Crystalline Rainbow

20 Day Cycle – Interplanetary Orbits

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar


General Information:

Galactic-Karmic (In-breath) and Solar-Prophetic (out-breath)

The 20 solar seals/signatures break down into a sequence of 10 each that correspond with the 10 planetary orbits of the galactic karmic sequence, which goes from outer (galaxy) to inner (sun), and the 10 planets of the solar-prophetic sequence which goes from sun out to galaxy.


Mercury/Purification and Love

Venus/Art and Magic

Earth/Accomplishment and Free Will

Mars/Death and Prophecy

Maldek (Asteroid Belt)/Sex and Timelessness

Jupiter/Flowering and Vision

Saturn/Abundance and Intelligence

Uranus/Spirit and Navigation

Neptune/Memory and Meditation

Pluto/Enlightenment and Self-generation


                             Galactic Karmic In-breath

(the right-hand side is in and left-hand side is out)


AHAU.Yellow Sun Ahau           Pluto                           CAUAC.Blue Storm  Cauac

Yellow Sun                      (388)                              Blue Storm


IMIX.Red Dragon Imix          Neptune                          ETZNAB.White Mirror Etznab

Red Dragon                (300)                                  White Mirror


IK, White Wind Ik                 Uranus                              CABAN.Red Earth  Caban

White Wind                  (196)                                    Red Earth


AKBAL.Blue Night  Akbal               Saturn                                 CIB.Yellow Warrior  Cib

Blue Night                          (100)                                      Yellow Warrior



KAN.Yellow Seed  Kan                     Jupiter                          MEN.Blue Eagle  Men

Yellow Seed                          (52)                                   Blue Eagle


CHICCHAN.Red Serpent Chicchan               Maldek                      IX.White Wizard  Ix

Red Serpent                            Asteroid Belt                         White Wizard



CIMI.White Worldbridger Cimi                    Mars                                  BEN.Red Skywalker  Ben

White Worldbridger              (16)                                        Red Skywalker


MANIK, Blue_Hand  Manik             Earth                                     EB.Yellow Human  Eb

Blue Hand                           (10)                                        Yellow Human


LAMAT.Yellow Star  Lamat             Venus                                 CHUEN.Blue  Monkey Chuen

Yellow Star                              (7)                                           Blue Monkey


MULUC.Red Moon  Muluc             Mercury                            OC.White Dog  Oc

Red Moon                                 (4)                                           White Dog


____________ SUN _______________

                                   Solar Prophetic Outbreath

(the right-hand side is in and left-hand side is out)


“Consciousness is a function of interplanetary orbits”

“The purpose of a planet is to hold its orbit in relation to the orbits of other planets and altogether to the sun or stellar unit in an evolving star system. The capacity of a planet to hold its orbit is a function of the intelligence consummated in the planet. As holder of different function of intelligence, the planet orbits harmonize the stellar intelligence in its patterns of galactic exchange.


Each planet contains a BODE NUMBER, the orbital ratios of the planets to each other in relation to their distance from the sun (as determined by German astronomer, Johan Elert Bode).




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  1. Where do you get your stones from? I love the scull ones xx


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