Crystalline Rainbow

7. Clear Quartz Cluster Energetic Elixir

with the resonance of White

Dec. 8, 2017 through February 20, 2018

(This is inclusive the resonance of the Total Full Moon Eclipse of January 31 and the Partial New Moon Eclipse of February 15)

Ready for delivery per Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

Can be ordered for the donation of Euro 11,00 (exclusive shipping costs) via or via the website form.

Place 3 drops of this elixir in a glass of mineral water and drink it during the day.

Place 3 drops of this elixir in a glass of mineral water and drink this before you go to sleep and dreamtime.


Description: Clear Quartz Clusters and White Vibration

Reference: Andre Molenaar and Colour Scents – Healing with Colours & Aroma, Suzy Chiazzari


The aim is to give the quartz a heavier accent on a plane so that this stone could come to a relatively rapid exchange of color vibration in the energetic field of humans in those areas where an extra energy boost is required.

Affirmation: My knowing is clear and I may be purified of daily imperfections.


Crown White 7 On every level purification and protection of the aura.




White is the color of pure sunlight which contains all other colors. Its high vibrations have a cleansing and purifying action on us, working through the crown chakra and activating life force energy (chi) through all our chakras and aura layers.

For most people, their own vibrations are too slow to be sensitive to the healing qualities of white light and therefore we usually direct the healing qualities of the colored components for healing.

For some people who are extremely sensitive, such as some mediums, healers, artists and musicians and those following a spiritual path, white light can be used directly for healing.

We can all, however, benefit from the healing rays in natural sunlight by spending as much time as possible in natural light, as well as making use of the light vibrations captured in this energetic elixir. It helps us all on our path to discovering truth, stillness and inner vision.

Positive action, physical, white:

  • Stimulating the flow of chi through all the chakras-raising energy levels.


Positive action, emotional, White:

  • Cleansing and purifying action on the emotions.


Positive action, mental, white:

  • Liberation and releasing of negative thought patterns and connection with the unconscious and higher mind and heart.


Positive action, spiritual, white:

  • Purification of the spirit allowing for soul growth by connecting the flow of love energy from the higher heart.
  • Opens the crown chakra so we can connect with universal light and experience the state of grace.



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