Crystalline Rainbow

Harmony through Art Skills

within the goal of Universal Consciousness

Yellow Star Wave 20 Cycle

January 26 through February 7, 2018


Core of its Theme/Mission is that of Beauty – Elegance – Art (Yellow Magnetic Star)

The Goal Core is Enlightenment – Universal Fire – Life of Love (Yellow Cosmic Sun)

General information:

This is the last wave of the 260 day and night cycle of the Tzolkin.

On Wednesday, January 31 will be the Full Moon Total Eclipse.


Note: If your birthday falls within this wave this year it will synchronize with this wave during the whole year. Tone 1 will than be for 28 days and nights. Tone 2 will than be for the next 28 days and nights etc. until you come to the 260 days and nights. After this there are 105 days that intensifies the Galactic Signature KIN for example January 26 – KIN 248 Yellow Magnetic Star.

Note: If you are born within this Yellow Star Wave 20 Cycle it will synchronize with you for 52 years. Each tone being 4 years x 13 tones. This is what we would say be your SOUL GALACTIC PATHWAY. After this it starts a new cycle again starting with Tone 1 etc. By than you have learned your lessons and have developed many qualities.

    1. So, we have the 13 days and nights cycle of Yellow Wave 20 that is spiralling in its movement like the DNA.
    2. We also have your year birthday cycle spiralling touching the Galactic signature of the day and night or the Higher Self with Guidance. This intertwines with each other for example the Yellow Star in your Year Birthday is also touched and intensified on January 26.
    3. It may also intertwine with your Soul Galactic Pathway Cycle (day you were born) for example Yellow Star which once more centers, grounds and anchors you as well in your being in the Presence of Now.
    4. For some who are familiar with the Relationship Galactic Cycle it may be a guideline to follow this spiralling movement as well. For example, Yellow Star where is it situated in the relationship and how can you support and uplift each other.


Note: All these cycles come together as One in the same spiralling movement for example when Yellow Star is the Galactic Signature of the day and night.

 Crop Circle.Silbury Hill.Aug.3.2009


LAMAT.Yellow Star Yellow Star is an agent of harmony; keeper of the octave; a way-shower; a star seed; a messenger declaring art as Creator’s omnipresent gift.

Art is how we greet the day; how we respond and interact to the elements in our lives. As a dimension of being and acting, art exists as a universal opportunity for creativity, innovation and expression, each of us adding to the blank canvas of the moment. Art bares the language of the Soul; transparently revealing our divine essence. Art, like the realm of beauty, is naturally occurring, enhanced with intention, is unlimited in its appearances and manifestations, transcends definition, and is measurable by feelings and insight it provokes.

Art, beauty and elegance are vibrational emanations – produced by beneficial combinations, emerging from mindful synthesis.

Yellow Star transmits: Delight in the beauty of your expression. Explore your creative tendencies. Allow the aesthetics of nature to inspire your inner artistic sight and sense. Wield the radiance of the star and light up your outer world from within. Allow grace and harmony to guide your path. Nothing you do is outside the art of your life!

Fire Art

Yellow is resonating the element of Fire, the open space of life and expansion of all personal relationships, projects and actions to bring it out into the world whatever kind of art to co create harmony even in conflicting situations.

With this spiralling movement energetic of the Starput the final touches on your creation, so that it becomes a work of art. The Shadow of the Star is opposition or resistance. These days you can experience a lot of resistance or looking for it. You will be busy with your environment and not have that much contact with your inner world. Radiate occasionally inside to make it light there too! Be Art!

Face of creation: To set or place the right person within its creative open space. To be a creative soul in the collective attuned and aligned open space.

Quality: Make use of empathy to create an environment where everyone comes to its equality state within its creative skill.

Shadow or lesson to be learned: To experience the feeling that the achievement of one’s goal is at the expense of the other.

To do tips: Celebrate the beauty of nature, bring harmony, beauty, elegance and joy into your home, make friends, shine your light, allow art to flow through you and bring it out into the world, let perfection go.

The Mission or Theme of this Yellow Star Wave 20

Yellow Magnetic Star Chant: Chuen, Lamat, Etznab, Ben, Lamat

Planets: Venus, Neptune, Mars

May the quality of supportive spiral movement of the East, be a magical playfulness of humor, within its innocence, spontaneity allowing the art to flow in its transparency for the Highest Good for All.

May the quality of Higher Self together with Divine Guidance of the spiral movement of the North, draw on Love to prune away the disharmony in our lives to access the star seeded essence in the presence of Now.

May the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of the spiral movement of the West, be the gift that other people and life situations provide to see how you maintain illusions. Face your shadow and wield the sword of true in your life to release and forgive.

May the hidden power be revealed in the consciousness for flowering via the spiral movement of the South, to explore your growth edges drawing in the light of courage and compassion and to radiate this out to others.

May this be centered, grounded and anchored in the creation of the spiral movement of All birth rights feeling for harmony and to transform All into beauty and elegance. Creation is Art!


Growth and Development of this Blue Wave 19:

Tone 2 – challenge of working together in being honest about recognizing your limitation as you are human; to be able to embrace it and overcome it.

Light Code 249:2:18 Resonate Monkey Moon

MULUC.Red Moon Muluc, Red Lunar Moon – to purify your emotions. Let be what is and observe your emotion(s) without judgement. Remember who you are in purity. Renew your being.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Imix, Red Lunar Dragon of being the birthing of nourishing nature within and with others, by simply feeling the life which animates us – free of all agenda, free of all aim, free of the need to produce or achieve. With nothing to prove and nowhere to go, we are immersed into the fulfillment of pure existence of effortless essence.


Tone 3 – to be of service and open to possibilities and being part of the solutions.

Light Code 250:3:19 Resonate Monkey Moon

OC.White Dog  Oc, White Electric Dog – as we dwell in our hearts simplicity, love takes the reins within and all our relationships. A path of possibilities effortlessly opens before us All!

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ix, White Electric Wizard to be in authenticity, transparency and healing. When we are able to receive one another, deep truths feel welcomed into expression.


Tone 4 – the creation of planning the action. Defining the limitations and creating a blueprint for success.

Light Code 251:4:20 Resonate Monkey Moon

CHUEN.Blue  Monkey  Chuen, Blue Self Existing Monkey – the power of playfulness and humor. Who is unable to laugh about yourself with your frills becomes unhappy. Life is a magical beautiful journey. Let go of the illusion of the ego and be open for what life is giving you.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Manik, Blue Self Existing Hand of the quality of experiencing what is needed to be in the alignment of the flow. Be open for action in the moment of Now.


Tone 5 – gathering of inner and outer resources to empower yourself and others.

Light Code 252:5:21 Resonate Monkey Moon

EB.Yellow Human  Eb, Yellow Overtone Human – The quality of knowing that thought creates power and to be conscious that it is your responsibility to where your thoughts go to. You have the free will of choice in this intention.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ahau, Yellow Overtone Sun – the quality of dedication and wholeness seeing and experiencing the One from a non-judgemental attitude and consciousness. Be the unconditional Love within and for others.


Tone 6 – to organize the resources and to bring in an efficient way balance in your life and that of others, projects etc.

Light Code 253:6:22 Resonate Monkey Moon – Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

BEN.Red Skywalker  Ben, Red Rhythmic Skywalker – having the courage to explore and the capacity to go beyond boundaries. See and experience life as an adventure be ready to make out of the ordinary decisions.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ben, Red Rhythmic Skywalker spirals into the depths of your inner resources; use every opportunity to observe and discover. Honor the energy of space and its power to influence our consciousness. Explore your capacity to continually re-invent yourself! With deep roots into the earth and broad antennas into the sky, receive the medicine your soul needs to endure life’s transitions and discover trust in the unknown.


Tone 7 – Attune and align within Source. Be inspired, inspire others and creative projects.

Light Code 254:7:23 Resonate Monkey Moon

IX.White Wizard  Ix, White Resonate Wizard with the quality of inner knowing and compassion. Having a group orientated attitude. Who you are now is All that you ever wished for. When we can receive one another, deep truths feel welcomed into expression.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Cimi, White Resonate Worldbridger of the quality of acceptance being in the connecting state of oppositions by letting go of your inner attitude of resistance.


Tone 8 – to stand firm in your integrity, integration and harmony on all levels.

Light Code 255:8:24 Resonate Monkey Moon

MEN.Blue Eagle  Men, Blue Galactic Eagle – the quality of the voyage into the vast creative landscape of your Soul to discover unlimited clear-seeing, fertile imagination and ground-breaking ideas. Vision is a gift. Portray and reveal, so others may also see.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Manik, Blue Galactic Hand of learning, developing and experiencing what needs to be done in alignment with the flow. Take responsibility for directing this to be open to the need of action in the moment of the Presence of Now.


Tone 9 – take a step of action with passion, enthusiasm and directness.

Light Code 256:9:25 Resonate Monkey Moon

CIB.Yellow Warrior  Cib, Yellow Solar Warrior – the quality of analyzing and natural authority. Be the force shield, the communication of cosmic forces; be at home in the cosmic questioning force; integrate the 3 forces of mind, will and spirit to pick up the staff of galactic empowerment.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Eb, Yellow Solar Human of wisdom which is acquired through experimenting with our free will options. As an inner light, wisdom offers insight and foresight, guiding the choices of our lives and inspiring us to assist our greater community. Wisdom and Compassion form our human wholeness.


Tone 10 – perfection and place your quality in trust and gratitude.

Light Code 257:10:26 Resonate Monkey Moon

CABAN.Red Earth  Caban, Red Planetary Earth – The quality of synchronicity and navigation. From an inner centerness and alertness sensing what the next step will be. Effortless direct the path.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Chicchan, Red Planetary Serpent of instinct and passion. To follow your instincts and to choose for life-enhancing activities or acts. Through conscious inner acts you will embody the passion.


Tone 11 – Liberation via releasing to allow and surrender in forgiveness in humbleness and acceptance.

Light Code 258:11:27 Resonate Monkey Moon

ETZNAB.White Mirror  Etznab, White Spectral Mirror with its quality of discrimination and clarity to reflect the Cosmic Order together with the sword of truth to face the shadow or learning and integration of paradox.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Etznab, White Spectral Mirror of the quality of allowing all points of view their validity. Mirror understands all opinions to be subjectively true, knowing within this holographic universe there are no fixed absolutes.


Tone 12 – to explore, discover, share and give expression to insights in openness and love.

Light Code 259:12:28 Resonate Monkey Moon

CAUAC.Blue Storm  Cauac, Blue Crystal Storm – the quality of examining the unique energetic signatures carried by our thoughts, words and actions and experiences we All can refine how we wield our energy, learning to conduct the power and potential of our inner forces most effectively.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Chuen, Blue Crystal Monkey of the quality of weaving new patterns, constructive solutions, artistic expressions or inventions into our lives. Allow this surprise, unexpected change or cosmic detours to dissolve rigidity and control. Don’t take yourself so seriously!


Goal of the Yellow Wave 20

Tone 13 – the transcendence of coming home to start a new beginning. A celebration with Source and Life.

AHAU.Yellow Sun Ahau, Yellow Cosmic Sun – Galactic Activation Portal with high resonance and clarity with its Universal Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Kan, Yellow Cosmic Seed of growth and development in the fertile ground of germination.

Light Code 260:13:1 Galactic Hawk Moon (integrity, integration and harmony)



Yellow Sun is the gift of majesty of Universal Fire, that ignites and enlightens our inner Sun – our internal source of Divine Light. May we All awaken to the precious reality of who we truly are – sparks of the same great fire of Life which illuminates eternity.

Allow the universal fire to burn way doubt and debate. All questions are answered by the searing truth of that which we have always been – the zero; formless consciousness; wholeness.


Yellow Cosmic Sun Chant: Cauac, Kan, Oc, Imix

Planets: Pluto, Mercury, Neptune

May the quality of supportive spiral movement of the East, be the catalyzer of self-generative transformative energy in its multiple functions. Liberating the role bondage to build new structures.

May the quality of Higher Self together with Divine Guidance of the spiral movement of the North, to grow and develop productivity empowered by potential. Seeding this in fertile ground for germination.

May the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of the spiral movement of the West, be the acceptance of human limitations and leadership to be loyal to others and be the openness for creating new possibilities.

May the hidden power be revealed in the consciousness of trust in unlimited possibilities. Be now the source of life with its Divine nurturance and nourishment while vibrating the receptivity of unity. Be in the communication of feelings.

May this be centered, grounded and anchored in the union and wholeness as it ascends in the unconditional love of solar mastery and becomes the Universal Consciousness together with its language of light and limitless bliss. Be the crown of Creation Art!



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