Crystalline Rainbow

This morning start of the Blue Eagle Wave visiting Hoi An Traditional Art Show.

Hereby an impression of what was presented.

1. Luu Thuy Kim Tien – popular old piece of music which is especially performed by Vietnamese traditional music ensembles on occasions of folk festivals

2. Four Sacred Animal Dance

Dragon and Unicorn are mystical creatures

Dragon symbolizes strength, development and success

Unicorn symbolizes good luck, health and fullness

Turtle symbolizes longevity

Phoenix symbolizes beauty, love and happiness

3. The Blue Danube

Danube river flows through 10 European countries. The Blue Danube is not only the most famous Waltz of all time, but also a message of hope and peace. Performed by Hoi An Traditional music ensemble, The Blue Danube expresses the soul harmony between European and Asian for a friendly and peaceful world.

4. Vietnamese classical opera: Manh Luong catching the Horse tells the story of Manh Luong who escaped from the Phien Tieu enemy to entreat help of General Ngu Lang.

5. Apsara Dance (Cham Royal Dance)

This is one of the traditional dances of the Cham people to dedicate to their Gods, reflects their spiritual life.

6. Bai Choi Performance

Bai Choi is a folk game which is usually played on occasions of Tet holiday and festivals. It is a divers art combining music, poetry, acting, painting and Literature.

Later in the morning after a visit to the market went to Hai Nam Assembly Hall. An Elderly lady offered 2 pieces of pompelmos to eat with her and the husband. In return offered a date and nut bar. She quickly went with it somewhere maybe an offering for the altar.

A wonderful heart feeling resonated. Gratitude

The afternoon was spend swimming and a massage treatment at the Spa.

Enjoy your day and evening.


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