Crystalline Rainbow

Fluorite Energetic Elixer

Fluorite Energetic Elixir


Fluorite – Purification and Construction – Music tone “A” – Element: Air Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite:

Mental Benefits: Fluorite is a powerful stone for the mind, often called the “genius stone”. Fluorite amplifies and focuses thoughts, and expands mental abilities. It influences mental activities and creates new pathways for the mind.

Fluorite can connect the mental and spiritual planes, increasing concentration, discernment of truth, inspiration and clear decision-making. Fluorite increases objectivity, enhances creativity, and eases meditation. Fluorite is a powerful mental healer that brings order to mental chaos, assists with mental disorders, and frees one from bad habits.

Fluorite calms the mind, making it a powerful sleep aid. The many colors of Fluorite have different mental healing specialties. Green supports healing for the heart and mind. Blue heals the throat, enhances inner peace and calm, and promotes truth, self-expression, loyalty and commitment. Purple increases focus, invites inspiration and honest psychic clarity. White is for creating pathways connecting the individual and universal mind.

Emotional Benefits: Fluorite is a calming stone. It eases the mind and eliminates obsessions that hinder a peaceful spirit. Fluorite is helpful during stressful times that interrupt sleep, helping one to gain objectivity regarding the issues that are causing sleep problems and better manage the situation.

Green Fluorite is especially known for its ability to calm and heal the mind and heart. Blue represents calmness and serenity. Fluorite with either of these colors can help relieve anxiety and insomnia, promoting peace and peaceful sleep.

Physical Benefits: Fluorite can help protect the body from infection. It can purify the body, cleanse the spirit and eliminate viruses or bacteria. Fluorite supports bones and teeth (also for pets). Fluorite is also good for the ears, nose and throat. It supports the digestive system, respiratory system, and lymphatic system. Fluorite aids with sleep, and calms anxiety. It also and helps balance hormones, especially for women.

Spiritual Benefits: Fluorite recharges energy in all areas of the body. It is primarily associated with the Third Eye or the Brow Chakra, where it increases clarity and the ability to see into other realities. Fluorite has the power to bring prophetic dreams by connecting the mind and the spirit’s universal intelligence, opening the channel for sensing the future and for receiving universal wisdom and guidance.

Fluorite excels at calming the spirit and the mind. It can open the mind to connect with the spirit world. Fluorite supports the mind to reach advanced meditative states, promoting exploration of the self and expansion into the spiritual realm. In this meditative state, the mind is open to the universal intelligence, which can bring prophetic dreams, knowledge of past lives, inter-dimensional communication and spiritual energy.



Fluorite grounds, balances and focuses energy. It also absorbs and alters negative energy. Fluorite can be used to activate and access universal energies, resolve Karmic issues, heal holes in auras, nourish the body’s energy and stabilize chaotic energy.


Use of Elixir: Once a day a glass of mineral water containing 3 drops of Fluorite. It increases the will to live.

Fluorite and astrology: Fluorite has a good connection with the constellation Aquarius and Pisces and in a lesser form with Cancer and Capricorn.

Fluorite and the chakras: The energetic basic charge of Fluorite is: purification and building. Fluorite has the best connections with the root/base, third eye and crown chakra. The approval vibrations of Fluorite are: green, blue, violet, ultraviolet and white.

Affirmation: I let go of my body to allow my consciousness to be purified.


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