Crystalline Rainbow


Blessing Prayer,

May the supportive catalyzer from the East initiate new creations aligned with Highest Good and Divine Will in the flow of self-generative energy within healing for All.


May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance from the North to initiate the enlightenment of Universal Consciousness burn away doubt and debate to Be in the Balance of Wholeness.


May the challenge, strengthening and opportunity from the West to initiate the enlightenment of the Pure Love Light Heart Beat of unconditional acceptance in its essence of receptivity, transparency and devotion for the Highest Good for All in relationships.


May the Hidden Power be revealed from the South to celebrate the connection with Source of coming Home to start a new beginning within the nurturing nourishment of Birthing embracing new ways of seeing and creation.


May for the Highest Good for All be centered, grounded and anchored the honor of Solar Life Force that ignites and enlightens our internal source of Divine Light, Codes and Languages.


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

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