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Enlightenment of Universal Fire – March 19 through March 31, 2018 – Tzolkin Yellow Wave 4

Enlightenment of Universal Fire

Tzolkin Yellow Wave 4

March 19 through March 31, 2018

Including Ostara (Celtic Spring Feast), Equinox,

World Water day, Full Moon


Kumahn-Aya by Ines Guerreiro


General Information:

Sun symbolizes the Universal Fire that enlightens All. Be as the Sun and radiate your Love to All Unconditionally.

Ask yourself how unconditional your deeds are?

What are the underlying motives or expectations?

If these are not of Pure Heart Love Light Source you may be disappointed in this wave of 13 days.

To do tips: enjoy the sunlight, connect with Source, be amongst flowers, meditate and feel the unconditional love for All that Is.

Planet Mars

Mars is about the expression of the will, the motives, about activity, entrepreneurial spirit, energy and desire: The will to get something. In love this means the conquest, the libido and the lust. Only when the (practical) circumstances and the will are in agreement, the expression of Mars gets the opportunity to express itself. If, for example, there is a situation of bondage in one of them, this may block the expression of the function of Mars.

The will is then focused on the existing relationship and thus the mutual attraction in this new contact (Venus) does not get a chance to develop further into a fiery romance.

However, if both partners are open to a new relationship, the action of Mars is aimed at each other and the loving romantic period of the relationship begins.

Mars is an energy that is directed purely from the ego, it only wants to express that outwardly directed energy and does not think about what the other wants or feels. Mars is the male tinted side of love. If you want to have something, you will have to do something, if you are engaged, you will have to conquer, decorate, court. Then this function is used positively. If you use Mars too weakly or do not dare to do so at all, it will work negatively and as a result the thing you want will be taken away by someone else. But a negative working Mars can also express itself differently: When you start by taking away what you do not belong to, the result is also negative: you meet battle and quarrel or there are accidents.

Planet Saturn

The boundaries or limitations always exist in a relationship, either in the one or in the other or in the total situation. It means that the loving period now has the chance to change into true sustainable love. Saturn is about being able to accept those limits or limitations, recognizing that there are certain responsibilities and duties. Saturn thus brings that concrete reality of life and life lessons to the fore. It is about the status quo, being in love changes into true love and a durable bond when both partners feel sufficient commitment to each other and take the way of taking responsibility for yourself and the other between both partners properly. Saturn usually heralds the start of formalizing the relationship. They live together or marry, buy a house together and think about having children, etc.

If at the level of Saturn the relationship does not work well, the perceived limits and limitations become too heavy, they turn into obstacles and blockades, people get frustrated and feel too bound. The transition from love to love is then difficult or does not take place at all and one disassociates.

Saturn is also the power of the circumstances and the fears (the shadow side). If for fear of losing something, such as the certainties of house, profession, support and material things, stay together, or out of a sense of responsibility for the children, the function of Saturn will be underground for a time. and at the latest after approx. 7 years clarity about the non-sustainable nature of the connection.

After about 7 years (the first hard confrontational phase from the Saturn cycle) the relationship becomes too heavy to sustain and leaves each other. When a relationship is stranded at Saturn level, it is often a difficult period of time to bother and hurt each other, think about solutions, relationship therapy etc.

When Saturn works in a positive way in the relationship, one learns from the experiences and life lessons, and is open to change. These changes herald the next phase in the development of the relationship.

Planet Uranus

Uranus as a psychological function for mankind means both collective and individual strength. One must respect each other individuality and growth potential. There must also be room within the relationship for that expression and innovative power. In addition, Uranus is also about opening the small circle of two people in their relationship to the outside world. Social contacts, friends, group life and all kinds of emancipation play a role in this. Uranus works suddenly and unpredictably. They are the flashes of ideas and revolutionary expressions that break open the status quo from the previous Saturn phase, allowing for further growth.

If one resists this, for fear of losing something, one stays in a negative Saturn phase, but will eventually end up short, unpredictable things happen that finally end the relationship and usually completely unexpectedly. If one does not use the Uranus energy in the relationship in a positive way, chances are that the partner expresses this in a caricatural way. Then you see what happens in the psychology projection of repressed expression: The partner will behave irresponsibly, afford unprecedented liberties, is unpredictable, an ego-tripper who behaves antisocial. When suddenly that truth emerges in a relationship, or the one leaves via the northerly sun and people never see each other again, this is typically an Uranus way of ending a relationship.


Planet Neptune

As a neutral psychological (collective) principle, it contains the receptivity, sensitivity, empathy, fantasy and dream world. On the positive side of the spectrum Neptune works in the form of ideals, inspiration, vision and imagination; the refining and purifying principle that in love may be eroticised.

From the neutral position the expression of Neptune slides through influencing and letting go to sacrifice, illusions, cravings, disappointments, deceit, addiction, undermining or escaping. This series of meanings shows that Neptune in its essence is quite elusive.

When a relationship at Neptune level works well, one can inspire each other and cherish the pair of ideals that can also be (partly) realized in the future and one can sacrifice something for each other or let go of unrealistic ideas or fantasies from the past.

When the relationship suffers from a negative working Neptune, there is dishonesty, the openness to each other is gone, they play each other something or live in the illusion that the other in the long run does change and they accept disappointments and sacrifices something or itself so much that health can also be undermined.


Planet Pluto

Positive core words are assertive, intensity, protective, merging, passion, magnetism. It is the principle of power, control, mastery, death, endings, revival, penetration, sexuality. The shadow/learning is manipulation, abuse of power, destruction, violence, fascination, oppression, obsession.

Pluto controls the unconscious primal forces: Magically magnetic and penetrating principles that can both protect and destroy, which show fusion in both intensive and passionate ways, as well as the obsession and fascination for destruction, violence and manipulation, of the penetration of integrity of the other, as well as the protective power that a person should control himself or protect others. Control, assertiveness and power, as well as abuse of power and oppression belong to the spectrum of Pluto’s expressions.


Pluto has a deep transformative function that brings out all from the bottom pit, which touches or eradicates, ends, destroys and even kills. The fusing and penetrating facet of Pluto also brings its meaning to the level of passion and sexuality, of the deepest emotions and feelings of the soul vibrations.


In a relationship, is Pluto the transformative force that spiritually brings the couple in the development to a higher level, the power that makes the couple grow into an intertwined alchemy of Oneness unit that protects the couple, the family or the children from negative external influences. or the force that eventually ends the relationship, either by death or by another cruel disruption of the unity from inside or outside. When a relationship at Pluto level is broken, you hear the people involved saying: “Then my marriage exploded.”


The Theme or Mission of the Yellow Wave 4 – Monday, March 19 – Ostara (Celtic Spring Feast)

naamloos Chant: Cauac, Ahau, Oc, Imix, Ahau

Planets: Pluto, Pluto, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto

Light code: 40:1:13 Solar Jaguar Moon

Blessing Prayer,

May the supportive catalyzer from the East initiate new creations aligned with Highest Good and Divine Will in the flow of self-generative energy within healing for All.

May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance from the North to initiate the enlightenment of Universal Consciousness burn away doubt and debate to Be in the Balance of Wholeness.

May the challenge, strengthening and opportunity from the West to initiate the enlightenment of the Pure Love Light Heart Beat of unconditional acceptance in its essence of receptivity, transparency and devotion for the Highest Good for All in relationships.

May the Hidden Power be revealed from the South to celebrate the connection with Source of coming Home to start a new beginning within the nurturing nourishment of Birthing embracing new ways of seeing and creation.

May for the Highest Good for All be centered, grounded and anchored the honor of Solar Life Force that ignites and enlightens our internal source of Divine Light, Codes and Languages.

The learning and development of this Yellow Wave 4:

Equinox – Tuesday, March 20, 2018 – Light Code 41:2:14 Solar Jaguar Moon

naamloos (3)  Chant: Etznab, Ben, Chuen, Ahau, Imix

Planets: Neptune, Mars, Venus, Pluto, Neptune

Blessing Prayer,

May the supportive reflection from the East work together to be honest in recognizing limitations to embrace them and overcome them to be in the Divine Truth of Cosmic Order of clarity within the Highest Good.

May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance from the North be honest in recognizing limitations to embrace them and overcome them to have the Courage to explore your capacity to continually re-invent yourself rooted into the earth and broad antennas into the sky.

May the challenge, strengthening and opportunity from the West to be honest in recognizing limitations to embrace them and overcome them to weave the light codes and light languages together with solutions, artistic expressions or inventions in a magical playful flow for the Highest Good.

May the Hidden Power be revealed from the South to discover, share and give expression to insights in openness and love union of formless potential and formed wholeness; nothingness and totality for the Highest Good.

May for the Highest Good for All be centered, grounded and anchored the mergence of Spring or Fall Equinox to birth new beginnings as a Memory of the Whole in empathy, patience and kindness by nurturing our Oneness in Gratitude.


World Water Day – Thursday, March 22, 2018 – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity – Light Code 43:4:16 Solar Jaguar Moon

naamloos (4)Chant: Cib, Cauac, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

Planets: Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Saturn

Blessing Prayer,

May the supportive Divine Intelligence from the East define the boundaries to create a Blue Print for the Highest Good communicating that we All are agents of cosmic forces by asking questions to integrate the 3 forces of Mind, Will and Spirit to pick up the staff of galactic empowerment!

May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance from the North define the boundaries to create a Blue Print for the Highest Good to circulate the energy ushering in the renewal and reconfiguration whilst remaining anchored to the center of stillness.

May the challenge, strengthening and opportunity from the West to define the boundaries to create a Blue Print for the Highest Good be in the Courage of spiralling into the depths of inner resources to observe and discover the star wisdom to the planetary whole.

May the Hidden Power be revealed from the South to accomplish step by step the manifestation qualities of trust and gratitude of knowing that in essence it is the endless diversity of reflections which composes the mysterious Order of the Order of the Whole; the many facets of the One.

May for the Highest Good for All be centered, grounded and anchored in the Sacred Waters creating the Blue Print to enclose the darkness and Be in the place of Mystery, the sanctuary of Higher Self in its fluidity and malleable to unlimited creative intelligence trusting intuition to uniquely guide the Journey.


Goal of the Yellow Wave 4 – Saturday, March 31, 2018 – FULL MOON

Light Code 52:13:25 Solar Jaguar Moon

naamloos (5)Chant: Manik, Cib, Ik, Muluc, Eb

Planets: Earth, Saturn, Uranus, Mercury, Earth

Blessing Prayer,

May the supportive healing from the East endure the transcendence of Presence as an ever-onward life unfolds in its “magic flight, magnetic return” of the power of creativity and mastery via our hands for the Highest Good.

May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance from the North  endure the transcendence of Presence as an ever-onward life unfolds in its “magic flight, magnetic return” of accessing Divine Guidance to circulate fresh analysis of our convictions to assure they represent truths of growth to question and confront fears in order to release their hold and transcend them.

May the challenge, strengthening and opportunity from the West  endure the transcendence of Presence as an ever-onward life unfolds in its “magic flight, magnetic return” of the breath of Spirit to move through our channels, invigorating and re-orienting us into clarity, insight and discover how we can transmit inspiration from the unseen into this physical dimension to share our revelations and enthusiasm.

May the Hidden Power be revealed from the South to initiate new creations in alignment with the Highest Good for All of remembrance to renew one’s being; to rejuvenate; to cleanse in gratitude and forgiveness in fluidity, adaptability, resilience and ability to change states.

May for the Highest Good for All be centered, grounded and anchored to endure the transcendence of Presence as an ever-onward life unfolds in its “magic flight, magnetic return” of the flow of wisdom from our Ancient Ancestors via the free will options to assist our greater community of Wholeness.

Squaring the Circle


Bovis Scale – Bovis Waarde

The Bovis-Scale/Units

 Bovis Scale


There is no life without its inherent radiating vitality and energy. The science speaks of bio-photons. Smallest particles of light are communicating with each other, thus forming coherent wave patterns. They ensure the control of cellular activities and sub-molecular processes. It is amazing how different life vitality can appear.


The Biometer Process: How to measure vitality


The biometer is a scale that was developed by a French, Antoine Bovis, and the English Doctor Oscar Brunler, in the beginning of the last century. Initially classified by means of commuting to unknown “vital rays”, this scale was intended to distinguish healthy and unhealthy foods and to enable better medical use.


In the course of further research it became clear that radiation is an emission of light quantum. Based on the “Bovis” scale were therefore the wavelengths of light. Due to the relativity of the intensity and vitality of the radiation, Bovis introduced the term “Bovis Unit” (BEH).


Dividing the “Bovis Units” by 10 gives the value for the corresponding wavelengths in nanometers (nm). In 1970, the Bovis scale was calibrated by a French engineer Siometon and is used ever since to determine general average values for various things in life.


6,300 – 6,800 BEH are considered for both a healthy diet and a healthy human. Lower values indicate a lack of energy; values above an increased vitality. A distinction as to whether drinks, food, living rooms, etc. do rather have an exhaustive or a stimulating effect. We need to know that life energy has the tendency to achieve balance. If we bath in vital-poor water, the body energy tries to balance the energy of the water. That’s why we do not feel refreshed after a bath in “dead” water, but rather sluggish and tired.


Selection of General Bovis Values (BEH)


1,000 – rotten or radioactively contaminated food, mold, asbestos


2,000 – sweetened foods, saturated fats, chemical solvents


3,000 – lead, aluminum, body care products with synthetic additives


4,000 – fat cheese, fried potatoes, mercury, coke, preserved vegetables


5,000 – iron, homogenized milk, tap water


6,000 – cottage cheese, yogurt, cream 


6,300 – 6,800 – fresh vegetables, fresh milk, boiled potatoes, green lettuce,

apple, pear, cherry, shitake mushrooms, wine, beer, fresh meat, brass, silver, wood, clay, cotton, wool 

7,000 – 8,000 – rice, linseed oil, safflower oil, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, leather

9,000 – crystal rock, silk, lemon, Himalayan salt, spirulina algae,

11,000 – spring water, living water 

12,000 – religious building (Sacred Geometry)

about 28,000 – Cheops pyramid (King’s Chamber)

How to exactly measure; what exactly are you doing. A simple explanation:

Go into a light meditative state and be in nothingness, without any expectations about the result; put your ego aside.

  • Hold your hand above the object that you wish to measure (approx. 10 cm) or if it is a person hold his/her hand.
  • Hold the pendulum above the center point of the meter and ask permission to measure. If the pendulum turns clockwise it means a yes, counter clockwise is a no.
  • Hold the pendulum above the outer circle (approx. 5 cm), beginning by 0 point.
  • Move the pendulum slowly along the line, at a certain point it will turn clockwise.
  • When you have reached the exact measuring point it will stop circling and go in a straight line, and move back and forth on the number.
  • If a object or person has a higher bovis frequency than 18.000 point, than hold still for a moment and ask permission to go onwards.
  • Continue following the outer circle henceforth the number 1.000 is 19.000 etc. When the pendulum makes wide circles than the energy is very intense.





20 Day Cycle – Interplanetary Orbits

20 Day Cycle – Interplanetary Orbits

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar


General Information:

Galactic-Karmic (In-breath) and Solar-Prophetic (out-breath)

The 20 solar seals/signatures break down into a sequence of 10 each that correspond with the 10 planetary orbits of the galactic karmic sequence, which goes from outer (galaxy) to inner (sun), and the 10 planets of the solar-prophetic sequence which goes from sun out to galaxy.


Mercury/Purification and Love

Venus/Art and Magic

Earth/Accomplishment and Free Will

Mars/Death and Prophecy

Maldek (Asteroid Belt)/Sex and Timelessness

Jupiter/Flowering and Vision

Saturn/Abundance and Intelligence

Uranus/Spirit and Navigation

Neptune/Memory and Meditation

Pluto/Enlightenment and Self-generation


                             Galactic Karmic In-breath

(the right-hand side is in and left-hand side is out)


AHAU.Yellow Sun Ahau           Pluto                           CAUAC.Blue Storm  Cauac

Yellow Sun                      (388)                              Blue Storm


IMIX.Red Dragon Imix          Neptune                          ETZNAB.White Mirror Etznab

Red Dragon                (300)                                  White Mirror


IK, White Wind Ik                 Uranus                              CABAN.Red Earth  Caban

White Wind                  (196)                                    Red Earth


AKBAL.Blue Night  Akbal               Saturn                                 CIB.Yellow Warrior  Cib

Blue Night                          (100)                                      Yellow Warrior



KAN.Yellow Seed  Kan                     Jupiter                          MEN.Blue Eagle  Men

Yellow Seed                          (52)                                   Blue Eagle


CHICCHAN.Red Serpent Chicchan               Maldek                      IX.White Wizard  Ix

Red Serpent                            Asteroid Belt                         White Wizard



CIMI.White Worldbridger Cimi                    Mars                                  BEN.Red Skywalker  Ben

White Worldbridger              (16)                                        Red Skywalker


MANIK, Blue_Hand  Manik             Earth                                     EB.Yellow Human  Eb

Blue Hand                           (10)                                        Yellow Human


LAMAT.Yellow Star  Lamat             Venus                                 CHUEN.Blue  Monkey Chuen

Yellow Star                              (7)                                           Blue Monkey


MULUC.Red Moon  Muluc             Mercury                            OC.White Dog  Oc

Red Moon                                 (4)                                           White Dog


____________ SUN _______________

                                   Solar Prophetic Outbreath

(the right-hand side is in and left-hand side is out)


“Consciousness is a function of interplanetary orbits”

“The purpose of a planet is to hold its orbit in relation to the orbits of other planets and altogether to the sun or stellar unit in an evolving star system. The capacity of a planet to hold its orbit is a function of the intelligence consummated in the planet. As holder of different function of intelligence, the planet orbits harmonize the stellar intelligence in its patterns of galactic exchange.


Each planet contains a BODE NUMBER, the orbital ratios of the planets to each other in relation to their distance from the sun (as determined by German astronomer, Johan Elert Bode).




The Presence of Sound



Variations Sparkle

Hearts Light Up

The Embrace lingers

Rainbow amongst All


Delight in the Open Space

An Inner Smile

An Ancient Tune

The beat goes on.



Cosmic Healing flow in Transformation

Cosmic Healing flow in Transformation

Blue Wave 3

March 6 through 18, 2018


General Information:

To Know is one of the core resonance that belongs to the Blue Hand. The Hand is curious to know, feel and touch. This wave will therefore challenge you to literally know maybe it is more than you can or will understand on the other hand it could also be that a teacher or knowledge will present itself.

Creative processes that flow via your hands can be healing or bring wholeness. Do not give up too quickly because it is mainly a step by step accomplishment. Leaving something untouched does not bring happiness.


To do tips: Help each other. Give attention to your hands: take care of them and allow them to do what brings them pleasure. Use your Artistic and Healing qualities to write, paint, cook, to massage etc. Complete that which you have started.


Mission and Theme of the Blue Wave 3:

Hun Manik, Blue Magnetic Hand,

Light Code 27:1:28 Galactic Hawk Moon


Chant: Eb, Manik, Caban, Ix – Planets: Earth, Uranus, Asteroid Belt


Blessing Prayer:

May New Creations Be Initiated and Supported for the Highest Good to be in the flow of Free Will Human choose.


May the Divine Guidance be attuned and aligned within Wholeness for the Highest Good for All.


May All challenges, strengthening and opportunities BE synchronized in its initiation of Evolution for the Highest Good.


May the Hidden Power be revealed transcending the key of receptivity within timelessness.


May All Be Centered, Grounded and Anchored in the embodiment power of creativity and mastery.

So Be It!





The Feast of Light

Offers its Grail

Whilst Sounds Tremble

Roots are Stirred



Step by Step

The Flame Rises

As Sacred Waters

Meanders the Flow


Communication Weaves

Unification Rainbow

What It Is

Graduate Presence


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