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The Bovis-Scale/Units

 Bovis Scale


There is no life without its inherent radiating vitality and energy. The science speaks of bio-photons. Smallest particles of light are communicating with each other, thus forming coherent wave patterns. They ensure the control of cellular activities and sub-molecular processes. It is amazing how different life vitality can appear.


The Biometer Process: How to measure vitality


The biometer is a scale that was developed by a French, Antoine Bovis, and the English Doctor Oscar Brunler, in the beginning of the last century. Initially classified by means of commuting to unknown “vital rays”, this scale was intended to distinguish healthy and unhealthy foods and to enable better medical use.


In the course of further research it became clear that radiation is an emission of light quantum. Based on the “Bovis” scale were therefore the wavelengths of light. Due to the relativity of the intensity and vitality of the radiation, Bovis introduced the term “Bovis Unit” (BEH).


Dividing the “Bovis Units” by 10 gives the value for the corresponding wavelengths in nanometers (nm). In 1970, the Bovis scale was calibrated by a French engineer Siometon and is used ever since to determine general average values for various things in life.


6,300 – 6,800 BEH are considered for both a healthy diet and a healthy human. Lower values indicate a lack of energy; values above an increased vitality. A distinction as to whether drinks, food, living rooms, etc. do rather have an exhaustive or a stimulating effect. We need to know that life energy has the tendency to achieve balance. If we bath in vital-poor water, the body energy tries to balance the energy of the water. That’s why we do not feel refreshed after a bath in “dead” water, but rather sluggish and tired.


Selection of General Bovis Values (BEH)


1,000 – rotten or radioactively contaminated food, mold, asbestos


2,000 – sweetened foods, saturated fats, chemical solvents


3,000 – lead, aluminum, body care products with synthetic additives


4,000 – fat cheese, fried potatoes, mercury, coke, preserved vegetables


5,000 – iron, homogenized milk, tap water


6,000 – cottage cheese, yogurt, cream 


6,300 – 6,800 – fresh vegetables, fresh milk, boiled potatoes, green lettuce,

apple, pear, cherry, shitake mushrooms, wine, beer, fresh meat, brass, silver, wood, clay, cotton, wool 

7,000 – 8,000 – rice, linseed oil, safflower oil, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, leather

9,000 – crystal rock, silk, lemon, Himalayan salt, spirulina algae,

11,000 – spring water, living water 

12,000 – religious building (Sacred Geometry)

about 28,000 – Cheops pyramid (King’s Chamber)

How to exactly measure; what exactly are you doing. A simple explanation:

Go into a light meditative state and be in nothingness, without any expectations about the result; put your ego aside.

  • Hold your hand above the object that you wish to measure (approx. 10 cm) or if it is a person hold his/her hand.
  • Hold the pendulum above the center point of the meter and ask permission to measure. If the pendulum turns clockwise it means a yes, counter clockwise is a no.
  • Hold the pendulum above the outer circle (approx. 5 cm), beginning by 0 point.
  • Move the pendulum slowly along the line, at a certain point it will turn clockwise.
  • When you have reached the exact measuring point it will stop circling and go in a straight line, and move back and forth on the number.
  • If a object or person has a higher bovis frequency than 18.000 point, than hold still for a moment and ask permission to go onwards.
  • Continue following the outer circle henceforth the number 1.000 is 19.000 etc. When the pendulum makes wide circles than the energy is very intense.





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