Crystalline Rainbow

Congratulations and Celebrations

Red Cosmic Moon Year

Red Cosmic Moon

KIN 169

Mantra: Oc, Ben, Muluc, Cauac, Eb

Affirmation: We are the endurance of purification

The eternal flow of transcendence

We seal the process of Universal Water

With the Cosmic Tone of Presence

We are guided by Power of Open Space

Note: Take a look where the Muluc, Red Moon is resonating on your Personal Galactic Birth Wave. It will especially vibrate stronger in this year in mergence with the Cosmic Tone 13.

KIN 9/Tone 9 – Solar – to realise, pulsate, set your intention. Go into action with your passion, enthusiasm and directness.

KIN 29/Tone 3 – Electric – to connect, activate, service. Be of service wherever you are. Be open to possibilities and be part of solutions.

KIN 49/Tone 10 – Planetary – to produce, to manifest. Finish and place your qualities in trust and gratitude.

KIN 69/Tone 4 (Galactic Activation Portal) – Self Existing – measure, define, give form to. Create a plan of action. Define the limits and create a blue print.

KIN 89/Tone 11 plus on the Guide/Higher Self above) – Spectral – release, integrate, liberation. Liberate, let go, surrender and allow and forgive in humbleness and acceptance.

KIN 109/Tone 5 (Galactic Activation Portal) – Overtone – call upon, empower, radiate, radiance. Gather inner and outer resources to empower yourself, others and projects.

KIN 129/Tone 12 (Blue Mystic Column – spinal cord) – Crystal – create the universal, working together, dedication. Discover, share and give expression to your insights in openness and love.

KIN 149/Tone 6 (Galactic Activation Portal) plus on the Guide/Higher Self (above)  – Rhythmic – balance, organise, equality. Organise resources and bring balance in your life.

KIN 169/Tone 13 – Red Cosmic Moon Year

KIN 189/Tone 7 (Galactic Activation Portal) – Resonate – inspiration, attune, align and channel. Attune to Source. Inspire yourself, others and projects.

KIN 209/Tone 1 plus on the Guide/Higher Self (above) – Magnetic – set goal, to attract, to unite. Initiate new creations in alignment with the higher goal and Divine Will.

KIN 229/Tone 8 – Galactic – model, harmonize, integrity. Stand for integrity, integration and harmony on all levels.

KIN 249/Tone 2 – Lunar – stabilize, polarise, challenges. Be honest in recognizing your limitations to overcome them and embrace them.


It could also be that the Red Moon is not one of the Galactic Signatures/ Sun Signs of your Personal Galactic Birth Wave than you will have this resonating as a guide/higher self on:

Tone 2 together with Caban, Red Earth

Tone 3 together with Chicchan, Red Serpent

Tone 4 together with Ben, Red Skywalker

Tone 5 together with Imix, Red Dragon

Tone 7 together with Caban, Red Earth

Tone 8 together with Chicchan, Red Serpent

Tone 9 together with Ben, Red Skywalker

Tone 10 together with Imix, Red Dragon

Tone  12 together with Caban, Red Earth

Tone 13 together with Chicchan, Serpent


General Information:

Translation into English by Carla Harren of a Dutch article by Nicole Zonderhuis plus some extra information added by Carla:


MULUC.Red Moon Red Cosmic Moon (Ox Lahun Muluc)

In the 13 Moon Calendar the year is called after the first day of the year – July 26 – KIN 169.

What can  be expected during this flow?

In the great Mayan Era the Red Moon Year was considered a good year; it was directed by the sun god Ahau and the rain god Chac. Rain and the sun together create together a fertile Earth, and this is why the Red Moon Year was a happy and fertile year, full of light, growth and empowerment.


The Key core words for Red Moon are: Purification, Universal Water, Flow

Crystal Elders mergence of purification, release, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.


The Galactic Signature/Sun sign “Red Moon”  is flowing and purifying

Water as a fluid liquid flows and needs to flow to remain pure. Stagnate water will contaminate. Red Moon has the capacity and the power to purify. The Moon in the sky takes care of tides; the flow of the sea as ebb and flow.



Red Moon represents feelings and emotions. In our language water and emotions are intertwined. Just like water flows feelings in our body; Anger can be felt from your toes as it creeps upwards, being in love feels like jitters in your abdomen or tummy, blocked sorrow can feel as a lump in your throat.

Nobody actually knows were feelings can be found in your body (your abdomen or tummy or chest area?) of how this is originated. Sometimes however we can see and recognise: anger, joy, fear, sorrow, horror and surprise you can easily recognise by the facial expression of someone. For interpreting other feelings like for example jealousy, satisfaction, insecurity, guilt, suspicion, disappointment, distrust etc. we need more information than the facial expression.

Emotions are e-motions = energy in motion. Every e-motion is in the moment. When you allow it to flow freely, you live fully in the moment. No blockages will occur and the lesson will be learned or the full moment will be experienced. The chakra or energy center will remain healthy and will grow through the experience. But when someone suppresses it, it will cause a blockage. Just like stagnate water the emotions that are supressed will pollute your body and soul.

Full Moon

Moon body

This is not a term you will find in a dictionary but spiritually looked at you can say that with the moon body energy you can feel the surroundings or environment. It is sensitive, your gut feeling, your paranormal ability, it is listening to your heart. The Aboriginals use the term “Dadirri”: a deep listening consciousness, attuning to the voice or sound of the soul of things, feeling the Divine.

To be able to do this it requests a state of peace, serenity and purity of spirit and body. With a good flow of a “moon body” you easily feel people and situations. With a pure “moon body”  you will know what is truth and what is not. We than can function as an antenna  that can even receive unspoken words.

Via the Sacred Earth of Purification


The spiral movement energy of “Red Moon” asks us to learn about our emotions: to purify and be in the pureness of our feelings, towards sensitivity and emotions. Let it Be as Is and observe your emotions without judgement.

Use water to purify your body. Go to the sauna or a sweat lodge, take some extra baths or foot baths, drink loads of water, move as much as possible. Take care that all processes can flow freely through your body; only in this flow can purification occur. Take care of your kidneys.  The kidneys ensure that waste products and a lot of water are removed from our bodies. In traditional Chinese medicine there is a direct connection between the kidneys (plus the adrenals, the endocrine system, the bladder and the urinary system) and the heart with its emotions. Too much fear, lack of self-confidence and a lot of self-criticism damage the kidneys.


This year July 26, 2018 – July 24, 2019

In this Cosmic Moon Year, which is the energetic highest form of the Moon energy, light workers and pure humans will meet each other in a different much more sensitive communication. It is no longer a few individuals that understand this. The para normal is longer separate. Red Moon is a beacon of a sending station. When you allow and surrender to the self remembrance it will be a beacon and receiver of cosmic consciousness. This communication creates the gradual opening of the third eye. As this eye opens and your communication becomes more refined, you will find that you understand more and signs and signals come to you. You will get in contact with your ancestors and guides from other dimensions. The signs are meant for you – for your growth and evolution as a feedback system from where you can gain insight into your journey.


Ask yourself:

What do I feel?

What does this do to me?

Where do I feel it?

We all are in need to expand our feeling vocabulary. The more you know about what you “feel”, the better you are able to recognise it. A vague feeling that “something” is not right or correct gives a easier understanding, in this way you will no longer been fooled by marketing makers or media.


Inner Compass

Your “moon body” is like an alarm or a compass.  Not for nothing is this Red Cosmic Moon year in the Red Earth Wavespell of Navigation.


Red Earth Wave 13

 Red Wave 5.1

The year spiral movement energy is in the Red Earth. It is the goal of the Wave. Key core words for Red Earth is: Trust, Navigate and Synchronize.

Red Earth is the passageway that you walk upon – your pathway.

Question: Do you allow your path to be determined by others or do you choose it yourself?
Are you following the beaten track, or are you clearing the way?

Red Earth is about grounding. But also about listening: becoming quiet and hearing the energy of the world. And about following, because following comes from listening with wisdom – following is an attuning movement from a direction and a vision. Who can follow, can lead others and become the leader. A real leader!

Earth transforms your mistrust to trust and reminds you of your pathway or passageway. Red Earth is all about your inner leadership, it is your compass to know where you are going too, to trust that wherever you are going to exactly is where you going to be. Also it is the capacity to know and recognise when you are side tracked or when you losing the red thread or cord.

Your mind does not know the pathway or road

Your heart has already been there.

Your soul has never left it

Welcome Home

Tone 13

This is the tone of coming home to start a new beginning. When we follow the flow, synchronize with the flow of Earth and the Hunab Ku than we All are feeling and flowing humans. Just as the Red Moon is a sign of great sensitivity. Attuning and aligning with All that surrounds us. Can you see and feel how it is to communicate with All that lives? How beautiful and richness/abundant that is? And whoever is in the flow, is  obviously well connected within and his / her limits.


Oracle Support

Red Cosmic Moon

OC.White Dog Analog empowerment (right)Oc, White Cosmic Dog (true friend)

From Love you are born. In Love you will be in the flow.

Dog is the power of Love in All its aspects, to give love and to receive love. This allows an intimate relationship with another; the forming of a friendship, a couple or a family.


BEN.Red Skywalker Guide and Higher Self (above) – Ben, Red Cosmic Skywalker

Openness or space, take in your space. Have courage.

Skywalker is the flow of courage to go pass your boundaries and limits of the known and the safe to discover and discover. It is also the channel of receiving messages.


CAUAC.Blue Storm Antipode/Challenges/Strengthening and Opportunity (left) – Cauac, Blue Cosmic Storm

Allow All (electrical) charges to flow from you.

Storm is the capacity or quality to self generate the power within you, to transform and heal. It is a endless source of energy. You can feel this Storm power when your truth is compromised.


EB.Yellow Human Occult/hidden power (under and behind you) – Eb, Yellow Magnetic Human

From the Universal Womb

The Human is born

The Free Will is born

Human stands for the privilege of being able to make conscious choices as a person; choices in helping or letting go, speaking or keeping silent, light or dark. Human is about our free will and the freedom to be there for every living being on this beautiful earth.


Mayan Moon Goddess “Ix Chel”

May Ix Chel rainbow radiate over the World!



Ix Chel is the Maya Goddess of the Moon, Water, Weaving and Childbirth.

She is shown here in three of Her many aspects.


Left to right:

Chak Chel, the Old Moon Goddess, called the Midwife of Creation;

Ix Chel in Her main form as Mother Goddess and Weaver who set the Universe in motion;

and the Young Moon Goddess, shown with Her totem animal the rabbit.


Ix Chel is a great Water Goddess, the consort of the chief God of the Maya pantheon, Votan. Her name means “Lady Rainbow”, and She is said to have founded the city of Palenque at the command of the Gods.

She is a Weaver Goddess, whose whirling drop spindle is said to be at the center of the motion of the Universe. She has many aspects and titles, such as Ix Kanleom, the “Spider’s Web Catching the Morning Dew”, and Ix Chebal Yax. Her Nahua (Mexican/Aztec) counterpart is said to be Chalchiuhtlicue.

Chak Chel, “Great (or Red) Rainbow” is the Goddess Who brings about the destruction of the third creation by causing a great flood. By pouring the waters from Her jar, She prepared the way for the next age, known in Maya legend as the Fourth Sun. She is shown as an old midwife, for experienced elderly women helped younger women to give birth, and were traditionally caretakers of children. Chak Chel also helped the Maize God to be reborn, and helped in the birth of His own sons. She is shown in a pose traditional to Her, with the twisted hair-do of elderly women (though they usually wrapped it up with a strip of cloth rather than a snake).

See also:


The Young Moon Goddess may have originally been a different Goddess of the Moon who was later absorbed into Ix Chel’s legend. She is often depicted with a rabbit, for the Maya, like the Chinese, saw a rabbit in the markings on the face of the Moon. She is said to be of a merry and somewhat loose character, and rabbits are also famed for their reproductive abilities. She (as Ix Chel) had a great shrine on the island of Cozumel to which pilgrims came from all over. The crescent-shaped chair on which She sits is the Maya glyph for the Moon, Her symbol.

Ix Chel is shown here in modern Maya traditional clothing featuring the astonishing gorgeous handwoven textiles still made in remote areas of Maya country (mostly modern-day Guatemala). She sits upon a Sky-Bar, known from Maya glyphs and carvings and used as a symbol of the sky; figures drawn above or over the Sky-Bar are usually deities, or the dead. Chak Chel pours water from a jar marked with the glyph for water, and the color scheme and water critters are after the beautiful Maya-style frescoes found at Cacaxtla, Mexico.


Reference a review of a group journey to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize

Ref.:see also




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