Crystalline Rainbow

Trust the Nurturing Nature Flow – Red Wave 17 –

September 4 – September 16, 2018


General Information:

Core: Universal Water, Purification, Flow

The mission of this wave is in synergy with the Red Cosmic Moon Year. Moon is the power of purification. Emotions are like water. Water that is stagnate pollutes; emotions that are not allowed to flow create toxins in your body and spirit.

Let be what is and observe your emotions without judgement.

It is advisable to purify or cleanse yourself with this Moon Spiral Movement Wave with water, go to the sauna or a sweat lodge, drink a lot of water.

During this Moon Spiral Movement Wave you could emotionally run wild, with lots of tears, anger and drama. And not only you but also others as well, so be aware. But also know that all this has to do with purification. Old pains can also arise or come to the surface in this Wave. See or look at it, and especially – feel it – feel it all and let it flow – only then can it be cleaned and purified.

To-do Tips: Clean yourself, weep your tears, visit a sauna, drink a lot of water, heal old traumas, accept your emotions, feel your sensitivity.


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Red Magnetic Moon


Mission of the Red Wave 17 – Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Red Magnetic MoonChant: Oc, Muluc, Cauac, Eb, Muluc

Planets: Mercury, Pluto, Earth

The symbol of the Red Moon appears like a beacon; a portal inviting us into self-remembrance of who we are in our purity. Red Moon is a messenger of the ever-present opportunity to renew one’s being; to rejuvenate; to cleanse ourselves that we may be free of toxins, falsehoods, distortions and dis-serving energies; to refine ourselves as clear vessels; to restore health and well-being. Perhaps the strongest forces of purification is gratitude and forgiveness.


New Moon, September 9, 2018

White Rhythmic WizardChant: Chicchan, Ix, Kan, Manik, Ix

Planet: Asteroid Belt, Jupiter, Earth


Within the supportive spiral movement from the East of the Sacred Earth may for the Highest Good for All Be the Life Force of Instincts that flow.

Within the Higher Self together with Divine Guidance spiral movement from the North Be the breath of Magical Wizard, Magician or Shaman journey of Sacred Places and gathering of Sacred Ceremonies.

Within the challenge, strengthening and opportunity spiral movement from the West Be the Seed that is planted in fertile ground to grow and develop germination for the Highest Good for All.

Within the Hidden Power that is revealed into the consciousness from the spiral movement of the South Be the flow of healing and step by step accomplishment of the Divine Blue Print.

May All BE centered, grounded and anchored in this spiral movement of Presence to Be who you are and where you are now that is what we All wished for.


Goal of the Red Wave 17 – Sunday, September 16, 2018

Red Cosmic DragonChant: Etznab, Chicchan, Chuen, Ahau, Imix

Planets: Neptune, Asteroid Belt, Venus, Pluto

Red Dragon represents the beginning; the primal source;the mother of life; primordial waters; the birther; the initiator. Dragon is the overseer; shepard of the vulnerable; the provider.

Red Dragon assures: the Universe is conspiring on our behalf! Birth new beginnings. Embrace new ways of seeing. Every moment is a new creation!


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