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Sunday,June23, 2019

In Presence Dubin, Ireland. In the flow of Red Resonate Dragon – Tone 7. Ancient Trust – Ancient Mother giving birth to the nourishing nature attuned and aligned to Cosmic Temple that radiates as well from the Crystal core of Sacred Earth.

Was guided to go visit the grounds of Trinity College 1592. Too early to go to the Art Gallery but the energy of the grounds was certainly very peaceful and welcoming.

Onwards at 09:15 a.m. to St. Stephen’s Green 1663 Park. Very calm and embracing. Met an Irish man feeding the pigeons with oats. We had a lovely conversation about the old trees in the park and how fulfilling the energy is here.

Guided to go to the mass of University Church – the Notre Dame-Newman Centre for Faith and Reason. Theme “Uterus of transition”. Something that touched me personally was Melchizedek brought bread and wine. Touching the core of the Flower of Light. The organ, vocalist and harp resonated strongly.

From there walked back to Hostel Abraham.

Woman’s Dance

Enjoy the pleasure of Woman’s Dance

Waterschade nacht 5juni

Dakpannen veroorzaken waterschade nacht van 5 juni


Plafond over trap 1st verdieping naar begaande grond 20190606

Zolder -tweede verdieping

Vloer en muren

Trappen gang naar 1ste verdieping


Trap 2de verdieping naar 1st verdieping waterschade

Grote Slaapkamer 1ste verdieping en Walk in closet

Vloeren, Muren en Plafond

Kleine Slaapkamer lste verdieping/Studie/Computer/Printer/Scanner

Kast,Vloer, Muren en Plafond

Kleine Slaapkamer/Studie/Computer/Printer

Trap/plafond/hal lste verdieping

Vloer, trappen, muren en plafond
Plafond, muren en trede van trap van 1ste verdieping naar begaande grond

Plafond over trap 1st verdieping naar begaande grond 20190606
Hal begaande grond

Hal 1st verdieping waterschade20190606

Hal begaande grond

Vloer, muren en plafond

Voorraad / Wasruimte Begaande grond

Vloer, muren, plafond en wasmachine

Toilet begaande grond

Plafond en muren

Woonkamer en keuken


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