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Transformation flow via Sound

EC-SET-16.Meinl Energy Chimes Set (Planetary and Chakras)

The Inner Journey from Uranus, Pluto, Earth, Mars with the assistance
of Jupiter, Sun, Moon through the spiral movement of coming home to start a beginning via the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra’s swirling with Gratitude.

Blessings for the Highest Good for All this Winter/Summer Solstice – 12:21:12 plus 3:6:9

A silent space to communicate with Spirit together with the Sacred Light Sounds
with Gratitude

Music, Chakra’s and Crystals


Chakra.musical notes.platonic bodies


Various music and harmonizing on the chakras

Crystals and Chakras


Tzolkin Mayan Calendar

Tzolkin en chakras


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