

Blue is the color of peace and infinity. In the color puncture, it is a cool color and has a calming effect. It is the color of the pituitary and the endocrine system.

All diseases with a heat require the blue effect. The calming effect of blue is also active in unrest in the body, such as purulent inflammation and pain. All types of pain can be influenced by beaming blue light.

Blue is the color of oxygen which surrounds Mother Earth and also Father Sky, reminding us that we belong to both the physical and spiritual realm.
Peace is always connected with blue, and it is the color of loyalty, truth and hope.
Blue is the color chosen to represent the medical profession and it is this caring, healing quality coupled with knowledge and understanding, that embodies blue energy.

It is very healing color as it soothes and calms the mind and cools our systems and helps boost the body’s own healing mechanism.

The most important therapeutic quality of blue is pain relief, for it cools, soothes and heals. Blue helps us listen to the messages coming from our intuition, and promotes sensitivity to beauty and creative arts.

As blue has an affinity with the throat chakra, it cleanses and purifies our words so that we desire to speak well of others.

The lesson of blue is to learn to trust your intuition and to take responsibility for oneself.

Positive action, physically, the color blue:

  • Gives relief from headaches, sore throats, reduces fevers, inflammations, sunstroke and migraines
  • Stomach pain and constipation can be favorably affected by Blue
  • Let warts disappear
  • Works good by all kinds of bleeding
  • Improves the condition of the genitalia as the testes and ovaries
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Influences the contraction of muscles, ligaments and connective tissue.
  • Anti-bacterial qualities
  • Treats period pains, backache and eye troubles
  • Good for children ailments and eases pain of circulatory blockages
  • Relieves pain (although you need to treat the problem at source)


Positive functioning, emotionally, the color blue

  • Promotes the ability to express your feelings vocally, and the appreciation of truth, beauty and peace
  • Helps creative expression


Positive functioning, psychologically/mentally, the color blue:

  • Provides relaxation, silence
  • Brings inner calm to the mind and links one to one’s intuition and higher self
  • Gives a feeling of peace and an experience of limitlessness
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Adjusts impotence and frigidity and problems in transition
  • Gives restless and troubled children relaxation to do their homework.

Positive functioning, spiritually, the color blue:

  • Promotes gentleness of spirit and sensitivity
  • Heals the etheric and mends breaks in the aura so that deep inner healing can take place.


Partially Reference: Colour Scents – Healing with Colours & Aroma, Suzy Chiazzari




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