Crystalline Rainbow

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar and Vesica Piscis (Sacred Geometry)

Geometry of Creation

The beginning of creation is the point of consciousness, an energy that is conscious of the self, through the love of the self.

The first movement of this consciousness is that the attention is drawn outwardly. Than it can go to every side. This is how the first form, the circle existed.


The next movement that the consciousness makes, is that of moving to any point in the circle. From this point follows the same movement that creates the next circle. In the center of these two connecting circle arises a third form. We call this the Vesica Piscis. The beginning of creation.

Chalice Wells.Glastonbury

And how special now:

The points of the two circles touch each other exactly at the places on the circle of the 13 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs and the 7 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs overlap. These are the points of the Vesica Piscis!

The Vesica Piscis – the Passageway of Light

Summer Solstice Ceremony.Chalice Wells.June 21

The image or symbol of Vesica Piscis is our uniformed Father/Mother God as the two most important aspects of the upper creation with the cosmic womb of creation, the Vesica Piscis, in the center.

Your own place in the circle

Look once more at the connection drawing of your Galactic Birth Signature/Birth Sun Sign. Imagine that you are standing on your Galactic Signature/Sun Sign in the circle of 20. What do you notice, what is always true? You are always right in front of your healing power, your opposite or antipode partner. Because the energy now flows through the other seven seals, you can recognize your opposite pole and embrace it as part of yourself.

IMIX.Red Dragon  CHUEN.Blue  Monkey

For example, Imix, Red Dragon to Chuen, Blue Monkey. When you live from the old perspective, alone or especially from the time dimension, you experience your opposite pole as a challenge and it is much more difficult to embrace this as your healing power.

Going within the Inner Universe, the Cosmic Heart

Realise that you are now looking within the inner Universe, the Cosmic Heart. It is the passageway to infinity.

Chalice Wells. Image of Chalice Wells, Glastonbury, England

Above you see a larger circle (the top starts with Imix, Red Dragon and the bottom is also Imix, Red Dragon) it encloses the two smaller circles. Through the center goes the vertical line. You can place the 20 Galactic Signatures or Sun Signs here, or actually 21, because the Galactic Signature at the top and the bottom are identical. The outer larger circle is Imix, Red Dragon spiral movement energy. Exactly in the Heart of the Vesica Piscis lies the challenge, the opposite of Red Dragon: The Blue Monkey.


Feel what it means that the Red Dragon, the energy of the Great Mother, the energy of the Blue Monkey is carried in her core, the Divine Child. When the Mother embraces the Child, she is wholeness and can experience herself as Creation.

The other way around you find the Vesica Piscis of the Blue Monkey energy is the Red Dragon. When the child allows the inner Mother and embraces it, it can also feel its wholeness as creation. This is how it works for all antipodes.

On the vertical line, also are found the 7 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs within the Vesica Piscis. These are exactly the galactic signatures/signs that you can recognise in the connection drawing and these are the circles that you find in the part what lies in the Vesica Piscis.


In the above example, they are:

Lamat – the Star, Muluc – the Moon, Oc – the Dog, Chuen – the Monkey, Eb – the Human, Ben – the Skywalker and Ix – the Wizard/Inner Shaman. The Star and the Wizard/Inner Shaman lies on the places where the line of the Vesica Piscis touch and on the place where the two circles touch each other.

In the passageway of Light, you find from the Oneness Conscious now the other way around position of the 7 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs. A open space where within the pain of the past, the illusion of separation can be released and be transformed to your original Blue Print of I AM-power.

Source: Mardou van Lohuizen, translated into English by Carla Harren





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