Crystalline Rainbow

Grow and develop within Divine Intelligence

Yellow Wave 12, July 1 through July 13, 2018

KIN 144 – KIN 156

Galactic Portals – July 3 – July 12

July 13 – New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

Flora in the Heart Artwork.Olivia Curry.Yellow Wavespell

General Information:

Core: the gifted, knowing when to blossom into fruitation, ripening

Seed is the collective of all talents, creativity and potential.

Questions to explore:

What do you wish to flourish into being?

What is needed to allow the seed into its germination?

To do tips: A space to go into action (life and its expansion) and to work, set your focus on bringing it forward. Plant your seed in fertile ground. Ask via Inner Guidance what is needed. Be patient and be creative within the sharing and coming together with All.

Yellow Wave 12

Galactic Activation Portals symbolizes an invitation to enter gateways of expanded consciousness and amplify your awareness of energy flows and information exchange. It reflects the basic pattern of our DNA double helix. Integrating the galactic code of light into the genetic code of life, this “portal” formation is a resonant structure linked to the activation of our full DNA potential.

KAN.Yellow Seed   LAMAT.Yellow Star    EB.Yellow Human    CIB.Yellow Warrior





Spiritually resonating within the Sacred Fire of Initiating Growth and Development in learning the inner and outer resources of Artistic Skills in their Elegance and Beauty (within the Galactic Activation Portal) flowing beyond to the free will of choosing within this harmony of passion, enthusiasm and directness (within the Galactic Activation Portal) to be in the goal of the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse of Questioning within Divine Guidance of Communication of Mind, Will and Spirit picking up the staff of galactic empowerment!

CHICCHAN.Red Serpent    MULUC.Red Moon    BEN.Red Skywalker

Physically resonating within the Sacred Earth of learning to work together as One whilst the Life Force moves the kundalini energy flow to go beyond in the balance of equality of self-remembrance of who we are in purity renewing the Being of flexibility, adaptability, resilience and ability to change states to move into the learning of manifesting the production of exploring the wakefulness capacities (within the Galactic Activation Portal).

CIMI.White Worldbridger    OC.White Dog    IX.White Wizard

Emotionally resonating within the Sacred Air/Ether of learning to develop the service of possibilities and solutions via Releasing or letting die that which no longer serves the Highest Good of Love in All Relationships (within the Galactic Activation Portal) going beyond to grow within the Source of inspiration for yourself, others and projects resonating Pure Heart Love in All Relationships guided by the Spirit of Inspired Communication (within the Galactic Activation Portal) to be liberated in allowance and surrender of forgiveness, humbleness and acceptance of the Wizard, Inner Shaman or Jaguar in the Presence of Now enchanted by the receptivity of expansion (within the Galactic Activation Portal).

MANIK, Blue_Hand    CHUEN.Blue  Monkey    MEN.Blue Eagle

Mentally resonating within the Sacred Water of growth and development forming the Divine Knowing of step by step accomplishment and healing (within the Galactic Activation Portal) to go beyond within integrity, integration and harmony of innocent humor, playfulness and magic envisioning creation (within the Galactic Activation Portal) to discover, share and give expression to insights in openness and love of this created vision within the guidance of catalyzing the self-generation energy flow of renewal and reconfiguration (within the Galactic Activation Portal).

Omh Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho

All Hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature


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  1. Lovely, just lovely.


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