Crystalline Rainbow

Journey within Visoko, Bosnia – June 11, 2018

6:11:11 – The Temple on Top of the Pyramid

Light code 124:7:13


The day started off with travelling to Ljubljana Airport to fly to Sarajevo, Bosnia.

From there a taxi to Visoko, Bosnia.


There was some misunderstanding concerning the transportation from the Airport but we made it to the Holiday Home Nature in Visoko.


At 16:00 hours we met Lejla at the “Most Restoran” in Visoko. Had a shared warm vegetarian meal with the three of us there.


From there we travelled by taxi to go to walk up the hill of the Pyramid of the Sun.


A wonderful ceremony of Unified One happened this evening with a stone that was created in Tivoli Park in Ljubljana last Sunday.

We went with a group of 4 woman for a walk on top of the Pyramid of the Sun for a worldwide meditation. We created a circle of stones, crystals, fruit etc. and connected with other Sacred places and circles around the world.


Whilst we were toning and expressing light languages/ancient codes – 2 other woman and 1 man also joined in as well. They were all energy love light workers.


Whilst the man was transforming the masculine energies, for himself and all others, I was called to give him the stone that was created in Tivoli park together with the unified loving presence of dear Souls that were met in Tivoli Park and organisation.


The man has been called to set up a program for orphan children etc. He has already received a name for it. This beautiful stone is one of the inspirations for this project.


After this we went to the top of the Pyramid of the Earth and Pyramid of Love. You could feel the swirling of the vortex going clockwise and anticlockwise.



Personal note: Such a gift that this resonant energy flowed with the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar of the seeding of Growth and Development in fertile ground guided by Divine Intelligence with the challenge, strengthening and open space of Magic in its Integrity as this hidden power was revealed via the synchronicity of navigation.




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