Crystalline Rainbow

Crystal Elders calling today, Monday, June 18 in attunement and alignment

preparing for the Summer Solstice

21 June, 2018 connecting with Worldwide Gathering at Ravne Park 2, Visoko, Bosnia

Bosnian Pyramids at 17:00 hours for the Golden Sun Ceremony and worldwide

in the flow until 22:00 hours

Today is the beginning of the Tzolkin Blue Wave 11. Mission or theme is KIN131 – Chuen, Blue Magnetic Monkey of Humor, Playfulness and Magic. Goal of the wave KIN 143 – Akbal, Blue Cosmic Night of Abundance, Silence, Sacred Sanctuary.

We are in the flow of allowance and surrender.




May the Eastern supportive energetic spiral sharing the Sacred Fire BE the Harmony of Beauty and Elegance for the Highest Good for All.


May the Northern spiral movement Sacred Water Multidimensional Guidance Be the Spine of Innocence within the Divine Child of the Highest Good for All.

20180618_0929041908637839.jpgMay the Western spiral movement of the Sacred Earth with its challenges, strengthening and open space of opportunities Be the Birthing of nourishing nature within the embracement of the Ancient Mother/Ancient Grandmothers.


May the Southern spiral movement of Sacred Air/Ether with its Hidden Power of the Soul reveal the flourishing flower of Consciousness of Pure Heart Love in All Relationships as One Unified Space.


May for the Highest Good for All be transformed the Rainbow Crystalline Clear Quartz Clusters plus 2 Sacred Stones from the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko including All Sacred Stone Circles, Pyramids, Temples, Sacred Places, Sacred Circles and Sacred Ceremonies be centered, grounded and anchored. So be it! So it is!


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude





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