Crystalline Rainbow

MEN.Blue Eagle
Men, Blue Eagle

General Information:
The spiral movement intertwines with the Tzolkin day spiral movement, your Tzolkin year spiral movement (every year when your birthday comes forward you move within that sun sign) and your Soul Pathway (the Sun Sign on the date of your birth). So we have three motions flowing in this spiral and intertwining movement.

Soul Pathway Spiral Movement of your date of birth.
How you can be balanced.


 The Fifth Oracle of Men, Blue Eagle

MEN.Blue Eagle
= Destiny Kin is the center Power of the Solar Tribe – Men, Blue Eagle, Crown Chakra – Planet Jupiter – Musical Tone Fis in to the Galactic Karmic Orbit

KAN.Yellow Seed
= Analog Kin is the Planetary Support Partner – Kan, Yellow Seed, Root Chakra – Planet Jupiter, Musical Tone Fis outbreath to the Solar Prophetic Orbit

=Guide Kin/Higher Self is the Fifth Force Outcome depends upon your Tone at birth. For example Tone 2 is Manik, Blue Hand, Heart Chakra – Planet Earth, Musical Tone G outbreath to the Solar Prophetic Orbit

CHICCHAN.Red Serpent
=Antipode Kin the challenge/strengthening power – Chicchan, Red Serpent, Crown Chakra – Planet Maldek, Musical Moon Tone Gis-A inbreath to the Galactic Karmic Orbit and Musical Sun Solar Prophetic Orbit

<img src="; alt="CIMI.White Worldbridger" width="128" height="181" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-46"/

=Occult Kin the hidden power – Cimi, White Worldbridger, Throat Chakra – Planet Mars, Musical Tone D outbreath to the Solar Prophetic Orbit

o This musical spiral movement would be Fis, Fis, G, Gis-A, B, D could do this repeatedly for example if your Tone is 2 that would be 2 times for Fis, Fis,G, Gis-A, B and 12 times D (hidden power brought into the consciousness).

 The Year Birthday Pathway Spiral Movement intertwining with above go to plus the Day Presence of Now go to date decoder


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