Crystalline Rainbow

June 12, 2018 – Visoko, Bosnia

Note: the images where taken from “Google Images”. Gratitude to those for the sharing.

In the morning went to meet Lejla at “Restoran Most” . Once inside there was also 2 people from France that also where there to share with Lejla. Had a wonderful salad.

bridge in Visoko

Today moved to another place (room in apartment) in the city center with a wonderful, loving family. It was a warm welcome to meet this couple there in their peaceful, warm and clean home. Gratitude

Together with Lejla we walked to her apartment to share sessions together. Lejla had been gifted 7 stones together with an Eagle Feather plus a stone holder, from an Ancient Grandmother in New Zealand/Australia. She asked me to hold each stone and to tell her the story that it conveyed to me. Sorry to say I do not remember the stories conveyed  since it was in a channeling state. Although there was one I do remember by the last stone it conveyed a “Raster with Light Codes in it”. In each cube of the Raster it contained light languages or Ancient Codes. Later on the next day (Wednesday) when I was in the Ravne Tunnel I saw it on one of the billboards without the Light Codes/Ancient Codes.

Raster.Pyramids of Bosnian

Personal Note: It also felt like the leylines and vortexes were connected with all others around the world.

Later on in the afternoon we went by taxi to another small town to visit a “Mother Mary Chapel”. A miracle happened here as “Mother Mary” showed herself to someone. Upon entering I placed a Jasper stone on the altar together with 3 small plumes. Than I was urged to sing “Ave Maria” in Latin. A connection occurred with her Light Mastery before me. When the heart connection was made I shed some tears. After this a clear quartz wand with a wooden stick which  was gifted years ago via a group called “Dragon Eggs”. A man from Holland had gifted this to the whole group via Colorado Springs to Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands (the place where I reside). I was guided to follow the “Raster of lines”, mentioned above.


Photograph taken by Lejla

An Eagle appeared in the sky – circling around or moving onwards as a kind of signal/guidance to move onwards or remain where we are. Lejla was able to read this and noticed it right away.  Gratitude Spirit.

From the Mary Chapel we went by taxi up the hill, here you could see a large cross on top of the hill. Quite a old countryside road “thumbs up for the taxi driver”. We stopped along on the countryside, as we were almost at the cross, there were many Ancient Stones connecting the Mary Chapel, Churches and the Cross. We sat in silence for awhile and sat on one of the stones there. Placed the bundle of Crystals and Crystal Stones on the Ancient Stones to communicate with each other. Before leaving as a token of gratitude I left behind a Jasper Stone on top of an Ancient Stone there.


We stepped into the tai and went onwards to the to of the Pyramid of the Moon. We first sat together to have some delicious Turkish Coffee with some fresh Orange Juice. The coffee shop also had Crystals on top of the counter mainly Calcite. There was also a wooden box with small pieces of stones/crystals. One of the crystals called and I asked the owner where does it come from? He replied from this area. It was gifted to me. When I am back in home we will make an Light Essence of this.


Lejla and I were called to further to attune and align with the Pyramid of the Moon. We walked through a passageway/portal to be guided to sit in Silence. Once more the crystal bundle called to be placed in the center of a stone platform there.  Lejla started to tone and channel, this urged the channel from my end to also start  toning together with light languages and via hand symbols. At the end once more the “Raster” came forward. After this another Jasper stone was left behind as a token of Gratitude.

Here are some intuitive photographs that Lejla was guided to take there. Thank you Dear Sister.



Than we drove back to Visoko, City Center to go to our Pyramids for  good night sleep.




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